The pits of plums: benefits and harms to the human body

In late summer and early autumn ripening plum. It's tasty, juicy and fragrant fruit, which in ancient times was considered a refined delicacy. Plum jam is cooked tender, make compotes and sauces for meat. These rosy fruits to eat with pleasure adults and children. Plums come in many varieties, they differ in color, ripening and taste. The flesh of this fruit contains lots of vitamins and nutrients, but you can sometimes see recipes that use plum stones. The benefits and harms of seed plum long been controversial. To understand, is it possible to have the inside of the bones, it is necessary to examine the fetus in detail.

General characteristics of plants

Plum is a stone fruit plant, such as apricot or cherry. Plum trees can often be found in backyards, cottages and even in the courtyards of apartment buildings. There are about hundreds of varieties of this plant, each of which has its own name and characteristics. Fruit colour can vary from almost white to dark purple. The taste quality is also quite varied. Some plums are sweet and juicy, they enjoy eating even small children. But are such instances, berries which have a tart and sour taste. These plums on the fan fresh, but they make delicious preserves.

The consistency of the pulp is also different, it can be soft and juicy or hard and dry. A distinctive feature of all varieties is the presence in the pulp of a large amount of glucose, sucrose and fructose. The energy value of plum are only 49 calories, so the fruit can be used in dietary nutrition.

People who eat a day at least five plums, provide the organism with a daily norm of vitamin C and E.

Use plums for human health

Therapeutic cloning uses all parts of this plant – flowers, leaves, bark and ripe fruit. Applied and plum stones, or kernels that are in them. Due to the unique composition of plum normalize many processes in the human body:

  • Improve memory – this is due to the neutralization of the deformed cells.
  • Improves patency of blood vessels and their walls are gently cleaned of plaque that caused by excess cholesterol in the body.
  • Help normalize blood pressure
  • Dry plums have a pronounced antipyretic effect.
  • Due to the large amount of vitamin C strengthens the immune system significantly.
  • From the body gently displays the excess fluid and regulated water-salt balance.
  • Improves vision, strengthen eye blood vessels and mucosa.
  • Improves the function of the digestive organs, increases the appetite and decreases the level of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.
  • Due to the vitamin b improves the function of the nervous system. The sleep becomes calm and strong, there is resistance to stress.
  • Helps to increase hemoglobin.
  • Plum broth has a good bactericidal effect and promotes rapid healing of wounds.

People who suffer cardiovascular diseases, it is necessary to include plums in your daily diet. Potassium contained in the fruit improves heart function and strengthens the heart muscle.

Green plums don't bring any good. If the fruit is too sour, they are left at room temperature to complete ripening.

The use of plum stones

Plum nucleoli cannot be considered a delicacy as it is very hard to break the peel and bones to get to the nut. In Eastern medicine, the use of plum stones is rather wide. On the basis of the seed prepare healing tincturesthat help with such diseases:

  • bronchitis normal and obstructive;
  • when there is persistent cough of unknown etiology;
  • for the prevention of oncological diseases.

In ancient China, the infusion of the stones of cherries and plums used to treat many ailments. Washed purulent wound was treated with high temperature and infectious diseases.

Poison in cherry pits and plum pits, which helps to deter the growth of tumors. To apply them you need with great caution and only after consultation with your doctor.

Harm pitted plums

Few people do not know that there are pits from plums, as they are poisonous. Plum nucleoli contain a large amount of amygdalin. This substance, falling into the stomach, under the action of hydrochloric acid is converted into hydrocyanic acid. This acid in large quantities causes poisoning, which is manifested by such symptoms:

  • skin becoming bright pink;
  • from the mouth of the victim an odor of almonds;
  • profusely flowing saliva, felt a sore throat;
  • suffering digestive system – there are retching and frequent urge to defecate;
  • disrupted breathing;
  • disturbed coordination of movements, there is a confusion of speech, the pupil is greatly enhanced.

If a person ate a lot of seeds from plums, there may be convulsions, which are accompanied by involuntary discharge of urine and feces. Then the man falls into a coma. If medical assistance had not been, then it all ends with the death of the victim.

Dangerousbone in compotes and jams

Some Housewives cover the compote with seeds. In this case, the preservation of the beautiful colors and absolutely transparent. To keep these banks is not recommended for more than a year, as for a longer time hydrocyanic acid passes directly into the liquid and can cause severe poisoning.

Jam is usually cooked for several visits, so prolonged heat treatment harmful substances are destroyed and become harmless to humans. In order not to risk your health and your family, it is better to spend a little time and remove seeds from fruit before canning. Better to let the compote will not be as transparent, but will remain health.

We also can't ignore the plum, which is prepared from fleshy and sweet varieties of plums. It is believed that the most useful plum is one in which there is bone. It is advisable to choose a product, before the cooking and baking stones out of the prunes gently pull.

If the country is abundantly ugly plum, you can freeze fruits or dry. In this case, the healing properties of the product are not lost, but minimizes the risk of cyanide poisoning.

Where they still use plum stones

From plum kernels get aromatic oil, used in cosmetics, along with almond. This product is characterized by strong antioxidant properties, so it is added in cosmetic products to slow down aging of the skin. Plum seed oil has a tart scent of almonds.

For the treatment of certain diseases, alternative medicine recommends to use plum kernels daily. But it's quite a controversial question and requires a discussion with your doctor.

Plums are grown in almost every garden and are used not only for culinary purposes but also for treating certain diseases and for cosmetic purposes. Special popularity was received by the plum infusion of seeds, but it is used with great caution.