Filtrum-Safari: instructions for use

In many types of poisoning as a first aid shows the reception of sorbents. These drugs attract toxins and pathogens, and then contribute their gentle removal from the body. Sorbent Filtrum Safari is able to help not only at the initial stage of intoxication, but in severe poisoning. This dosage form is specially designed for kids, so taking the medication is easy.

A General description of the drug

Filtrum Safari – a sorbent of natural origin. The drug is characterized by high sorption activity, it is able to neutralize any toxic substances in the intestinal canal.

The active substance acts as a sorbent of hydrolytic lignin, which is derived from plant products. It is a fine powder of a brownish color, which is very tasteless, so drinking it very difficult. Pastilles "filtrum-Safari" composed of natural lignin, but they are pressed in and the composition of the various added components, so taking them out will even a small child.

The drug is in the form of chewable tablets, with a hint of chocolate or wild berries. On each chewable tablet bearing the image of the animal. The records are Packed in blisters, which are in a cardboard box together with the annotation. Although the producer of this medicine has positioned this tool as a child, to prescribe it to adults, slightly increasing the dosage.

The kids agree to eat attractive the pills, and adults do not need to be persuaded to drink their tasteless suspension.

Indications for admission and contraindications

Filtrum Safari is prescribed for poisoning and different digestive disorders. It is shown to be taken in such cases:

  • intoksikatziah different etiology;
  • to improve the function of the digestive tract;
  • as an additional source of natural insoluble fiber;
  • as a prebiotic in the period of recovery after diseases;
  • in infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Lignin contributes to the binding of harmful substances already in the intestinal lumen, preventing their full absorption into the bloodstream. This sorbent a good effect on the liver, kidneys and lungs. Filtrum-Safari speeds up recovery and lowers the risk of consequences after poisoning and infectious diseases.

Contraindications this medication has only two: individual intolerance of dietary supplements and intestinal obstruction.

The sorbent does not violate the normal microflora of the intestinal canal, and does not lead to dysbacteriosis.


In the instructions for medical use "filtrum-Safari" shows when to take this drug. These include:

  • gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer in the acute stage;
  • atony of the intestine;
  • special sensitivity to the components that are included in the medication.

With great care the sorbent taken for intestinal obstruction, suspected bleeding in the digestive tract, as well as galactosemia.

Pregnant women and young children should make the sorbent by prescription only doctor.

How to take

Chewable from thoroughly chewed and washed down with a sufficient volume of water desirable to drink at least of glass. "Filtrum-Safari" take three times a day, not less than an hour prior to meals and medicines. Treatment duration is on average two weeks and is determined individually.

Adults and children 14 years and older chew 2 plates at a time, three times a day. Regimen for younger children is this:

  • from 7 to 14 years old: 1-2 records up to 3 times per day;
  • kids 5-7 years is one chewable tablet three times per day;
  • kids 3-5 years half of the plate three times a day.

But in the treatment of the sorbent can be guided by the symptoms of intoxication. When a fully normalized condition, disappear nausea, retching and diarrhea, you may want to stop therapy.

Pastilles "filtrum-Safari" you can drink every day to prevent food poisoning or intestinal infections. When taken in order to prevent stabiliziruemost the digestive tract and prevents the development of intoxication.

Gummies can be assigned prevention course when working in hazardous environments or when staying in ecologically unfavorable area.

The use of a sorbent for treatment of pregnant

When treating young children and pregnant women always weigh the risks and prescribe the medications that can affect a child's or developing fetus. Filtrum-Safari does have a negative impact, it only works locally, so it is safe to prescribe to pregnant women and small children.

Many women in position if necessary, take filtrum-Safari, the reviews are very positive. Sorbent normalizes digestion, relieves manifestations of toxicity, and symptoms of acute intoxication. In chewableadded special ingredients that enhance the taste of the drug and make the reception easy.

Before treatment pregnant women should consult a doctor.

The rules of admission

There are few guidelines following which you can improve the efficiency of the sorbent:

  • "Filtrum-Safari" be sure to drink sufficient amount of clean water. To use for zapivaniya juices, tea or dairy products is not recommended.
  • When the symptoms subside a little, the dosage of "filtrum-Safari" can be reduced, but treatment continued until complete recovery.
  • When receiving the sorbent more than 2 weeks you should additionally take vitamins and preparations, containing calcium.
  • In severe poisoning, adults can be a time to drink three pills, but the subsequent admission is permitted only after 4 hours.

Filtrum Safari – a natural adsorbent which quickly and effectively cleanses the body of toxins. Despite the fact that there are almost no contraindications, you can take it only after consulting a doctor.