How does POLYSORB on the human body

POLYSORB is an effective sorbent that binds and removes from the body toxins, allergens, drugs and alcohol. This medicinal product is prescribed in the complex treatment of many diseases, and as a first aid in case of poisoning. Polisorb can be used to treat patients of all age groups, it is safe for babies, pregnant women and the elderly. To understand how effective this drug is, it is necessary to consider, how does POLYSORB.

Characteristics of the drug

POLYSORB – is an effective enterosorbent of new generation, which works locally, not into the blood, breast milk and through the placental barrier. This drug has a broad spectrum action:

  • Binds and keeps the toxic substances.
  • Eliminates harmful organisms.
  • Gently neutralizes different allergens.
  • Displays the decay products of toxins and products of metabolism of the body.

The active substance of this sorbent is the silicon dioxide. The drug is available in powder form, which before use is necessary to dissolve in water. Particles of silicon dioxide are not absorbed by the human body. They attract all harmful and toxic substances and are then excreted naturally.

The sorbent is allowed to prescribe for pregnant women and newborns, if indicated. In this case, the dose is always calculated individually.

The mechanism of action of Polisorb

The effect of POLYSORB on the body is twofold – absorbing and detoxifying. Once in the digestive tract, this drug neutralizes toxins and removes them naturally. Begins to work almost instantly, which only adds to the effectiveness.

As the suction of water medicine increases the volume of intestinal contents due to what stimulates emptying. Together with the contents of the intestine are also toxins and wastes that have been accumulating for a long time, so with the help of POLYSORB can thoroughly clean the body. Sorption properties of the drug is used not only for acute intoxication but also for the treatment of many chronic diseases, which are characterized by the formation in the body of various endotoxins.

POLYSORB in a matter of minutes, absorb the pathogens and their decay products, which is why this drug is so often included in complex treatment of infectious diseases. POLYSORB promotes deep cleaning of the body, due to their pronounced absorbing properties.

The drug is indicated for the treatment of the following diseases and conditions:

  • Food, medicine, chemical and plant poisoning.
  • Infectious diseases of the intestine.
  • Allergic reactions to various foods.
  • If you raise the level of bilirubin that occurs during jaundice.
  • In case of any disorders of the digestive process.
  • When violation of the liver.
  • During the recovery period after prolonged intake of medicines, especially antimicrobial group.

Cleansing the body polisorba not only effectively but also safely. Enterosorbent only neutralizes harmful substances and microorganisms, and absolutely does not affect the beneficial microflora of the intestine.

POLYSORB – is a good alternative to tablets of activated charcoal. This drug possesses the best sorption properties, therefore, only one dose of POLYSORB replaces many tablets of activated charcoal. This remedy is completely natural and does not contain dyes and fragrances, so contraindications at least.

POLYSORB is able to bring many years of slag deposits from the intestines, so it is often used for weight loss.

How to take the sorbent

To effectively clean the body of toxins and other harmful substances, is not only important to calculate the dosage of the drug, but also the right to prepare a solution. If the doctor has not appointed another, it is possible to adhere to standard doses of powder, which are assigned by the weight of the patient:

  • Body weight up to 10 kg – half teaspoon of the powder 1 time per day.
  • Body weight up to 20 kg – teaspoon of the powder 1 time per day.
  • Body weight up to 30 kg and a half teaspoons of the drug 2 times a day.
  • Body weight up to 40 kg – 2 teaspoons of powder 2 times a day.
  • Body weight up to 60 kg – tablespoon of powder 3 times a day.
  • Over 60 kg – 2 tablespoons POLYSORB 3 times per day.

The average daily dosage of 3 grams. That much powder is contained in a tablespoon. If a person diagnosed with acute poisoning, the dose can be doubled in the first days of treatment, and with the normalization condition to return to the standard dosage.

The duration of treatment calculated from the severity of the patient's condition, usually it does not exceed weeks. In case of intoxication caused by alcohol, a drug administered in high doses in the course of 2 days, but significant improvement occurs after the first dose.

Before taking the powder to be diluted in water, the liquid volume may be from 50 to 150 grams, depending onamounts of powder. For breeding it is better to use pure water, but in the treatment of young children POLYSORB allowed to dissolve in milk, juice or tea.

Strictly prohibited reception dry powder. The ingress of fine particles of silicon dioxide in the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract can lead to serious diseases.

Features of treatment polisorba

There are a few recommendations that are worth considering in the treatment of policarbon.

  1. The drug should be prepared immediately before use, with the dose of the drug metered carefully so as not to harm your health.
  2. Start drinking POLYSORB needed at the first signs of intoxication. In this case, the effect of treatment is higher and recovery is accelerated.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to extend the course of treatment independently, without prescription. You cannot increase the prescribed dose, healing it will not speed up, but the problems will add.
  4. In the treatment polisorba necessary to observe the correct drinking regime. Insufficient liquid can cause persistent constipation.
  5. Polisorb can be taken not only at the onset of symptoms of poisoning, but also to prevent, in that case, if a person something poor ate or drank.

POLYSORB well helps with toxemia of pregnancy, but in this case the drug are approved by the obstetrician-gynecologist.

Various sorbents have become part of modern life. Poor diet, bad ecology, stresses that lead to chronic diseases – in all these cases, the help these drugs. They may be taken for prevention and for treatment.