Lethal dose of water for humans a day at a time

Water is essential for life and functioning of our body. It is a major component of all biochemical reactions. That you need to drink a lot of water every day, do not say today only the lazy. Dear all the media articles about health were mentioned several times the benefits of drinking plain water. But for some reason few people talking about the potential danger of uncontrolled consumption of large amounts of fluid. In this article are considered a lethal dose of water for humans a day, the main processes occurring in the body by drinking large amounts of fluid, the daily amount of water for humans and diseases in which it can be enhanced.

The role of water in human body

We all know about the benefits and necessity of water for life. But the question of what it does in the human body and what affects it, can answer not all.

Interesting fact: water makes up 86% of the total weight in the body of the newborn baby. In old age this figure drops to 50%. So our body literally shrinks with age.

Below are the main functions of water in our body:

  • Takes part in all metabolic processes and reactions, accelerating them. That is why nutritionists recommend their patients seeking to normalize weight, daily drink plenty of fluids, as in its deficit, the rate of loss of fat cells, even with a proper diet, slows.
  • Circulates blood through the vessels and helps to carry oxygen and other nutrients to all the cells and tissues. Scientists estimate that our blood is 85% water, and only the remaining 15% is blood cells.
  • Hydrates the joints and protects them from abrasion and aging. Water synovial joint fluid.
  • Moisturizes the oxygen. This is necessary to complete its perception of the alveoli.
  • Provides thermal regulation in the body. For example, by overheating of the body, the body reduces the temperature by means of sweating.
  • Helps the conclusion of toxins and dangerous chemicals. Urine and feces are composed of water.
  • Takes part in the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. This substance is responsible for the hydration of the skin its normal condition, healthy and well-groomed appearance.
  • Involved in digestion. All digestive juices are based on water.

Thirst is a protective reflex of the body. We begin to experience when the amount of fluid in our body is lowered to 500-1000 ml from the physiological norm. Thus, our body is trying to prevent the development of dehydration.

What is the daily quantity of water dangerous

Is it harmful to drink a lot of water and is it possible to die from it? Indeed, if a man bude exceeded the daily maximum allowable dosage of water, it can die.

Lethal dose of water per day for each individual person. On average it is 6-7 liters. For children this figure is 2 times lower.

When consuming such a large amount of liquid is a big burden on the whole organism, all its systems and organs. The first kidneys failure. They cease to cope with such a large volume of water cease to perform its detoxification function.

Death may occur from edema of the brain or lungs, acute renal failure.

How much should you drink a day

The daily amount of fluid for a healthy person must be calculated individually. To claim that all need a daily drink 2 liters daily, is not correct.

The amount of water necessary for human, it is easy to calculate yourself. For this you need to multiply 30 ml per weight in kilograms. So, if you weigh 60 kg, you will only need 1800 ml, a weight of 100 kg need to drink 3 liters per day. This amount of liquid you need to drink at once, and spread evenly over the whole day.

Dietitians recommend that everyone start your day with a glass of regular table water, it helps to clear the stomach of mucus accumulated in it over night and start all the processes of digestion and metabolism in the body.

Attention should be paid to the quality of water consumed. So, unrefined, rich in nitrates and chlorine liquid, hazardous and harmful. Best for daily use to use purified drinking waterpurchased in stores or special suppliers.

At the same time beloved by many "mineral water" is not suitable for permanent use. Due to the special electrolyte composition it is considered to be medicinal water, taken according to the scheme prescribed by the doctor. For example, "Borjomi" mineral water is with an alkaline composition. This "mineral water" helps in cases of poisoning, intoxication, hyperacid gastritis, diabetes.

In some cases, it is possible to increase the daily amount of fluids

Under some conditions and diseases a person needs to drink more water than usual. This is due to increased fluid loss caused by various factors.

So, to increase the daily intake of water should be in the following cases:

  • In acute infectious diseases, accompanied byintoxication and increased body temperature.
  • During alcohol intoxication or during the alcohol withdrawal syndrome.
  • For poisoning and intestinal infections, and other conditions, accompanied by diarrhea.
  • During heat and sun exposure. Together with then the body loses a lot of water.

The amount of water taken shall not exceed the maximum allowable. In diseases, poisoning, consult your doctor about drinking regime. It will help to calculate the daily rate of the fluid to the patient.

Water, when consuming it in large doses, can be a deadly poison to humans. 6-7 liters of fluid taken for one day, can cause kidney failure and lead to death. The amount of water necessary to man, calculated individually for each. It may rise slightly with the intoxication diseases and poisonings.