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Lactofiltrum or enterosgel: it is better to choose

In the modern world of unhealthy diets, poor environment caused many illnesses. Harmful substances just overwhelmed with tired the human body. Upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, different kinds of allergies – all signs of the General intoxication of the organism, its harmful contamination by toxic substances. And here come to the aid of chelators. Are drugs, which are substances that bind toxins trapped in the body. They gently remove them. Earlier for these purposes, people have used activated charcoal, and now the modern pharmaceutical industry produces a great variety not only effective but also completely safe absorbent products. You should pay close attention to Lactofiltrum and enterosgel – the strongest sorbents that can help the body cope with the extremely unpleasant consequences of various diseases.

They cleanse the body, help restore its functions.

In pharmacies now you can buy almost any medication, and sorbents including.

Doctors say that the level of effectiveness of these drugs depends primarily on how extensive Soubirous surface they create, once in the gastrointestinal tract. Which one will do better? What's the difference? To find out which is better – Lactofiltrum or enterosgel, try to compare these two drugs.

What you need to know about these sorbents

To bring the remnants of toxins from the body, you need a very strong sorbent. So which one is better?

Enterosgel and Lactofiltrum different in content, dosage and application. Side effects they are also different. Both drugs have a good effect in the treatment of dysbiosis.

Enterosgel – a good adjuvant in the treatment of a variety of ailments. But, as with all drugs of this action, it is to cope with the consequences rather than the cause. In order to remove it, it is necessary first of all to go to the doctor and follow all his recommendations, including diet. A definite plus of this drug is that it only displays toxins without robbing the body of nutrients and minerals.

Enterosgel in some cases can lead to constipation, and cause nausea. Despite this, the drug is considered safe and can be used even for infants.

Suitable for people of all ages, including pregnant women and children. In regions with unfavorable environmental conditions, the administration of enterosgel is a must when breastfeeding, as it enhances the beneficial properties of milk and neutralizes toxins.

The drug is widely used in emergency situations, including accidents at the Chernobyl nuclear power station. Now also successfully used in cosmetics as an external agent because it cleans the skin giving it a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

The use of enterosgel in the General poisoning of the organism is difficult to overestimate. Main advantages:

  • takes away from the gastrointestinal tract only toxins;
  • almost not absorbed into the intestinal wall, and is easily removed from the body, removing only harmful substances;
  • non-toxic;
  • has a small number of contraindications;
  • sold without restriction;
  • particles of enterosgel does not injure the intestinal mucosa, and act gently;
  • can be taken not only inside, but also to treat wounds for disinfection;
  • convenient packaging. In General, to apply a sufficiently convenient and efficient.

A small disadvantage is that because of the special jelly-like consistency to swallow him even in diluted form can be difficult. The preparation can leave in your mouth a bad taste. If you try to swallow it harshly, it is likely to cause retching. The drug can be diluted in any liquid, for example, in the juice, which greatly facilitates the acceptance of gel kids. Very well stirred with a spoon, you need to drink it in small SIPS within 5 to 10 minutes. It should also be noted that enterosgel is a sufficiently high flow rate.

Lactofiltrum is a drug similar in action to the remedy, but has some significant differences. Immediately it should be noted that its cost is usually higher than that of enterosgel. In Lactofiltrum composition additionally includes a probiotic.

It is available in pill form, brown colour, without smell, with a slight sweet aftertaste. They are easily taken inside. Lactofiltrum have its advantages:

  • the drug is aimed at cleansing the body from within, which contributes to the overall improvement of not only internal organs, but the skin in General.
  • created from natural material (wood), and hence absolutely non-toxic;
  • all components Lactofiltrum, working comprehensively, restore the colon. And lactulose in its composition allows to strengthen the work of the weakened stomach.

If needed tablets can be crushed and take them in powder form with water.

The consumption of this drug is less than that of enterosgel, but it's not as convenient to use.

Comparative characteristics of enterosgel and laktofiltrum

Sorbents – your loyal assistant in dealing with toxins. Which one to choose – you be the judge, however, when any medication you must first consult with your doctor. Each of themhas its undeniable advantages, and those properties that you should consider before applying. For comparison, the basic characteristics of these drugs on key indicators.

Enterosgel Lactofiltrum
The active ingredient Metalquimia acid The hydrolyzed lignin, lactulose
Pharmakologichny group Sorbent Sorbent
Release form Hydrogel in a tube, sometimes a capsule. Capsuleline pills
In some cases Various types of allergic reactions, in cases of liver and organs of the digestive tract, for upset stomach, infectious diseases. When any kind of intoxication (including alcohol and drug) In case of violation of the intestinal microflora, allergic diseases,

in the therapy in the treatment of cirrhosis and hepatitis.

When irritable bowel syndrome

The effect on the stomach Does not damage the stomach wall, works very gently Can slightly injure the stomach wall.
Side effects Possible constipation Occasionally diarrhoea and flatulence
Contraindications Contraindicated in intestinal obstruction.


Contraindicated in intestinal obstruction, bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract are hypersensitive. As well as in galactosemia.

Be wary appointed during exacerbation of diseases of the digestive system

The terms of the acquisition Without a prescription Without a prescription
The duration of treatment 1-2 weeks 1-2 weeks
Interaction with other medications Is possible with the separate receiving Is possible with the separate administration, however, may reduce the therapeutic effect of some taken with him drugs.
Time of removal from the body For 7-8 hours During the day
Duration of use You can apply long enough For too long the use is undesirable
The degree of toxicity Non-toxic Non-toxic
Who may be appointed Persons of any age, and children of all ages, including infants, and pregnant women Shown adults. Information about applying to pregnant women is not available. Infants not given
The cost High enough Quite high, even higher than that of enterosgel

Before leaving on vacation from home, you should replenish travel kit. In it, among other things, have to be chelators. It is a vital asset. They can be used not only for any poisoning, but also for treatment of burns and treatment of wounds, including venous. The first signs of improvement will become noticeable after 1-2 days after the start of administration of the enterosorbent.

When the situation is difficult and you must continue taking the drug, you should consult with your doctor. If when you receive any of the drugs of this group became visible to any disorders (nausea, diarrhea), the taking it should stop immediately and consult a specialist. Assign themselves any medicines is extremely risky.

Both drugs are a great way to safely clean the digestive tract from accumulated in it over the years debris. They are several times more effective than activated carbon traditionally adopted in cases of poisoning. Have enterosgel and laktofiltrum a very wide range of actions.

Lactofiltrum is used more often to treat skin rashes. However, the end result in different people may be different. Everything is strictly individual and depends on the specific organism and its General condition.

Compare enterosgel and Lactofiltrum can be long, but one thing is certain – before using any of these drugs definitely need consultation with a highly qualified specialist. These details of these sorbents is given for General familiarization with their characteristics. Full information can be obtained from a doctor or from the instruction to the drug.