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Gastric lavage with potassium permanganate in adults and children

Manganese is a versatile substance that disinfects well and detrimental effect on pathogenic microorganisms. Gastric lavage with potassium permanganate do not only adults but also children. In this procedure, the most important thing is to prepare a solution, to avoid burns of the mucous of the digestive organs. Lavage with potassium permanganate is quite possible to do at home, but only if the patient is conscious and his condition is satisfactory. For younger children, this manipulation is carried out only in a hospital.

Indications for gastric lavage

Lavage with potassium permanganate are shown in some cases when it is necessary to disinfect the cavity of the stomach from pathogenic microbes or toxic substances. This manipulation is done when:

  • food poisoning that manifest persistent nausea and vomiting;
  • poisoning with poisonous vegetation;
  • intoxication due to an overdose of drugs;
  • the rotavirus.

If the patient is sick, he constantly breaks, then effectively perform such a procedure will not succeed. To potassium permanganate had good antiseptic properties, it is necessary to detain her in the stomach at least for a few minutes.

If severe vomiting it is advisable first to wash out the stomach slightly salted water, and only then move on to the potassium permanganate solution.

How to prepare a solution

It is very important to dissolve the crystals of potassium permanganate for the subsequent lavage of the stomach. For this procedure, you must prepare a 5-7 liters of boiled water, cooled to a temperature of 35-37 degrees, and the potassium permanganate. The algorithm for preparation of a solution of potassium permanganate to lavage of the stomach is:

  • Cast about half a liter of water in a transparent jar and add the crystals of potassium permanganate on the tip of a knife;
  • The composition was thoroughly stirred so that all the crystals have visually disappeared, as they can cause burns of the mucous;
  • The resulting solution was filtered through several layers of cheesecloth and slowly pour in the total volume of water for washing the stomach.

The color of the resulting fluid should be pink. And for adults it should be a dark shade of pink. Potassium permanganate vomiting the child is pale pink color. If the solution color turned out too saturated, it can be diluted with pure water to obtain the desired shade.

It is strictly forbidden to make the color of the water to wash deep pink or purple! This will lead to burns of the mucous and the aggravation of the situation.

How to wash out the stomach

After the solution is prepared, proceed directly to the washing procedure of the stomach. Gastric lavage with potassium permanganate in the home are allowed only to patients in a satisfactory condition and to children who are already more than 5 years. Children under 3 years of age have too little body mass, therefore they have occurs rapidly life-threatening dehydration. But kids 3 to 5 years old can't always understand why they need to drink the nasty-tasting liquid. So if the baby is not 5 years old, it is better to go to the hospital.

The washing procedure of the gastric cavity is performed in several successive stages:

  1. Patient give to drink a few glasses of diluted in water manganese. And some adults at a time can drink up to 2-3 liters of this liquid.
  2. Wait a few minutes, if you do not have a natural vomiting, it is caused by artificial means. To do this, press down on the tongue with the fingers that triggered a gag reflex.
  3. The procedure is repeated many times until the water that comes out of the stomach will not contain contaminants of food and other inclusions.
  4. After gastric lavage the patient is allowed to carefully rinse mouth and throat with clean drinking water.

Usually that pulled out, you need to drink up to a liter of dilute potassium permanganate. In most cases, after washing the cavity of the stomach of man becomes much easier. This method may prove to be of no effect only in some infectious diseases.

If the patient after the procedure is not easier, you need to call an ambulance. Under symptoms of poisoning may hide life-threatening diseases like salmonellosis, leptospirosis and botulism.

Features of the procedure of washing

To perform the procedure correctly, you need to take into account some recommendations:

  • The patient should be in a vertical position. If it is too weak, then it is allowed to conduct washing of stomach in bed, but the upper body is lifted relative to the toe.
  • Before the manipulations necessary to prepare a large bowl or bucket to collect vomit.
  • After each attack of vomiting patient give rinse your mouth with clean water.
  • After the waste water become clean, give the victim adsorbents in therapeutic dosage.

Patient of any age is strictly forbidden to leave one. It needs to be under constant supervision of relatives or health workers.

If the child is afraid of vomiting and I began to cry, it should be calm and explain what was happening to him.

Is it possible to poison a solution of potassium permanganate

As it silly sounds, but you can get poisoned, even a tool that is used for poisoning.Poisoning by a solution of manganese may be dissolved if too concentrated a solution and the patient drank it. You experience a number of unpleasant and sometimes dangerous symptoms:

  • In the esophagus and the stomach there is a pronounced stabbing pain that says about the burned mucosa.
  • Observed uncontrollable vomiting with subsequent dehydration.
  • A few minutes later after eating the saturated solution may develop severe diarrhea.
  • The oral mucosa and the tongue becomes purple in colour.
  • If the solution was too concentrated, the patient is laryngeal edema, convulsions, respiratory failure and severe redness of the skin.

As a first aid in case of poisoning by manganese patient give ascorbic acid or pyridoxine. Even if the degree of poisoning seems easy, it may be reasonable to call an ambulance.

Before the coveted vial of potassium permanganate was in every home medicine Cabinet. Potassium permanganate was used as a first aid for any type of poisoning in both adults and children. Now this substance is forbidden for free sale, so buy it only by doctor's prescription if there is evidence. But, as the saying goes, he who seeks will always find. So now many families kept a jar of crystals of manganese which helps in intoxication and poisoning.