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How to wash out the stomach in cases of poisoning in the home

Poisoning is one of the most common diseases. Everyone is faced with it repeatedly. In this article we have considered gastric lavage in case of poisoning, the principal indications and contraindications to this procedure, its basic rules.

Why you need gastric lavage

It is with gastric lavage should begin first aid or medical aid in case of intoxication. Getting into the stomach, toxins are absorbed into the bloodstream immediately and for some time in the cavity. With the help of cleansing the stomach and can prevent them from getting into the blood stream, reduce intoxication and withdraw pathogenic substances, irritating the mucous membrane.

Please note that this procedure has its indications and contraindications. Stomach in poisoning can wash at home not always. Below we consider the basic situations in which the elimination can be carried out independently, and when this procedure should be carried out by medical workers.

Indications for gastric lavage at home

With most types of poisoning, gastric lavage can be performed independently at home until the arrival of the ambulance. Listed below are the main types of poisoning, for which it is necessary to wash out the stomach after the appearance of the first symptoms of intoxication.

  • Alcohol poisoning or intoxication of alcohol surrogates. In alcoholic intoxication the cleansing of the stomach helps rid your body of the alcohol remains, to improve the patient's condition.
  • All types of food poisoning. By flushing can be withdrawn from the stomach the remnants of poor quality, contaminated by bacteria or poisonous food. Especially gastric lavage is necessary in cases of poisoning by mushrooms, dairy products, eggs and meat. In severe food poisoning cleansing of the stomach rescues humans from infectious-toxic shock.
  • Overdose of medical drugs may occur due to accidental or receiving large doses of drugs. Children can take bright pills for candy and eat them. Overdose of medicines occurs in adults wanting to complete suicide. Wrong dosage can older people with visual impairment or senile dementia.
  • In some cases, to wash out the stomach yourself?

    Elimination at home can be carried out not in all pathological conditions caused by the ingestion of toxic and hazardous substances. Listed below are the main poisoning and diseases in which it is forbidden to wash out the stomach alone.

    • Poisoning with acids or alkalis. In this pathological condition the cleansing of the stomach should be performed by physicians using the probe. When you try self-washing in the home can lead to re-burn the mucous membrane of the esophagus and cause massive internal bleeding.
    • Vomiting black color or blood is a symptom of internal bleeding. This condition can be triggered by alcohol, chemicals. Gastric lavage, induce vomiting, drink some medicine or water in this state is absolutely contraindicated.
    • Impaired consciousness in a patient in which he cannot drink water. To this condition can be attributed to alcohol or drugs.

    Remember that for self-gastric lavage in children under 3 years of age is strictly prohibited. At this age children have not developed completely protective reflex mechanisms, they can choke on her own vomit.

    Rules of cleansing the stomach at home

    How to wash out the stomach on your own at home? At home to cleanse the stomach is not difficult. For its implementation need only a simple table water at room temperature. When poison pills this procedure should be carried out within 5-10 minutes after administration of drugs.

    In order to wash out the stomach, the patient should drink 0.5 to 1 liter of plain water and then it should immediately pull out. This procedure can be repeated several times.

    Please note that the treatment of the poisoning must be conducted in a hospital environment. The cleansing of the stomach at home is done while waiting for the ambulance, it is only one component of medical care needed by a sick person.

    At home it is forbidden to add to water for washing gastric cavities any medicine, decoctions of herbs or potassium permanganate. Cleansing should be carried out with clean water.

    Remember, only a doctor can accurately choose what to wash out the stomach. At the first stage may be used only with plain water.

    The cleansing of the stomach medical

    At a poisoning with acids or alkalis gastric lavage is carried out by doctors from the ambulance. To do this, they use a gastric tube, through which poured and poured water.

    With such treatment it is possible to prevent the repeated contact of the mucosa of the esophagus and oral cavity with aggressive alkalis and acids. These substances cause a chemical burn or necrosis of the walls of the esophagus, they can injure the lungs and trachea in case of throw chemicals into the respiratory tract.

    After washingstomach cavity through a probe receiving admission to hospital for treatment, the subsequent treatment prescribed by doctors from the hospital.

    What else can help the sick with food poisoning

    Irrigation of the gastric cavity is not enough to facilitate the patient's condition. In cases of poisoning by alcohol or food should be more extensive first aid to the victim while waiting brigade SMP. It will depend on the speed of further recovery of the patient.

    The main components of pre-hospital emergency care of poisoned person is described below.

    • Enema. Intestinal cleansing helps to reduce the intoxication syndrome. For carrying out an enema at home, take simple boiled water, neutral room temperature. Conduct a colon cleanse should be the appearance of the clean and clear wash water.
    • Adsorbents are products that bind, neutralize and eliminate intestinal toxins, bacteria and toxic substances. The sorbents are taken separately from other medications. They must drink sufficient amount of water. Liquid accelerates their action. Dosage of sorbents can be calculated according to weight or age of the patient, so before taking these drugs must carefully read the manual. The names of sorbents:
    1. activated carbon;
    2. white coal;
    3. sorbex;
    4. smectite;
    5. APSCO;
    6. enterosgel.

    • Drinking plenty of fluids helps to reduce the intoxication syndrome and to compensate for fluid loss due to vomiting and diarrhea. You can drink plain water or mineral water. Please note that water should be free of gases. You can also drink black tea or broth hips.

    Gastric lavage in case of poisoning assists in removing the last traces of toxins and bacteria, reduce intoxication syndrome, to remove nausea and vomiting. In case of severe food poisoning, this procedure can save lives. To clean the digestive cavity in the home prohibited in the black or bloody vomiting, poisoning with acids or alkalis, violation of consciousness of the patient. Also, this procedure is not recommended for children under 3 years due to the high risk of zahlebyvayas vomit.