Linseed oil with selenium: benefits and harms

Linseed oil with the additive selenium is a Supplement that activates metabolism and have a very positive effect on human health. This drug is not only used for treatment of various diseases, but also for the attractiveness of nails and hair. Oil is used in medical practice, cosmetology and food industry. The benefits and harms of linseed oil with selenium may be different, depending on the diagnosis of the person.


The composition of Flaxseed oil has many fatty acids and different antioxidants. These components are necessary for human body to activate the metabolism and developing the necessary cholesterol. The oil includes lots of vitamins A and E, which eliminate harmful radicals, detrimental effect on living cells.

To enhance the healing qualities of linseed oil, it is enriched with a small amount of selenium. This chemical extends the shelf life of the emulsion and helps to keep all useful substances. Selenium is often called the chemical element of youth. To the beneficial properties of this substance include the activation of metabolism, improvement of the General condition of the skin and normalization of the liver and kidneys.

In two table spoons of Flaxseed oil with selenium contains up to 30% of the required daily amount of important for human vitamins and trace elements.


Linseed oil with selenium may be prescribed in many diseases and conditions associated, anyway, with the weakening of the immune system. The main indications for the use of the drug are diseases of the:

  • Diseases of female and male genitals.
  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  • A bad thyroid.
  • Diabetes and overweight.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract.
  • Diseases neurological.
  • Cancer pathology.
  • Skin diseases.

Because of its healing action dietary Supplement can be used as immunomodulator. Almost every person can in the preventive purposes to accept the emulsion, but only if there are no contraindications.

When taking Flaxseed oil with selenium improves hair and nails. In addition, the skin becomes smooth and elastic.

Product use

Thanks to its unique composition, Flaxseed oil is very beneficial for the entire body. The product can be used for salads and soups, you can add it to pastries and cereals. Remarkably, in the process of heat treatment the properties of linseed oil does not change.

Linseed oil with selenium has many beneficial properties that make it indispensable in the treatment of many diseases. This product promotes:

  • Lowering levels of harmful cholesterol.
  • Removal of sand and stones from the kidney.
  • The decrease in blood pressure.
  • The prevention of hemorrhoids.
  • Quick healing of burns.
  • To reduce menstrual cramps.
  • Reduce the manifestations of menopause.
  • To improve the condition of hair and nails.
  • Reduction in manifestations of certain skin pathologies.
  • Reduces the risk of developing depression.

To use Flaxseed oil at any age. This product is recommended to consume and vegetarians. The composition has a lot of fatty acids which are necessary for the normal functioning of the body.

Linseed oil is recommended to use the courses for pregnant women. This product contributes to the proper development of the child.

Harm and contraindications

Leading doctors recommended to strengthen the immune system constantly eating small quantities of linseed oil, but do not forget that the product has contraindications. Before consuming such food product should consult a doctor, as excessive intake of the emulsion can lead to an exacerbation of some chronic pathologies. The main contraindications are:

  • Individual intolerance of separate components that are in the product. In some cases, the oil causes the strongest allergic reaction.
  • If diagnosed cholecystitis.
  • In hepatitis, in both acute and chronic stages.
  • At stones in the gallbladder.
  • Is strictly prohibited to consume this product concurrently with anti-depressants and drugs for diabetes.
  • Forbidden external use when polyps vulva.

In addition, the product interacts poorly with many medications, so if a person is constantly taking any medicine, the use of oil should be discuss with the doctor.

It is worth remembering that the product can disrupt blood clotting and hormonal balance in the body. There is a perception that excessive consumption of products can lead to premature birth.

It is strictly forbidden to consume Flaxseed oil with severe diarrhoea, even if it is provoked by other causes.

How to take

Dietary Supplement take teaspoon during meals, once a day. If the product is taken as a prophylactic, then the treatment should be not more than a month, in the treatment of somedisease the average course is 3 months.

If the pure product, you will not like it, then it can be added to soups, porridge, cakes and salads. Particularly relevant this technique supplements for kids, which is hard to get a drink oily tool.

People diagnosed with cancer pathology, need supplementation together with the cheese. Useful properties of dairy products in this case will skyrocket, and the calcium is better absorbed.

It is strictly forbidden to use oil for frying any foods. In this case, any benefit from supplements will not.

Application for weight loss

Dietary Supplement often recommended for weight stabilization. The oil is not able to quickly lead to the desired result, but this diet does not harm the body.

For weight loss doctors recommend to use the product cold-pressed. Necessary to take it on a tea spoon an hour before each meal. Gradually, the dose is adjusted to a tablespoon at a time. It is not necessary to forget about a balanced diet. From the diet you need to remove fried, and junk food. You should eat small portions.

Just over a month this simple diet you can easily lose up to 7 kg. Linseed oil increases the flow of fat at night. This means that the fat is not only deposited, but burned even old deposits.

Biologically active food Supplement with selenium has a beneficial effect on the entire body, but you need to remember that for a noticeable result you need to constantly take SUPPLEMENTS. Prior to using this natural product should consult a doctor.