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The antidote FAUVE: what it is, the rules of application of the antidote

FAUVE is a phosphorus-organic substances which when injected into the human body cause poisoning of varying severity, including death. These chemicals have in common. Their chemical formula is the compound of phosphorus-carbon. The antidote FAUVE is a drug which neutralizes poisons and promotes their excretion. The antidote FAUVE is Taren.

Release form of the drug the cases in which it is used

Taren mandatory included in the individual kits military. The drug is available in the form of white tablets which are packaged in a special capsule 5-6 pieces. The drug is very toxic, has a strong negative effect on the human psyche. Therefore one tablet TARENA contains 0.006 g of active substance.

The effect of the drug occurs within half an hour after administration and lasts 4-5 hours. Remedy in case of poisoning FAUVE is designed for sucking, it should be kept under the tongue until dissolved.

List of organophosphorus substances in cases of poisoning involving Taren:

  • sarin;
  • soman;
  • dichlorvos;
  • Malathion;
  • trichlorfon;
  • piropos;
  • metafos;
  • VX.

The degree of their toxicity varies and depends on concentration, routes of exposure. When injected into the blood, the substances quickly penetrate into the brain and have a stimulating effect on the cholinergic receptors. Taren, the antidote, which has the opposite effect, it slows down the process.

If not timely antidote to impose TARIFFS, it will lead to serious consequences and complications in the form of irreversible changes of internal organs. At acute intoxication by potent organophosphorus gases in the absence of TARENA quickly death occurs.

Properties and mechanism of action of TARENA

Taren is a Central M-holinoblokator. It blocks neuromuscular transmission of impulses, which leads to a change of state of consciousness.

In its effects on the body pills Taren belongs to deliriants. This means that they cause delirium – a mental disorder characterized by a disorder of consciousness. In the period of receiving the antidote, the victim can be dangerous both for themselves and for others. This is due to emotional instability and mental disorders.

Mental disorder that causes Taren

The victim developed visual hallucinations, illusions. This man is deluded consciousness, in severe cases, may fall into a coma.

If consciousness is not entirely lost, then when you receive TARENA develop these symptoms:

  • secondary delusions – increased sensitivity of the perception, reinforced shaped hallucinations, the events seem more vivid and bright;
  • affective disorders – manic-depressive psychosis, fear, rage, anger, aggression;
  • senestopatii – the feeling of burdening your own body, which is localized both on the surface and in the internal organs;
  • the loss of orientation in space;
  • temporary disorientation;
  • the emotional state can be suppressed or excited, depending on the form of a hallucination.

During the reception of the antidote Taren man is aware of himself as a person and understands the gravity of the situation.

After the weakening effects of the antidote a person develops congrega amnesia. The victim does not remember what happened to him the events, your emotional and mental state, painful memories. Man cannot realistically and objectively evaluate what was happening to him.

Physiological side effects of the drug

Taren antidote can cause somatic vegetative disorders:

  • changes in body temperature and blood pressure;
  • heart palpitations;
  • sweating;
  • muscle weakness;
  • muscular tremor is of large amplitude;
  • unsteadiness when walking;
  • dry mouth;
  • dilated pupils.

Side effects of the drug

Used in the defeat of the ORGANOPHOSPHORUS antidote is having negative effects on brain activity.

The person after premat TARENA there is a systematic decrease in concentration. This contributes to hypoxia – oxygen starvation of the brain cells, the result of which lost their activity.

It is a painful condition which is characterized by such signs:

  • short attention span;
  • the narrowing of the memory;
  • distraction, inattention;
  • don't focus thoughts;
  • weak switching from one activity to another;
  • increased distractibility.

Action TARENA compared with the action of narcotic and psychotropic substances. But there is one difference. The drug is tolerant in relation to neurons and does not cause withdrawal symptoms – physical dependence associated with increasing doses. Therefore, to achieve the maximum effect in case of poisoning, the number of the applied antidote is constantly increasing.

As the drug not causing addiction, the affected when taking missing euphoria. Negative emotions are not skradyvaetsya, not developing a sudden feeling of elation or happiness. Man continues keenly to experience the depth of their emotions.

Despite the hard impact TARENA on the psyche, the drugimportance is one of the first places in the military first-aid kit. With timely and rapid use he is able to save a man's life in dangerous conditions. In normal, civilian life means prohibited in the free market, as it has a strong narcotic effect. Applies only to military medicine and civil defense of the population.