Beet broth: benefits and harms to the human body

Beet broth is a tool with healing properties for the body. Moreover, the very beet is also very useful, as it contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients. The vegetable is used for cooking a variety of dishes, but the best effects on the body is achieved through the use of the juice or decoction.

What is the decoction of beets and how to cook it

Beet decoction is a remedy obtained by boiling roots of beet in water. To prepare it you need:

  • Take a small beet, it is well to wash away the dirt.

To prepare the broth should not clean the vegetable from the skin as it also contains large amounts of vitamins.

  • Put the root in a pan, Bay liter of water (you should see at what level will the liquid). Then added 2 more liters of water and boil until until the liquid boils away until the marked level.
  • Pull the beets from water and grate on a grater, add back to the broth and cook for 15-20 minutes.

At the end should cool the mixture and strain it. You should get approximately 700-800 ml of broth. The frequency of doses and duration of use depends on the goals.

The beneficial properties of vegetable and possible harm from it

Before you use the tool, you should examine what the benefits and harms of beet decoction. Of course, the medicinal properties of the drug very much because of the high content of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in sugar beet:

  1. A decoction of the beet improves the metabolism in the body, positively affects the intestinal peristalsis, restores the function of the digestive system.
  2. In the roots contains a lipotropic substance that has beneficial effects on the liver and regulates fat metabolism of the body.
  3. Beetroot is a low calorie food. Therefore, even with a long reception of decoction, can not be afraid that it will affect the weight and spoil the shape. The broth is recommended for people suffering from obesity.
  4. Due to the high content of potassium, the root has diuretic and laxative effects. So many people use beet broth with the purpose of getting rid of edema.
  5. Beets are effectively used in the process of cleansing the body from accumulated in it of toxins.
  6. Due to the high iron content in the decoction, it is useful in iron deficiency and in anemia.
  7. Beet root normalizes the nervous system, so it is used with the purpose of getting rid of insomnia and to adjust the emotional state.
  8. Beet broth improves the digestibility of proteins in the body, so due to his admission reduced the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis.
  9. Reduces intracranial pressure, so the tool shows people with common hypertension.
  10. The beets used in cosmetics. It helps to get rid of cracked heels. And if you rinse your hair with beet broth, they will become beautiful and shiny.

However, beets also have some disadvantages. But if the person is completely healthy, the damage from root will not be obtained. A vegetable refers to plants hypoallergenic, meaning it causes no allergic reactions. There are the following contraindications for treatment of beet broth:

  • Diabetes. Because the beets contain a large amount of sugar, its use affects the concentration of glucose in the body.
  • Stones in the bladder. Beet broth helps to eliminate stones from the bladder. As a result, they can get stuck in the ducts, which can lead to the need for urgent surgical intervention.
  • A tendency to diarrhea. In the beet contains components possessing purgative properties. Therefore, the root may cause diarrhea. Beets if the diarrhea is undesirable, as the fecal mass becomes even more liquid, which can lead to severe dehydration.
  • Frequent heartburn. The root causes that increases the acidity of the stomach. Therefore, its use often causes an increase in the intensity of heartburn.
  • Hypotension. If a person has low blood pressure, he can't drink beet juice or broth. It even more reduces the pressure, which can lead to disastrous consequences (even death).

Even if the person is completely healthy, it is not recommended to start cleaning the body beet broth without prior consultation with the doctor. It will help to calculate the correct dosage of the drug.

In the first days of treatment you can not take large doses of the decoction. The body is not prepared for him, so his reaction may be negative.

Use the decoction for the liver

A decoction of beet a good effect on the liver and promotes the purification of toxins. For purification of the body should be prepared to take the tool and divide it into 4 pieces (should make about 150-200 ml). To drink it is necessary to 4 sets, with an interval of at least 4-5 hours between meals.

You can not eat all cooked medium, otherwise it may lead to intoxication. Of course, good for the liver will not, because it would have to withdraw an even larger amount of toxins.

Broth should take before meals. Preferablyto eat on this day only fruit (e.g., apples). The frequency of cleansing the liver with beets – 2 times per year. In this case, the use of the decoction is as follows:

  • It improves the immune system because the body gets plenty of vitamins and minerals. Increases its resistance to various diseases. As you know, during illness the body accumulates a large amount of toxins that the liver filters, because of which it becomes clogged. With high immunity do not.
  • The rejuvenation of the body. Under the influence of the beet broth is an increased nutrition of all cells. Due to this the skin is rejuvenated and all the internal organs, including the liver.
  • There is improvement in metabolism, due to which the intestine does not accumulate toxins, which also negatively influence the liver.

Purified liver better cope with its functions. She actively produces bile, necessary for normal digestion. In addition, the body breaks down undigested food particles, whereby the body receives the most positive components.

The benefits of beets.

Beet kvass for cleaning vessels contributes to their cleansing from cholesterol plaques. While the beet itself is very useful, and the level of its content of cholesterol is equal to 0. To prepare the acidic infusion of beet to clean vessels, you need to take 2 of root of large size, to clean them from skin and wash thoroughly. This is followed by a good grind them up and pour 3 litres of cooled boiled water.

The resulting mixture should add 1 tbsp. of honey and sour cream. The liquid is poured into a glass jar and close its neck with gauze. Insist the vehicle in a warm place to start fermentation. After a few days the kvass is poured into plastic bottles and then insist in the refrigerator for 4-5 days. Means daily drink half a Cup before meals. The course of treatment is 30 days.

The product contains 50% sodium and 5% of calcium, which contributes to the rapid dissolution of salts in the body. It has beneficial effects on blood vessels. Veins become less dense, there is less likelihood of developing varicose veins.

Thus, the beet broth is a great drug that has a positive effect on the whole body. However, prior to using such a tool you should consider all contraindications regarding its reception. Also, consultation with a doctor.