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Harm of vegetarianism for the body of men, women and children

A vegetarian is person who prefer to exclude meat from your diet. This may be a full or partial rejection of animal products. This behavior, people justify the reluctance to eat the corpses of slain animals. However, they do not always think about the fact that the restriction in the diet can adversely affect health. Harm of vegetarianism today is widely discussed by doctors from various fields of medicine. Anyone who wants to give up eating meat, you need to carefully examine the probable consequences.

Varieties of vegetarianism

In modern society, much attention is paid to feeding behavior. Giving up meat has become increasingly popular. There are several varieties of vegetarianism:

  1. Classic. Implies the refusal of fish and meat. The diet should include honey, eggs, and dairy products. Most often, the transition to such a diet is associated not so much with the ethical side of the question, with how many taste preferences. People just do not like the taste of meat and fish dishes, so it removes them from your menus.
  2. Ovo-vegetarianism. In this mode of supply is forbidden to eat fish, meat, seafood and milk. Honey and eggs you can eat. For this type of vegetarianism is often people suffering from lactose intolerance. Sometimes it is used as a special diet that help to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins.
  3. Lactovegetarians. Implies a complete rejection of meat and fish products, eggs, cheeses. Milk and honey, you can enter its menu.
  4. Veganism. The most rigid form of vegetarianism. Provides a full waiver of any animal products. Only allowed all kinds of vegetables, fruits, berries and mushrooms.
  5. A raw food diet. This is an offshoot of veganism, which involves not only the rejection of animal products, but also from heat treatment of food. Vegetables and fruits can be eaten exclusively raw.

This qualification is considered conditional. Each person can independently determine the list of products which he wants to give up. Sometimes people go to outright absurd, categorically denying myself red meat and allowing white.

Today there are various schools of vegetarianism. They a group of individuals shares a variety of tips and recommendations on proper, as it seems, diet.

The danger to health carries vegetarianism

Vegetarian diet is quite poor. Some of the vegetables and fruits it is difficult to make a varied menu. The diet is incomplete. It lacks the necessary for the normal functioning of the body substances and trace elements. Harm of vegetarianism for the body lies in several aspects:

  1. When powered plants, people lose protein. This substance becomes the main building block for body tissues. Vegetarians believe that the deficiency of protein with legumes, grasses and some other plants. But in fact, vegetable protein digestible high at 65%. While animal protein is digested fully.
  2. Harm of vegetarianism for children is a probable calcium deficiency. This element is responsible for the full development of the skeletal apparatus, teeth and nails. Calcium is contained in some plants such as leafy vegetables. But his dosage is too low to cover the daily human need. You can get calcium from dairy products is much easier.
  3. Restricted diets can cause vitamin B12 deficiency. This substance is not contained in the plants. The only exception is the seaweed. Without this vitamin the normal functioning of the organism impossible.
  4. The lack of meat in the diet is dangerous because it can cause iron deficiency. This essential for the health element can only be obtained from fish and meat products. The iron contained in some types of legumes, but its concentration is negligible. Iron deficiency or anemia can lead to serious health problems, reduced working capacity, loss of hair, impaired bowel function. Harm of vegetarianism for women that may completely stop monthly, will undergo serious hormonal disturbances that lead to problems with reproductive function.
  5. From plant foods it is impossible to get enough vitamin D and iodine. This leads to problems with the thyroid gland, bones and teeth. Because of this, vegetarianism is especially dangerous for the elderly.

This is not a complete list of what is harmful vegetarianism. In addition, a direct threat to the health noted several drawbacks to this diet. First, you have to spend a lot of money on products. Vegetarians constantly have to find tropical fruits or unpopular in our country vegetables, to somehow diversify their menu. And they cost a lot of money.

Second, vegetarians are not always able to find the appropriate dish in cafes and restaurants. Me even for the largest establishments can be found no more than three options vegetable salads or snacks.

Thirdly, vegetarians always vehemently promote their ideas and demonstratively speak out against meat. It can not cause a negativethe reaction from others.

Before you reconsider your diet, it is worth several times to think about the consequences. Vegetarianism will not bring harm, if it is a kind of short diet.

