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Which is better – or smectite enterofuril, can I take them at the same time

In all kinds of poisoning need to take special medicines that help in the fight against disease. In the treatment of intoxication it is essential to ensure rapid withdrawal of toxic substances from the body. Here some people get lost and are unable to accurately determine which is better – or smectite enterofuril. These two medications belong to different drug groups, but equally good for poisoning.

General characteristics smecta

Smectite refers to the adsorbents of natural origin. This drug is made from a special type of white clay. The drug is indicated for loose stools, which is provoked by different reasons. The powder particles are well absorb harmful substances and pathogens and then gently excreted together with feces.

The mechanism of action of smecta is enveloping the walls of the intestines and prevent their defeat. Smectite only works topically, improves bowel movements and quickly eliminates diarrhea of any etiology.

The pharmaceutical industry produces smectite in the form of metered-dose powder with a pleasant taste.

Contraindications to reception quite a bit, so the drug is suitable for almost everyone. Smectite is not recommended to appoint in such cases:

  • Intestinal obstruction;
  • With a special sensitivity to the drug.

This sorbent allowed for use in newborns, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

How to accept smektu

The adsorbent is shown food and drug intoxications, manifested by nausea, vomiting and loose stools. Drink the drug after the first signs of the disease, then the efficiency is higher. First, adults take 2 bags which are carefully blended in half a liter of lukewarm water, then take 1 sachet dosed every 8 hours. The duration of treatment usually does not exceed 4 days, but on doctor's orders, therapy may be extended.

The prolonged use of the sorbent can be excreted nutrients.

Children from 3 years in case of poisoning can be given 1 sachet of the medicine dissolved in water. Kids under 3 years of age, the dosage is counting individually the attending physician.

Before taking the powder was thoroughly stirred so as all the active substances remain in the sediment.

General characteristics enterofuryl

Enterofuril is a drug of new generation. The active substance acts nifuroxazide. The drug is characterized by bacteriostatic action, even in compliance with the usual therapeutic dosages.

With increasing doses of this microbicide could be destroyed in the digestive tract by many pathogens without harming beneficial microflora. Possible the development of dysbiosis, which is often a side effect of taking these drugs.

The main feature of this innovative tool is that it does not happen addiction. Can be taken together with enterofuril smektoj or other adsorbents.

The main indications for appointment of antibacterial drugs are such States:

  • diarrhea, chronic colitis;
  • diarrhea of infectious Genesis;
  • dehydration when taking certain antimicrobials;
  • chronic intestinal infection;
  • bowel disorders of unknown origin.

It is strictly forbidden to take enterofuril in conjunction with alcohol-containing medicines.

Occasionally, there are cases when enterofuril bad for the body in combination with some antibiotics. To avoid the appearance of side effects, it is necessary that the treatment did not exceed a week. For adults the dosage is 2 capsules 4 times a day, for children the dose is counting doctor. Children most commonly prescribed antimicrobial drug in the syrup. For ease of use in the packaging of a scoop.

Features reception enterofuryl

Studies have shown that enterofuril is not a toxic drug and does not cause toxicity even with prolonged use. It does not cause the development of cancer and does not contribute to genetic mutations of cells.

But, despite the fact that the drug is safe and highly effective, there are a number of contraindications, which necessarily take into account:

  • premature infants;
  • with a special sensitivity to the active component of the medication;
  • diabetes is different types;
  • infection with worms.

While receiving of certain medications with enterofuryl, reduces the possibility of side effects, since this drug has a soft sorbent action.

In therapeutic doses the drug can be prescribed to women during lactation, it does not penetrate the breast milk and affect infants. When treatment with this drug, you can work with precision machines, driving and elevating mechanisms. Effect on psychomotor functions of the drug has not.

In the treatment of enterofuryl not disturbed intestinal microflora, so you canno fear of development of dysbacteriosis.

Enterofuril in conjunction with sorbents

Very often doctors prescribe to patients with poisoning enterofuril and powder smecta at the same time. These two drugs together allow get rid of all the symptoms of poisoning just a few days. Smectite is well compatible with the antimicrobial agent. Smecta powder stimulates the removal of toxic substances and pathogenic microorganisms from the intestine, while gently enveloping the walls and preventing their damage. Enterofuril is bacteriostatic, therefore, detrimental effect on bacteria. When taking these two medications simultaneously, it is possible to achieve this effect:

  • All symptoms disappear after 2-3 days.
  • Does not develop a goiter, as in the treatment of antibacterial drugs.
  • Diarrhea takes place already in the first days of taking these two drugs.

In the treatment of intoxications in children, the dosage of any medicines must pick up a doctor. In the treatment of young patients the best effect is achieved enterofuril than any antibiotics.

Smectite enterofuril, and should be taken with a small time interval. Otherwise, the effectiveness of antimicrobial drug can be reduced.

Effectively appointment enterofuryl together with enterosgel, activated carbon or motylium. In all these cases, the treatment of the obtained complex and the person recovers quickly. In the treatment it is very important correct diagnosis and appoint adequate treatment. Before taking any medication it is advisable to pass a number of tests, that the picture of the disease was complete.