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How to take activated charcoal for diarrhea in adults

Such a delicate issue as diarrhea, occasionally happens to everybody. This breaks the overall health and there is a lot of inconvenience. Most often the cause of the diarrhea becomes pathogenic microorganisms in the digestive tract or stagnation. In these cases, doctors recommend activated charcoal for diarrhea in adults and children. It is an inexpensive remedy in almost every home medicine Cabinet. It is able in a matter of hours not only cure the diarrhoea, but also neutralize the root cause of the disease.

Characteristics of the drug

Activated carbon is a sorbent that can absorb harmful substances. Toxins can be formed during the digestive process or to get from the external environment. Most often coal tablets prescribed for various poisoning and diarrhea.

For the production of medicines using coal and wood charcoal. The best medicine is derived from walnut shell and trees, aged more than 50 years. Wood subjected to high temperatures without oxygen. After that, the formed charcoal is processed with steam or carbon dioxide, to clean the different impurities and to give a porous structure. Because of this the absorptive capacity of the adsorbent is very high.

The shelf life of the drug can be unlimited, despite the fact that the package indicates 2 years. If you store the tablets in the original blister packs in a cool dry place, they will fit forever. No need to store coal pills next to volatile and strongly odorous substances, they are highly porous and absorb everything.

Activated charcoal is tasteless and odorless, it is not absorbed by the intestinal mucosa and does not penetrate into the bloodstream. The drug is removed from the body in unchanged form together with feces and toxic compounds.

When prescribed medication

Activated charcoal can help in a number of diseases that are somehow associated with the intoxication of the whole organism:

  • With increased formation of intestinal gases.
  • If difficult digestion and dyspepsia has been observed.
  • If the stomach or intestine appeared congestion that escalated into putrefaction.
  • To cleanse the body with kidney and liver failure.
  • In various poisoning – food, drugs and chemical.
  • Assigned to activated charcoal for diarrhea.
  • Used in the treatment of allergies, diseases of the digestive tract and asthma.
  • Is assigned for removal of intoxication after treatment of cancer.

Coal tablets are very hygroscopic, so it is good to adsorb the toxic substances.

What is the danger of diarrhea

Some adults are upset stomach lightly, they believe that the diarrhea is not dangerous to health. Actually it's not, diarrhea can quickly lead to dehydration. In addition, washed out all the nutrients and minerals, a person weakens. It is also very harmful to health, as disturbed electrolyte balance of the body. Begin to heal diarrhea after the first liquid stool, so recovery will be faster and harm to the body will be less.

If diarrhea occurs more than 10 times a day, you should immediately consult a doctor. In this case, it starts dehydration and may need the help of professionals.

Treatment of diarrhea in adults

The adult diarrhoea often occurs after eating poor quality food or allergic reaction to a substance. The causes of diarrhea are:

  1. The lack of vitamins in the body.
  2. Dysbacteriosis.
  3. Poisoning of different origin.
  4. Allergies.
  5. Chronic diseases of the digestive tract.

Feature of medicines that it, once in the digestive tract, acts gently, it does not irritate the stomach and intestines. After getting inside the coal moves through the entire gastrointestinal tract, acting as a magnet that absorbs all the toxins, which are later excreted naturally.

That the treatment was effective, administration of activated charcoal for diarrhea should be correct. Although the drug is completely safe, as it refers to natural drugs, it is desirable to use it after consulting your doctor.

As the adsorbent working in the gut

To know how activated charcoal helps with diarrhea, it is necessary to understand what happens to a drug when it enters the intestine. This drug is completely safe for the intestinal mucosa and therefore has almost no contraindications. Hitting at any dosage in the digestive tract, the adsorbent becomes effective immediately. Coal tablets bind particles of toxic substances and minimize their absorption into the intestinal mucosa. Drug passes across the gut and gently cleans it, and after 8 hours completely eliminated the natural way together with toxins. The fact that the activated carbon was derived from the intestine can be identified by fecal masses in black.

