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The dangers of energy drinks and energy for the human body

The intense rhythm of life active adult causes him to turn for help to various stimulants, in order to get additional forces. Sleep is a nice thing, but if you want to terminate an urgent matter, the rest, as a rule, have to be postponed. Helping someone cheer up a cold shower, someone in the sport, and someone who can't do without coffee. Among modern destructive habits, which help to gather and feel good, you can highlight the frequent use of energy drinks. Before to suppress the fatigue with the help of this tool, it is useful to understand whether the benefits and the harm of energy drinks?

The appearance of the first energy

It is believed that drinks that are meant to stimulate mental and physical activity, is an innovation of the third Millennium. However, it is not so. In Germany, the first energy drink was released in the twelfth century, but he has not received special popularity. But in the first half of the twentieth century the Englishman Smith-Klein Bishamon made this drink for the team of athletes that almost led to mass poisoning. The strange thing is, this fact has not diminished the demand of British energy.

In the sixties the Japanese, based on the technology Bishamon, created a new energy drink that has made Japan the most famous supplier of this product. In Europe, the first extensive manufacture of refreshing drinks had been on the eighties. It was created by Austrian Dietrich Matesic and gave the drink name red bull. This energy has created a demand that was the impetus for the emergence of a variety of analogues, similar in properties.

How are the energy

Invigorating energy is valid due to the caffeine and glucose. In addition, all beverages in this category is carbonated, so start to run faster. For athletes there is a special energy cocktails that are exciting due to the presence of Inositol, vitamins and sugar. After drinking jars effect occurs within 5-10 minutes and on an empty stomach even faster. Cheerful state, called energy, can last up to 4 hours. When the drink ends, a man is visited by severe fatigue and an overwhelming desire to sleep.

The main components of energy drinks

The benefits and dangers of energy depend on the components that are present in them. What is contained in this invigorating drink that causes the body to cough up the last of his strength and actively fight fatigue?

  1. Caffeine. It is a widely used stimulant of mental and physical activities. Drinking a Cup of black tea or coffee, in 15 minutes you can feel energized. Caffeine makes the heart beat faster and has a stimulating effect on the nervous system. The permanent ingestion of this substance and the lack of full sleep leads to irritability, depression and insomnia, there are failures on the part of the cardiovascular system. If you constantly drink your daily dose of caffeine, I end up with stomach pains, convulsions and even death.
  2. Taurine and vitamins b and D. the Amino acid cysteine taurine, which in small amounts excreted in the body, responsible for concentration, increases stamina and helps to assimilate minerals, is therefore a component of many vitamin complexes for children and adults. In fact taurine is just indispensable and is used as an adjuvant in the treatment of many serious diseases. However harmless it is not proven.
  3. L-carnitine and glucuronolactone. These substances are also necessary. They are contained in many foods. Carnitine speeds up the metabolic processes and positively affects the reproductive function in men. Glucuronolactone is in some sense the sorbent, as it performs detoxification and helps to eliminate harmful substances. Is there any harm to humans from these components, scientists have only investigated.
  4. Guarana and ginseng. Such components have stimulating effects similar to caffeine. In small amounts they are useful, however, as part of energy provided its regular use can cause insomnia and irritability.

The dangers of energy

It is a mistake to believe that refreshing drink adds energy – in fact, he brings even more exhaustion. The maximum damage from such an impact is applied to the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Forcing the adrenal glands constantly excrete adrenaline, energy, artificially stimulates all organs and systems. After a surge of courage retreats, the person feels even more exhausted.

