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Or smectite enterosgel: what is better for diarrhea and poisoning

On the shelves of pharmacies you can see a lot of different medications which help to cope with severe intoxication, allergens and pathogenic microorganisms. They contribute to the soft output of harmful substances and microbes from the body. But not all people know that it is better or smectite enterosgel. How not to get lost in such variety of sorbent tools and choose exactly what you need? This task is greatly facilitated if you know the basic characteristics of drugs.

Which is better – or smectite enterosgel

The active ingredient of smecta is natural substance is diosmectite, the active ingredient of enterosgel – organic silicon substance. Active substance affects all the characteristics of the sorbent.

Smecta is a powder substance with the scent of orange or vanilla. It must be previously dissolved in a small volume of water to the state of suspension, and before use the solution is constantly stirred, as in the lees and contains the main part of sorbing substances.

Enterosgel is a homogeneous jelly-like mass, in which there is not even specks. This drug is completely diluted in water, juice, tea and gastric contents of a person if ingested. The remedy begins to operate almost instantly, while smectite starts to work in the gastrointestinal tract only after 10 minutes.

In some cases, and smectite enterosgel may be taken together. The indications for the comprehensive treatment may be a severe form of poisoning that occurs with severe diarrhea.

Indications enterosgel

The list of indications for the use of enterosgel is quite big, they look like this:

  • Chronic and acute kidney disease.
  • Infectious-toxic lesion of the liver accompanied by a strong Allergy and failure.
  • Gastritis, colitis, and diarrhea.
  • Infectious diseases that occur with severe intoxication.
  • Skin diseases – dermatitis, and diathesis.
  • Intoxication that develops in with extensive burns.
  • The toxemia of pregnancy.
  • Dysbacteriosis.

Enterosgel have virtually no contraindications. This adsorbent can be taken even in case of ulcer diseases. The only contraindication is considered to be intestinal obstruction.

Enterosgel is very easy to use and can be taken in its pure form or pre-diluted with water. This adsorbent is easy to swallow even younger children.

Indications for smecta

Indications for the use of smecta much less. This drug is mainly prescribed for such pathologies and conditions:

  • In acute or chronic diarrhoea of any etiology.
  • To treat heartburn.
  • If you experience bloating and discomfort in stomach with gastritis or ulcers.
  • When enterocolitis.

The contraindications smecta same as that of enterosgel is an intestinal obstruction.

The mechanism of action of drugs

Once in the gastric cavity, the crystals smecta dissolved in the contents of the digestive organ. The pores of the adsorbent draw upon myself the harmful substances that are then excreted naturally.

Enterosgel is already ingested in the form of a gel, which greatly accelerates its therapeutic action. Feature of this product is that it gently moves through the digestive tract collects toxic substances and does not damage the delicate walls of the organs. This gel coats the mucous membrane, then binds to and gently removes only the allergens, toxins and pathogens.

The hydrogel is characterized by a selective activity. This adsorbent removes from the body harmful substances only and has no effect on minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Thanks to this feature enterosgel can be used for long periods of time.

The activity and selectivity of drugs

These data show the extent to which absorptive capacity has 1 gram of adsorbent. At smecta this figure is 100 m2, while enterosgel at the figure above and is 150 m2. Adsorbent drugs, which rate is higher, starts to work faster and need less, to achieve the effect.

The particle size of the active substances is also an important indicator. For example, enterosgel can neutralize only nutrients in which the average molecular weight is bilirubin, cholesterol, the elements of nitrogen metabolism. While small and large molecules is absent. This explains the selective effect of the hydrogel when only neutralized the harmful substances, and vitamins and nutrients remain intact.

Enterosgel is recommended to appoint during long-term therapy, and when treating young children, pregnant and lactating women.

Various additives

In addition to the active substances, smectite includes some additives, sweeteners and flavorings. Therefore, this drug with great caution prescribed to people who suffer from diabetes, allergies and violation of absorbability of the intestines.

In enterosgel is only active substance, no preservatives, artificial flavors are not there, so the drug is completely neutral and fits all.

If you have to choose what is betterdiarrhea – or smectite enterosgel, it is better to give preference to smecta, as it has a reinforcing effect. In case of poisoning and allergies, the best choice would be a hydrogel. This drug operates more smoothly and allowed for continuous use.