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Can I drink coffee children and adolescents: benefits and harms

For many people coffee is a drink. And if the adults in the house in the morning regularly use this scented product, then sooner or later the children will also be interested coffee. Not all parents know can I drink coffee children, and if so, at what age. So very often children also poured a delicious drink that at an early age absolutely no avail, and under certain conditions, may even harm your health. Adults need to understand that coffee contains large amounts of caffeine, which adversely affects the child's body, so before you treat your child, you should consider, and this is a necessity.

What is the use

Coffee is quite a specific food product that has gained popularity all over the world. There are many varieties of this product and they all have their fans. The drink has miraculous properties to improve both motor and brain activity. It contributes to the saturation of the body with essential minerals and group vitamins.

Theoretically, the coffee can benefit children, as in the composition of the drink contains iodine, magnesium and calcium that are necessary for proper growth and development of any child. The research in this area has shown that the benefits of coffee only if it is consumed in moderation and without fanaticism. Useful qualities include the following items:

  • Improves the function of brain cells and the digestive tract. Very often, after drinking a Cup of coffee drink Chad has a good appetite.
  • Helps relieve fatigue, reduce irritability and improve physical activity.
  • Helps to improve memory, people can easily remember large amounts of information.
  • Reduces the possibility of allergies and tooth decay.
  • Helps to improve mood, raises the self-esteem and helps to overcome uncertainty. This property is useful in adolescence, when many children are not confident.

Some experts say that people who constantly drink coffee are less susceptible to radiation effect.

Despite these beneficial qualities of the drink, before giving coffee to children, still should consult with your doctor. In each case, may be contraindications.

When the child can give a try coffee

Most of the doctors advise not to even try give coffee to children under the age of 7-8 years. From this age the digestive organs are already relatively formed and ready for processing such a product, but only to a limited extent. To give better to try natural chicory coffee, not instant. The drink is complemented with milk and sugar, this product will be less rich and easily digestible child's body.

Parents need to know at what age you can drink coffee children and how much of this refreshing beverage is allowed to consume in a particular age.

  • Children of primary school age – can't drink more than 50 ml of coffee per month, a Supplement drink milk or low-fat cream.
  • Schoolchildren from 10 to 14 years – you can't drink more than 4 cups of fragrant drink in a month.
  • Teenagers from 14 to 18 you can drink coffee one Cup a day.

The first time inviting the child coffee, the one to look out for his well-being. If during the day no change of health will not be, can not survive and occasionally to treat my child this product. If there was a tremor of the extremities and the student became overly active, you need to wait with the inclusion of these products in the diet.

Do not give children any instant coffee. Even in the most expensive product in this group contains a lot of caffeine, which is not the best way affects the immature organism.

The dangers of coffee for children

Still, the debate continues among doctors and nutritionists, about what more from coffee harm or benefit. On the Internet you can see a whole community of people who believe this product is harmful and strongly do not recommend to give to the kids of any age. Other parents are of the opinion that coffee in small amounts is even useful for health.

Harmful effects of coffee beverage on the immature child's body looks like this:

  1. If constant consumption is considerably delayed puberty adolescents.
  2. Are excreted from the body useful trace elements and potassium, thereby deteriorating the function of the heart.
  3. Disrupted nervous system. The person becomes overly active, but after a short time, this condition may be replaced by apathy.
  4. The product has a diuretic effect. Together with the urine are removed from the body with useful substances.
  5. There is a risk of persistent addiction to this drink.

Pediatricians are of the opinion that such damage is possible only in case of excessive and frequent consumption of coffee. Also, the negative health consequences can be in case of individual intolerance of the product or in the presence of certain chronic diseases.

It is not recommended to give coffee drink to a student in the morning on an empty stomach. This can cause serious disorders of the Central nervous system.


Consumecaffeinated drinks are not advisable in a number of diseases. It must know the parents. The main contraindications are:

  • ulcerative pathology of the digestive tract;
  • hypertension;
  • chronic liver disease and kidneys;
  • enuresis;
  • tuberculosis;
  • diseases of the eye;
  • persistent sleep disturbance.

With caution give coffee to children who have problems with the cardiovascular system or diseases of the nervous system.

What consequences can be after eating

You need to remember that even a weak coffee drink with milk can cause a number of unpleasant effects in children. The offspring may feel:

  • nausea, which can then go in vomiting;
  • palpitations and breathing;
  • headache that gives to whiskey;
  • a small increase in temperature.

All these conditions can develop quite unexpectedly for both children and adults. If after beverage consumption Chad became ill, should give him adsorbents and hard soldering with water. When the state is deteriorating with every minute not delay, need to quickly call the doctor.

To give a student a flavored drink better after brunch. But to offer a Cup of coffee in the evening is not worth the expense of this product may be insomnia.

What is the product desirable to give children

If the teenager loves coffee, then you need to choose high quality products. Well if it's grain that is ground right before brewing. Doctors do not recommend giving children these types of the product:

  • Instant coffee – even the most expensive product in a tin or glass jar not suitable for children. This coffee is not to get carried away and adults as it contains some synthetic ingredients and contains almost no useful minerals.

Instant coffee is a cheap product that is affordable to all, but do not forget that accessibility in this case is not anything good.

  • No caffeine – this product can lead to unpredictable consequences. And although producers assert the undoubted benefits of this drink, nothing but harm, he is not responsible. For regular consumption in children, there is a deterioration of the heart, allergic reactions and problems with the digestive system;
  • Instant coffee sachets and sticks is a low-grade caffeinated drink. In similar products have a lot of dyes, preservatives, flavorings and a little special toning agents. If the student frequently drinks this coffee, he starts problems with the teeth and the gastrointestinal tract.

You can often see students who are near the coffee machines. Such enthusiasm can explain the large number of gastritis among students, as well as universal problems with tooth enamel in children.

To avoid health problems in adolescents, in the future, you need to hold a conversation with him about the inadmissibility of drinking instant coffee from machines.

How to make coffee for children

To minimize harmful effects on the health of children, should adhere to certain rules when making coffee.

  1. To drink that is prepared for the child, better to take a weak or medium roasted beans. To take a well roasted beans is not necessary, as they have a pronounced rancid taste.
  2. For children not brewed beverage of green coffee beans as they have a more pronounced effect on the nervous system;
  3. Children only serves freshly brewed drink, which is pre-diluted in half with milk to reduce the negative impact on the stomach.
  4. To brew coffee to take high-quality drinking water. After boiling it is removed from the heat and kept under cover for a few minutes.

Giving first time coffee drink, need to closely observe the child. If you're having tremors, disturbed breathing or changed color of the skin of the child, then this may indicate a hypersensitive or of certain diseases of internal organs.

How can I replace coffee drink

If a young child loves coffee and is constantly asking to cook it, you can try to replace this product for more healthy drinks. In stores you can always find or soluble chicory drink made from roasted barley. To taste both of these products are very similar to coffee, but they don't have on the child's body with adverse effects. As the powder of chicory and barley containing many useful substances and vitamins. Some experts recommend periodically to give the children such products to prevent vitamin C deficiency.

Barley drink is often given in kindergartens. This product allowed even young children.

It's hard to find a kid who'd never tried coffee. And if some children this flavored drink is given only on holidays and in limited quantities, other parents treat their children, these product daily. We must remember that coffee can lead to unpleasant consequences, so to give his children only seven years old. If the kid asks for a coffee drink at an earlier age, it is better to replace it with chicory or roasted barley. Interestingly, most children can't even distinguish the taste of coffeeand more healthy drinks.