  1. Irreparable harm energy can cause if you eat more than two cans. In humans, increased blood sugar and high blood pressure, which can result in a hypertensive crisis. Wide resonance bought a case when it is a healthy eighteen-year-old athlete drank three cans of energy in a row and died right on the field in a couple of hours after that.
  2. The effect of energy drinks on the body when they are consumed together with alcohol in excessive quantities, it can result in death.
  3. The constant ingestion of caffeine in the use of energy harms the water-salt balance, since it causes increased urination and removes salts required for a human. In additionfrom that, caffeine is a substance drug, so addictive to him comes rather quickly, and at one point yesterday's dose may not be enough.
  4. The harm of energy drinks lies in the fact that they drain the energy reserves of the organism, and do not bring additional forces, as many believe. So a few hours after drinking cans the person feels fully "squeezed". From here and taken dependence: when fatigue occurs at the wrong time, there is a need to drink another one, and so on.
  5. Prolonged and regular consumption of energy worsens the condition of a person who suffers from a disease of the liver, kidneys, heart, diabetes and nervous disorders;
  6. Dyes and sour energy slowly causes problems with the digestive system. One day after the next drunk of the jar there is a risk to detect the gastritis or ulcer.
  7. Taurine and glucuronolactone are present in the energy sector in excess of the daily requirement of these components 250 times. The dangers of excess of these elements is not proven, but together with the caffeine, they bring the body in a state of exhaustion and a bad influence on the heart.

In addition, there is a group of people who are contraindicated to the use of energy, among them:

  • children under 18 years of age. The dangers of energy drinks for adolescents and young children is very significant, as all the systems of their body is still weak, and the heart is in a state of growth, therefore, is possible a lethal outcome;
  • pregnant and lactating women. It is obvious that for such conditions the use of energy drinks banned. Even after childbirth, when the woman feeds the child and feels severe fatigue and lack of sleep, to refer to such bracing means impossible, as the mother is still very weak. And to talk about how energy is harmful to the fetus or breastfeeding child altogether scary.
  • people with serious diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, gastritis or gastric ulcer, chronic depression, etc.

Besides, if a person constantly feels tired, it's not normal. Before resorting to bracing means, need to be examined and only then decide whether or not to drink energy and whether it will not bring more harm to the body.

Is there any benefit

Despite the damage energy are in good demand among the population. If there are such statistics, it seems, from this refreshing drink is and the benefits. After all, what good is its use? There are several options:

  • increase of capacity. If you need to gather and complete important business or drive to your destination, and there is no power, their use is obvious. Athletes choose vitamin-carbohydrate drink is harmless more energy, and students during the sessions prefer caffeinated;
  • convenience. If the Cup of coffee in public transport is uncomfortable, then tin with a energy very.
  • intake of vitamins in the body. Glucose which contains energy, improves brain function.

However, all these points are relevant, if not to transform the consumption of energy in your daily need. As they say, everything is good in moderation.

Rules for the use of power

If you follow some of the recommendations, the harm from the use of energy will not be as irreplaceable. To maintain health and to get the courage should heed the following advice:

  • to study the energy and make sure that none of the components are not allergic;
  • do not drink more than two cans or 500 ml invigorating drink per day;
  • to sleep well, energy when the action ended;
  • not to drink one can after another, and to withstand break;
  • for athletes it is better to drink the energy drink before exercise and after it you need to give yourself a break;
  • not to combine the use of energy with taking medication, drinking coffee or tea;
  • do not mix energy drinks with alcohol;
  • not to drink energy daily and during illness.

Overdose symptoms refreshing drinks

The dangers of energy on the human body can result in poisoning. Upon detection of symptoms of overdose energy needs urgently to call an ambulance and try to induce vomiting (if not). Leave the man alone in such a situation is not recommended. In a health institution in such cases, do gastric lavage and put on a drip as soon as possible to prevent absorption of substances in the blood. Overdose symptoms:

  • redness of the skin;
  • the increase in pressure;
  • disorientation and tremor;
  • excessive sweating;
  • insomnia;
  • aggression towards others and excessive irritability;
  • recurring diarrhea;
  • hallucinations and lethargy;
  • tachycardia;
  • dryness of the lips, frequent urination, which indicates the dehydration;
  • faint.

Finally I want to say that not only improve energy productivity and vigor return. Sometimes, in order to feel full of energy, enough to change the diet, eat more greens and fruits, exercise and drink enough water. These factors contributeto improve the General condition. To draw the same power from energy is better only when there is an urgent need. In situations where it is possible to do without it, you should choose a different path, considering how energy affects the body.