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Pomegranate peel: useful properties, pomegranate peels treatment

Small juicy red berries are a favorite treat of children and adults. But pomegranate is not only delicious but also extremely healthy fruit. The rich composition of ripe pomegranate makes it the best assistant for the normalization of the cardiovascular system and increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood. Still a lot of merit there is this overseas fruit. But today, pay attention to the outer shell of sweet and sour berries- pomegranate peel, which is also credited with many virtues. What are the beneficial properties of pomegranate peel and how to use them correctly for medicinal purposes? This is what we will talk further.

Composition and useful properties of pomegranate peel

Pomegranate rind as the pericarp, has the same numerous list of nutrients that the berries. The peels contain tannins, mineral elements and antioxidants. Each of these substances has a positive effect on a particular organ. The area is the best way to normalize work of intestines.

The composition of pomegranate peels contain alkaloids of plant origin, known for its poisonous effect on the body. Failure to comply with strict recommendations regarding the dosage may harm the health.

Pomegranate peel – this is not a universal chamomile, and the list of its useful properties are not so numerous. But still there is something to pay attention to in order to stop throw away such a valuable folk remedy. Main therapeutic properties:

  1. Treatment of heart disease. The crust contains much more antioxidants than the pomegranate. According to these indicators, red fruit can avoid even green tea. Antioxidants are responsible for the breakdown of cholesterol compounds, reducing the risk of developing heart disease.
  2. Cleansing the body of toxins. This is a useful property of pomegranate peels again due to the action of antioxidants. With their help you can get rid of harmful substances and compounds, clogging the intestines and the liver, relieving both bodies.
  3. Inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diarrhea, intestinal disorders. A decoction of pomegranate peels has an astringent effect, can be effectively applied for the treatment of diarrhea. In this folk remedy has the ability to eliminate not only the symptom of the disorder but also its cause.
  4. Application in dentistry. Skins of pomegranate have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. Due to this property decoctions and infusions have proven their effectiveness in the complex treatment of parodontitis, gingivitis and stomatitis.
  5. Treatment of tonsillitis and pharyngitis. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, which provide the tannins, allows for the efficient use of grenades in the preparation of solutions for rinsing Goral.
  6. The treatment of cuts and burns. Pomegranate peel contains high amounts of vitamin C, known for its regenerative effects on tissues. For wound healing pomegranate peel crushed to a fine powder, and if necessary, treat them a wound is newfangled analgesics and antiseptics.
  7. Bleeding and heavy menstruation. Despite the high acidic content of the vitamin are known for their ability to thin the blood, pomegranate powder used to stop bleeding, including for the normalization of menstrual flow.

The use of pomegranate peels in the treatment of eye, ear, kidney and gynecological diseases possible, but proven effective, these tools do not have. In the complex therapy active ingredients of pomegranate have only a supporting effect, reducing the period of illness.

Doubtful and de-worming effect of pomegranate decoction. Theoretically, due to the content of plant alkaloids, the cover can exhibit anthelmintic effect. And this is confirmed by some successful cases of national treatment. But scientifically, this fact was never proven so useful feature remains in question.

The peel of pomegranate in cosmetics

Well-proven pomegranate skin in cosmetics. The crushed powder for the treatment of hair and skin successfully used even in ancient times. But today, even with the appearance of entire lines of caregivers, garnet does not cease to be popular. Powder is used for such purposes:

  1. Moisturizing skin of any type. Due to the content of ellagic acid pomegranate masks and scrubs to restore the skin's moisture balance and creates on its surface a layer that prevents moisture loss.
  2. Sunscreen effect. In the peel of the pomegranate contains a natural UV filter, protecting skin cells from harmful sun rays.
  3. Pomegranate is one of the best ways to prevent wrinkles. Anti-aging effect on the skin due to collagen synthesis and breakdown of enzyme compounds that prevent its development. To slow down the aging process in the skin it is recommended to use powder of pomegranate peels, in combination with the oil extract.
  4. Shredded peel of pomegranate is a great remedy for pimples and acne. