How many acts smecta diarrhea and diarrhea

The most effective drug with enterosorbiruyuschee action is smectite, which is used for many gastrointestinal diseases. These include such unpleasant phenomena as:

  • loose stools (diarrhea);
  • food, alcoholic or toxic poisoning;
  • esophagitis (heartburn).

Thanks to the natural origin of smectite produces gentle cleansing of slagging and intoxication of the whole organism. Because of available properties to envelop and absorb it easily removes all the toxins, bacteria and viruses. Because of its natural origin is the means of adsorption is not contraindicated for pregnant women and infants. At minimal doses (not diarrhea) has a mild effect on motility and intestinal motility. Without prescription, comes in the form of powder for suspension preparation for 3 G.

How long the drug acts as an adsorbent

A natural compound of aluminum and magnesium contributes to the rapid breakdown of smecta in the walls of the stomach, its action when taken comes instantly thanks to the liquid consistency (powder is diluted in warm water), it will last about two to three hours. While providing further action in the intestines.

The effect of diarrhea (diarrhea)

Suffering from disorders of the digestive tract, especially diarrhoea, a lot of people are trying to speed up relief of your condition and begin to empty your kit, using all available means in this case. Although there are inexpensive and fast-acting drugs, such as smecta, especially recommended for pregnant women and children from birth.

Everyone knows that diarrhea is a manifestation of food or toxic poisoning, or symptoms of dysbiosis.

When the incessant diarrhea necessary during the period to restore water and salt balance of the body. Otherwise threatens to complete the dehydration.

To eliminate the effect of liquid stool are different drugs. If the diarrhea is bacterial in origin, that drug will only alleviate the disease, treatment should be discussed with a specialist, often at the same disease (probably dysentery) should be treated with antibiotics appropriate for the group. But if the disease has the character of a bacterial or toxic history, there may come to the aid smectite as a wonderful enveloping and adsorbing means.

How many acts Smecta diarrhea? Smectite is a "Golden find" diarrhea is not a virus. In its composition it contains to be absorbed in the body substance is diosmectite. Clay is a substance containing silicon, aluminum and magnesium. The main effectiveness of this composition is to rid the body of unwanted toxins. Smectite begins to act immediately first minutes after ingestion.

Action for poisoning

Poisoning is not that rare a phenomenon in the universal life. What effects and feelings then had to be postponed to those who have experienced it, not even worth mentioning. The worst thing is watching the poisoning effect on young children or infants whose bodies have not yet configured the deterioration of the external environment.

The main direction of smecta in case of poisoning is the adsorption of toxins, poisons, bacteria and their metabolic products. Enveloping effect smecta can reduce the irritation of the intestinal walls from the effects of poisons. It helps to cope with illness in a few minutes.

Because of its special composition of smectite easily absorb malicious toxic substances without violation of the vitamin-mineral balance of the intestinal microflora.

Action esophagitis

Esophagitis (heartburn) is a symptom of many disorders of the digestive tract. Symptoms of esophagitis cause discomfort, which wants as quickly as possible to get rid of. Smectite when esophagitis is an effective aid. Unfortunately, to cure a heartburn smektoj will not work. This drug can act only as a Supplement to the basic medical treatment. When esophagitis drug enhances the protective properties of the gastric mucosa. The main action in this case is to increase the number of mucus that helps to protect the mucous membranes from exposure to hydrogen chloride.

Features and rules of admission

The main features of smecta are properties such as:

  • rapid elimination of gas and bloating intestine;
  • the absorption of toxins, bacteria, allergens;
  • improving the quality of intestinal mucus.

She smectite is a hypoallergenic drug intolerance may be only components of this tool. It is prescribed, even during pregnancy, lactating mother and children from birth.

To use the drug after each meal, spreading the powder (1 sachet) ½ Cup warm water. Increasing the dose of the drug depends on the severity of the disease. To increase the dosage, you should consult with a specialist. Self-treatment you must not do under any circumstances.