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How long acting activated charcoal after ingestion

Almost every home kit you can find activated charcoal tablets. This drug has found wide application not only as first aid to different cases of poisoning, sometimes it is used to lose weight or cleanse the body of toxins. Despite the fact that this medicine is used by people for several decades, not all still know how to take the medicine and what could be side effects. Many people keep in reserve the black pill, but at the same time find it difficult to say using how long does activated charcoal. But this information is very important, especially if there are no medical facilities.

The mechanism of action of activated charcoal

Activated carbon has good adsorption properties. It attracts to itself the toxic substances that enter the body with food, alcohol, poisonous plants or some chemicals, and then in a short time span gently removes them from the body.

Adsorbent properties provides the special structure of this drug. Each tablet contains many alternating long and they are invisible to the naked eye. Thanks to this then neutralized toxins and harmful substances.

The unique structure of coal tablets provides fast absorption of not only toxic substances, but also an overabundance of drugs, chemicals and some pathogens.

When the charcoal begins to act

Activated charcoal after oral administration begins to act after only a few minutes. If the medication is taken for cleansing the body of toxins, its effect starts after 2-3 minutes. If the same person got food poisoning, this time period increases slightly, and is about 10-15 minutes. To accelerate the action of the drug, you can resort to such actions:

  1. Grind a few tablets and dissolve them in a liquid for washing the stomach.
  2. The therapeutic dose crushed with a rolling pin into a powder, then dissolve in small amount of water and drink.
  3. For zapivaniya activated charcoal take sufficient amount of water. This allows you to avoid such unpleasant side effects, such as constipation.

In case of compliance with these recommendations activated charcoal should act almost instantly. Time of therapeutic action of activated charcoal is usually about 6 hours, during this period it is almost completely excreted from the body.

This adsorbent is used not only for the treatment of humans but also animals. Cats and dogs coal tablets can be given whole or pre-crush, dissolve in water and pour into mouth with a syringe.

Application features

Although activated carbon and works only locally, use it for a long time is not recommended, as it affects the entire body. This is because black pills do not have a selective action and, in addition to pathogens and toxins, removes vitamins and nutrients.

Prolonged uncontrolled intake develop such States:

  • There is a persistent constipation.
  • In the body decreases the level of vitamins and calcium, this lessens the immune system, and bones become fragile.
  • Decreases blood pressure.
  • May decrease body temperature.

Despite the benefits of coal pills and use this medication only as first aid, then it is better to switch to more modern drugs. Special caution should be observed when treating young children. If after receiving the adsorbent preparation the condition has worsened, you should consult a doctor.