How to quickly induce vomiting after eating

The food is not always useful. It is possible to get poisoned or acquire diseases of the internal organs. Therefore, in the case of overeating, eating expired food, or drinking low-quality alcohol, it is useful to know how to induce vomiting after eating. It will bring relief and help to cleanse the body of harmful substances, bringing pain.

How to induce vomiting

There are different ways by which you can trigger the gag reflex.

The mechanical method

The most famous and easiest way to induce vomiting is to use your fingers. Does this method just. To trigger the gag reflex, a person should bend over, open mouth and two fingers to press the root of the tongue. The effect of such actions should not be forced to wait.

Apply the method without fingers using other stimuli receptors. In this role, there may be a tablespoon, long hair or other object capable of contact with the language to cause a gag reflex.

For best results when applying mechanical method is best to drink plenty of fluids. This will help to completely clean the stomach, as the water will dissolve all harmful substances.

Psychological method

For those who have a great imagination and a strong gag reflex, use the method view. To induce vomiting person need to imagine the most unpleasant, nasty and sickening things. It is important to imagine all this in mind and with realistic details.

For example, close your eyes and think about what's for dinner has been eaten, a large number of hateful and disgusting food. The effect of this method will be much higher, if together with the imagination will be used fingers. When using this method, the body should be tilted down, head lowered and mouth open.

Way for people with a weak vestibular apparatus

To quickly induce vomiting you can use the ability of your body. Some people with motion sickness begin to feel sick, and the whole eaten food is sent out. For people in this method.

For this you need to whirl around the room until the first urge to vomit. To enhance and faster to pull out, you need to rotate not only the body but also to shake with him head to both sides and randomly bend over. All this must be done very quickly.

Better this method works if there is a nearby swing. They can to wobble, which will cause the desired result.

Method using liquids

Induce vomiting sometimes can be difficult. It depends on the amount of alcohol consumed or eaten food. Also on how easily a person is able to get rid of stomach contents. Additional helpers that facilitate the ability to cause vomiting, are fluid. To induce vomiting used:

  • Water

The primary means for dilution in the stomach of toxic substances. Water contributes to their withdrawal from the body. To call the reaction you need to drink a couple glasses of water. To wait some time to it reached the stomach. And then to cause retching. You can call, leaning over a basin or bowl, and try to simulate retching, if this method does not work press two fingers on the tongue, as deeply as possible to the larynx.

This method is very effective and after some time the stomach will vomit with drinking water.

  • Black tea

Instead of water you can also use black tea. It is added with a tablespoon of salt and milk. To induce vomiting you will need several cups of this tea.

When you add salt into tea need to adjust the amount. Too salty tea does not need to do. The taste of this tea is not very pleasant, but the effect is very effective.

  • Water and potassium permanganate

As a means of causing vomiting, are also used potassium permanganate. Or, as in everyday life we call potassium permanganate. It belongs to one of the most common popular ways to induce vomiting and cleanse the stomach from toxins. To trigger the gag reflex will need a glass of water with a few grains of the substance. It is necessary to mix well the solution is to not have any grains. Then add more water and stir. The entire solution is consumed at a time. Use this solution only once, while you want to watch carefully that the body does not get grains chemical. And then the crystals of potassium permanganate is able to cause serious harm in the form of chemical burns to the walls of the stomach and esophagus.

  • Club soda

Another proven remedy is a solution of baking soda. To do this, mix water with baking soda. Apply this remedy often to reduce the weight. It is also used by people suffering from bulimia. The tool immediately starts to operate and perfectly cleanses the body. This method of purification is preferably carried out three days after lunch. On the last day soda solution and replace with plain water. The procedure that must be performed to quickly puked:

  • stir the baking soda in the water to homogeneity;
  • a solution of soda to drink large draughts;
  • to keep the backstraight;
  • try to keep the soda solution in the stomach a few minutes.

Drinking this solution is necessary until the sensation filled stomach or to the gag reflex. You then stand over the toilet and touch your fingers to the tongue, and the other hand should be massaging the stomach. All this should be done as long as all emetic weight will come along with drinking solution.

Way with herbs

To induce vomiting you can use natural herbal teas and tinctures. One of the first herbs that cause vomiting, is the root of the Ira. From this root we need to make a tincture. This herb should be kept in hot water for a few hours. If poisoning should drink at least one liter of the resulting tincture. Wait a few minutes until the liquid reaches the stomach, and cause a gag reflex. This method of purification is particularly relevant in infectious diseases of the stomach and intestines.

The medical method

Created a special medicine that can quickly induce vomiting. This method is induce vomiting suited for people who are unable to drink large amount of fluid for one reason or another. Use them should be strictly according to instructions. Consider the basic medicines that cause nausea and vomiting. If you decide to use pills, then there are several options:

  1. The first true tool that is recommended to invoke a gag response, is apomorphine. Or similar properties of the medication levodopa, and ergot. These medications used to treat Parkinson's disease. They have a number of contraindications: do not take if pregnant, do not use for weight reduction. For the process of vomiting tablets of this type affect the Central chemoreceptors, which quickly cause a gag reflex.
  2. Another great gag is that of morphine. It is sold in pills. It relates to medicines containing opium. Given for pain physical and mental pain. Basically, the drug is sedative in nature. However, its side effect is nausea and vomiting. However, this reaction is triggered by only the first application. With frequent use, the body adapts to the medication. After some time following the application of the adverse reactions vanish.
  3. Some antidepressants can aggravate gag reflex. These include such drugs as fluoxetine, paroxetine. This special drugs, struggling with depression. To side reactions of these antidepressants include nausea. Make them as gag tools is not recommended because antidepressants increase serotonin levels. These pills bring about not only a quick vomiting, but discomfort in the stomach. Also, antidepressants lower blood pressure, so people with low blood pressure it is better to turn to other means. However, in extreme cases, you can use them as a means that causes rapid vomiting.

Call vomiting for weight loss

Should not cause vomiting after meals to reduce weight. This leads to major problems of the body. As a result of this aggressive method of losing weight body is dehydrated, and multiple procedures induce vomiting may develop such serious diseases such as:

  • bulimia,
  • anorexia,
  • disorder of the digestive system,
  • cardiovascular disease.

Such diseases very difficult to treat. So do not risk your health.

What effects after induce vomiting

This aggressive method of cleansing the body, there are certain consequences.

With one call vomiting will not be big problems. It is important that this reaction was caused not only so, but, for example, to preserve health in acute poisoning. In this case, without induce vomiting is not enough. It is only necessary to observe all security measures.

With repeated and frequent induce vomiting the body is weakened and in danger. So use this method only for the purposes of first aid.

Knowledge how can you quickly induce vomiting after eating very useful. With this, you can save a life. But in order not to lead to such should eat proper and healthy food, and not use harmful products.