When vegetarianism is absolutely contraindicated

Harm of vegetarianism for men, women and children in particular are obvious. But in some cases this style of diet can lead to irreparable consequences. Prohibited limit the use of meat products in the following categories of people:

  1. Suffering from osteoporosis, anemia, diseases of the joints, vision problems.
  2. Those who have recently had surgery or recovered from a serious illness.
  3. Children under the age of 16 years.
  4. Women awaiting the birth of a baby. In order for the baby to develop properly, the mother should receive all the necessary minerals and vitamins. Without the use of fish and meat to achieve this impossible.
  5. Suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Digestive system to will react negatively to the change of diet that will provoke the aggravation of the disease.

In such situations, the rejection of animal products can lead to the development of serious diseases and exacerbate existing problems. Remember that the diet should be complete and balanced. The only way to ensure the health.

If you've decided to become a vegetarian, consult your doctor. Specialist will develop recommendations for the safe transition to a new menu.

What are the benefits of giving up meat

In fairness it should be noted that a vegetarian diet can bring health benefits. Among the positive properties are:

  1. Fruits, vegetables and cereals contain little calories. These dishes will help you not gain weight. This is especially true for people suffering from obesity.
  2. Vegetarian dishes are in abundance contain fiber. Due to this, increases intestinal peristalsis, improves metabolism.
  3. Such a menu helps to maintain normal sugar levels and cholesterol in the blood. This is true for people having a predisposition to diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.
  4. Over time this diet can cleanse the body of toxins.
  5. Vegetarianism helps to rejuvenate the skin, smooth the complexion. It has a beneficial effect on the condition of the blood vessels.

Vegetarianism has its advantages. But they are not able to compensate for all the shortcomings. This restriction of supply will be really useful if it will be temporary in nature and conducted under the supervision of a physician.

A few recommendations on how to properly transition to a vegetarian menu

In order not to harm your body, the transition to vegetarianism should be smooth. It is not necessary at once to give up all animal products. This will be a real stress on the body and can trigger negative consequences. If you decide to become a vegetarian, consider the following guidelines:

  1. Reduce your intake of animal products gradually. On average, their complete elimination will take about a month.
  2. A week after the beginning of a new style of food, you can abandon the seafood. In the diet must be present dairy products, mushrooms, legumes and nuts.
  3. If you want to give up animal milk, replace it with soy or almond. As an alternative to butter you can use peanut.
  4. Don't limit the consumption of bread. Modern breads don't use eggs.
  5. Is strictly prohibited harmful meals. Refrain from fried potatoes, soy meatballs and other similar dishes.
  6. Replace vegetable meat analogs. For example, instead of dumplings prepare dumplings with berries. Cook carrot and beet burgers.
  7. Eat more of cereals. They will help fill the shortage of some essential for the health of micronutrients.
  8. Don't get carried away with the raw food diet. Vegetables are best stewed or steamed. Salads of fresh vegetables can be eaten only occasionally.
  9. The first time increase the amount of food intake. As soon as you feel hunger, just eat. Remember that serving vegetarian food needs in half to two times greater than the number of meat dishes.

Before turning to a vegetarian diet, prepare yourself mentally. Try to determine what substances are not enough for your body. Make up the deficit. Sometimes this requires taking vitamin-mineral complexes. But before applying you should consult with a specialist.

Develop the right menu. Try to enter into the diet as many products. Invent new dishes. It can be all kinds of salads, stews, soups and so on.

To switch to vegetarianism is necessary under the supervision of an experienced nutritionist. Before this you have to pass full medical examination. This will help to identify the presence of possible contraindications.

Whether to become a vegetarian

Before you give up meat, you should weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of such a diet. To maintain health can only be subject to a fullbalanced diet. Every day we should eat enough vegetables, fruits, dairy products and meat.

Vegetarianism gives a good result, if you resort to it from time to time. This diet will help rid your body of accumulated toxins, normalize blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood.

The transition to vegetarianism should be motivated. You should not do it just because it's my fashion or to follow the example of friends. Stress to the body can lead to negative consequences. Before starting a new life will have to prepare themselves psychologically.

If there are contraindications about vegetarianism is not out of the question. If you are healthy and limit themselves in power, it will have to undergo regular medical examinations. This will help to identify any developing pathology at an early stage and to immediately start treatment. Always watch your health. At the first signs of indisposition immediately consult a specialist.

If you are experiencing health problems, you can if you want to become a vegetarian. Go to the new food gradually. Drink plenty of pure water. Spending more time in the fresh air. So you will be able to minimize the effects of stress and to adapt quickly to new conditions.