Enterosgel hangover: how and how much to take

The hangover leaves a bad mark on health and in the memory of the man who experienced this condition. Anyone who allowed himself to relax with the help of spirits, wanted his party or meeting with each other was filled with celebration and good feelings, but it turns out the opposite: the person experiences a headache, nausea, feeling of unpleasant taste in the mouth and thirst. To acuteness unpleasant condition decreased, it is necessary to take remedy for a hangover.

What is hangover and how to avoid it

This phenomenon occurs when the human body reacts to the breakdown products of alcohol. The hangover is poisoning, so the signs of these States are identical. But nature endowed man with property to cleanse itself through the liver and other organs. In this case, she actively works to break down harmful substances. When the liver cleanses the body of alcohol, it produces the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase. He breaks down the alcohol first to acetaldehyde and then to acetic acid. The final stage is obtaining carbon dioxide and water, which have no problems leaving the body.

But if the liver can produce the required enzyme in any quantity, the problems with alcoholism in humans would not exist. The mean values of the neutralization of alcohol is per day to 20 ml of ethanol. Often during the feast a man could be consumed a large dose.

If taken more alcohol than the liver can break down, it begins to operate in an enhanced rate that approximates the wear and tear. When liver tissue receive an excessive load, it leads to their death. New organ cells in this case do not have time to grow, and the liver begins to marvel at. If you do not change the way of life and not give his body support, taking hepaprotective, the result will be disappointing.

The question of how to avoid a hangover, there are a few answers:

  1. Not to drink at all or to stick to a reasonable dose.
  2. During feasts with alcohol to take the adsorbing means.

If you follow these simple recommendations, then the onset of a hangover or, even worse – the hangover will not.

How does enterosgel in the body

Among adsorbing drugs is important enterosgel. It Centralny detoxifier, made of silicon of organic origin. He has a strong ability to absorb toxic substances, bind them, and excrete.


  • Purifies the cells of organs from toxins, chemical compounds and other medicines.
  • Displays the salts of heavy metals.
  • Eliminates pathogenic organisms.
  • Eliminates allergies caused by certain foods.
  • Quickly improves the condition after alcohol intoxication.


The mechanism of action is quite simple: the porous structure swallows the molecules of ethanol, but all the vitamins simply do not cling to and pass through the pasta. Enterosgel able to remove all of the negative effects of poisoning, for example, to ease pain, eliminate bad breath, to clean the bodies.

In the human intestinal tract it acts as a sponge, having a large number of micropores. The value of this drug consists in its selectivity: it sucks toxins and waste products, and vitamins and other useful components, including micro-organisms required for digestion, remain intact.

Release enterosgel in the form of a gel or paste. So it has enveloping properties. The drug is well protects the mucous membranes of the digestive organs from the irritating effects of alcohol. Another remedy for a hangover does not allow the body to dehydrate.

This gel acts on the body like the liver in miniature, because our body also filters substances entering the body with food. The liver binds toxins, and the kidneys remove all unnecessary. Enterosgel is effective against painful sensations in the abdomen, gallbladder or liver. To cleanse the body the drug will need 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Enterosgel hungover suitable for the reception because of the good adsorption of the drug: it reduces the severity of the toxicosis, which is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. The walls of the intestinal tract clear, and thus increases peristalsis. Detoxification promotes strengthening of protective forces of an organism.

It would be logical if the adsorbent to take before meal or during it. Thus, people will avoid the damaging effects of alcohol.

But when intoxication does occur, it is possible to lie down awhile on the bed, obediently listening to all your symptoms until the liver cleanse the body. However, the easiest way to take gel from a hangover and to feel better faster.

How to take enterosgel with a hangover

Since the form of the drug in the form of a thick tasteless gel, then drink it under force not all. So how is it taken? In this case will help ordinary water. A small amount diluted in a glass of liquid. Enterosgel you can also drink a large volume of water – it enhances the action of adsorption of the drug and activates the binding and excretion of toxins and toxic substances.

If you need to be sober when drinking alcohol enterosgel should drink 15 minutes beforethe beginning of the feast. To see how much medicine to take, you need to know the dose of the drunk alcohol to the drug in the ratio of 1:3.

To avoid withdrawal syndrome, the medicine can be taken after meal, this will only benefit. Unlike most drugs use is acceptable and even desirable after of alcohol, as he does not drink any unpredictable reactions. On the contrary, the drug binds and purifies the human body from residues of ethanol and acetaldehyde. That was the result, it is necessary to use not less than 45 g gel and to wash down the medicine with water. To consolidate the effect in the morning preferably a repeat.

If it is a severe poisoning with alcohol-containing beverages, the best option is to call an ambulance to the house. Before the ambulance can wash out the stomach with a solution of water with enterosgel. Some time after the procedure, taken inside 45 g medication. If an ambulance has decided not to call, then after 4 to 8 hours before drink 30 grams of this adsorbent.

Indications and contraindications to the use of

The components included in the gel or paste enterosgel not contain any danger for the body. The active ingredient in this drug is a polymethylsiloxane polyhydrate. Besides, the adsorbent includes purified water. The main component comes from the organic silicon, it is in the form of a gel. As already noted, it has a large number of pores, in which are poisons and are ejected naturally.

The main purpose of this tool is to help cleanse the body of all unnecessary and a danger to the organism, whether it be poisons or pathogenic microflora. The main purpose of the drug is to provide assistance in case of poisoning, the role of prophylaxis in chronic pathologies. The drug cleans the walls of the gastrointestinal tract.

Data on overdose not, as yet unknown this dosage, in fact, selected on an individual basis. You need to monitor your reaction to alcohol.

Enterosgel is a neutral tool to harm it shouldn't. But when atony of the bowel it can have a negative impact on health. In other cases, it can be used. Even for pregnant women this medicine is allowed to eat. In rare cases, it is individual intolerance to components of the medication. Sometimes enterosgel is able to provoke short-term constipation.

If the person on the background of alcoholism there is renal or hepatic insufficiency, caution is necessary when taking this medication because this can cause diarrhea and vomiting.

Enterosgel is suitable for appointment in the complex therapy. But we should remember that between the reception of funds and other medicines must be at least 1-2 hours, or may decrease the effectiveness of other drugs.

You should know that enterosgel does not hide traces of alcohol and will not eliminate the smell of fumes from his mouth, because it is strictly forbidden to drive a car when taking this drug. Medication can only relieve these signs of consumption of alcohol beverages.

Enterosgel is an effective means by which to cleanse the body from decay products of ethanol. But we should not forget about the uniqueness of each person, and in cases carrying serious threat to health or life, you cannot experiment on yourself, better call the medics, because they have a far greater Arsenal of tools to assist.