To the question whether the conventional activated carbon from diarrhea, you can answer in the affirmative. Even strongdiarrhea is only a few hours after starting this drug.

You need to consider that this adsorbent can remove toxic matter from the gastrointestinal tract. If the harmful substances already in the bloodstream or entered the body through the respiratory system, the drug will be meaningless. In this case, the patient must be immediately taken to the nearest medical institution.

In what dosage to take the medicine

Order activated charcoal promptly cured from diarrhea, it is required to correctly calculate the dose. With a too small amount of medication efficacy will be low, part of the toxins come out and will continue to have a detrimental impact on the body. Exceed the dosage is also not recommended, as it will lead to constipation, and in severe cases can cause intestinal blockages. Coal tablets overdose break the passage of food through the intestines, which leads to pathological processes.

So how much coal tablets need to drink and the effect was, and there was no harm? Adult patients with diarrhea should take one tablet of 0.25 grams per 10 kg of weight, to the resulting number can be added to another pill. Pregnant women think in the same way, but, on the contrary, take one tablet. The lower dosage in this case is due to the fact that body weight women not necessary to consider the weight of the fetus, placenta and amniotic fluid.

If we assume that the weight of a pregnant woman without adjustment, when the administration of activated charcoal may get an overdose. The intestines pregnant woman and so much compressed by enlarged uterus, excessive volume of adsorbent can lead to serious complications.

For children dosage of medication is calculated a little differently. For a child under the age of 10 years take 1 tablet per 15 kg of body weight, for children older than 10 years calculate the dose in the same way as adults. Those patients whose intestines have adhesions and scars after surgery, should ask the doctor how to properly make the adsorbent, so as not to harm health.

How to drink the adsorbent

In the treatment of diarrhea is important not only to take activated charcoal in the correct volume, but also to adhere to the rules of:

  • The entire volume of pills you need to drink at one time, and take 1 tablet every 3 minutes and drink a few SIPS of water.
  • As the drink is good to use cool water, which added a little lemon juice. The sour juice can destroy harmful bacteria in the stomach.
  • The volume of liquid to be taken with the medicine needs to be at least 2-3 glasses. Such a drinking regimen helps to minimize dehydration, which often occurs due to diarrhea.
  • To the drug acted faster to grind pills to a powder and dissolve in water. Prepare the adsorbent for the treatment of young children who swallow tablets problematic.

If diarrhea does not subside after administration of activated charcoal, then you need to go to the doctor, which will complement the treatment. You should not delay the treatment in the hospital, if diarrhea occurs in a small child. Owing to the small weight dehydration can occur for a few hours and cause irreversible processes in the body.


Although activated carbon belongs to natural medicines, its application has certain contraindications. If they do not consider that it would suffer irreparable harm. Cannot be treated with medicine if you have a history of such diseases:

  • If a person is undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy.
  • Ulcerative diseases of the digestive organs.
  • If internal bleeding.
  • In violation of patency of the intestine.
  • With surgical interventions in the previous six months.
  • If you are hypersensitive drug.

When contraindications to taking coal there, to treat diarrhea such adsorbent not only possible, but necessary. He in a short time get rid of diarrhea without the harmful effects on the entire body.

Why do I get diarrhea after adsorbent

Often people are concerned about diarrhea after activated charcoal, which is black. This is completely normal. Because the digestion is upset much, even some time can be diarrhea. Diarrhea may continue if the disease is caused by pathogenic microorganisms, treatment which is one of the few adsorbent. Under such conditions it is necessary to consult a doctor-infectious disease doctor that will properly diagnose and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Diarrhea from activated charcoal can be the consequence of individual intolerance of the drug. If after taking the medicine the patient's condition worsened, the acceptance of the adsorbent is discontinued and replaced with an analog.

Despite the fact that the pharmacies presented a lot of different adsorbents, activated carbon is the most popular. This is due to the cheapness of the drug and its proven reliability. Activated carbon is capable of in a few hours to cure diarrhea and restore him to the joy of life.