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What is the antidote for poisoning with methyl alcohol better

Poisoning with methyl alcohol are not as rare as we would like, and are a major threat to human life. If you compare methyl and ethyl alcohol, for poisoning first you need to drink just to 50 ml of this substance, ethyl alcohol poisoning is possible if a person drinks at a time about 300 ml. the consumption of methyl alcohol is completely disrupted all the important organs, especially the suffering of the nervous, circulatory and excretory system. To prevent death, you need to know how to use the antidote in case of poisoning with methyl alcohol. Sometimes unknowingly lost precious minutes, but the antidote to methanol can be found in every home.

The difference between ethyl and methyl alcohol

Methanol is considered a surrogate for ethanol. This substance is a sugar alcohol, it is sometimes used by some people instead of quality alcohol. Doctors call this substance a false substitute, in the composition of the liquid is no ethanol, but it also has an intoxicating effect.

Ethanol is used for the treatment of the skin, and in special cases, was adopted internally. Methyl alcohol is a technical liquid, which is added to the solvents, and household chemicals. For drinking and the treatment of such a fluid the.

In taste and smell of ethyl and methyl alcohols are identical. The methanol flavor a little less pronounced, but it is noted only by a specialist with great experience. Most often the difference is determined solely by experiment.

  1. Ethanol boils at a higher temperature than methanol.
  2. If you burn alcohol, you can see that ethanol burns with a bluish flame, and the methanol was green.
  3. The most visible is the test with the conventional copper wire. A piece of wire Rusklimat over the fire and dipped alternately in the liquid. In the interaction of molten metal with methanol there is a sharp and unpleasant smell, the interaction with the ethanol in the air a faint smell of fermented apples.

The man who drank the methanol probably would not carry out such experiments. But the information you need to know to prevent accidents.

To distinguish between ethyl and methyl alcohol solely on appearance is unreal!

Mechanism of action methanol

Methyl alcohol can have damaging effects on all cells in the body. Once in the digestive tract, it is almost instantly absorbed in the mucosa of the stomach and is converted to formaldehyde and formic acid. These two substances are very toxic and are dangerous to humans even in small doses.

Greater amount of these substances excreted by the kidney and the organs of the excretory system affected first. Fully disrupts the function of the nervous and cardiovascular systems failures begin in the digestive tract.

If people took too much methyl alcohol, then very quickly comes death.

Signs of intoxication

After only a few minutes after ingestion of methyl alcohol are such symptoms of intoxication:

  • nausea, severe vomiting and cutting pains in the abdomen;
  • headache, blurred vision, loss of consciousness;
  • irritability, bordering on aggressiveness;
  • increased secretion of saliva, the victim it flows from the mouth;
  • violation of the functions of the heart, unstable blood pressure and shortness of breath.

A few hours after methanol ingestion may be other signs of poisoning:

  • if methanol was used in a small dose, then deteriorating vision and there is severe pain in the joints;
  • the patient is unconscious;
  • the skin becomes slightly damp and cold to the touch, the eyeballs make uncontrolled movements;
  • occurs an arbitrary urination.

Develops a deep coma, integuments acquire a specific marble color. The victim's pupils dilated, he's not responding to pain, breathing is disrupted as the work of the heart.


First aid for methanol poisoning is to normalize functioning of all organs and body systems. To make all necessary medical manipulations at home is impossible, so immediately affected need to be hospitalized.

As a first aid to give adsorbents impractical, methanol is very quickly absorbed into the blood and this group of drugs does not give effect. To slow the absorption of methyl alcohol can be any fatty products. Give the patient a butter, cheese or fatty milk.

Before arrival of doctors the patient can wash the stomach. To do this, give to drink plenty of water, and then cause vomiting. Instead of water you can use saline solution.

An antidote for methyl alcohol is ethyl alcohol. As a first aid to the victim can be given to drink a little vodka diluted with water or medical alcohol.

Arrived doctor, the patient is administered the antidote for methyl alcohol. It can be these substances:

  • 30% solution of ethanol in water. It is given to drinking or intravenously, if the person is unconscious.
  • Folic acid.
  • 4-methylpyrazol in solution for intravenousintroduction.

Folic acid is given in a dosage that is slightly higher than therapeutic.

Intravenous ethanol can be made only by a physician. The introduction must be very slow.

Treatment Protocol

After first aid was rendered and the antidote to methyl alcohol is introduced, the victim hospitalityat in Toxicological office, where assistance is provided on this Protocol:

  1. Someone who is comfortable tuck and warm Harbor. At poisoning with methanol disrupts the function of the heart, so blood pressure is unstable and the patient is cold.
  2. The intestine was washed with saline inside the patient is administered using a special probe saline laxative.
  3. Introduces different vitamins and nicotinic acid.
  4. The patient is appointed Riboxinum and Prednisone.
  5. Assigned to symptomatic treatment aimed at stabilizing the work of the heart, kidneys, liver and nervous system.

In that case, if the victim there are cramps, in the treatment of add Piracetam or similar drugs in this drug group.

After poisoning with methyl alcohol, the patient needs a long time to be under the supervision of health workers, as some complications occur only through time.

What can be the consequences

After methanol ingestion complications can manifest only over time. Especially dangerous are:

  • If the patient lies in a comatose state without movement for more than 4 hours, then is destroyed muscle tissue that clogs the small blood vessels of the kidneys. This condition is called compartment syndrome.
  • Dangerous complications are considered to be cardiac and respiratory failure.
  • Visual disturbances of varying severity.

Accidental consumption of even small amounts of methanol leads to disability or death. The result will depend on the state of human health and how quickly he was given first aid. Do not forget that the antidote to methanol is ethanol. Although there are several substances that can be used by physicians as an antidote, one of them is folic acid.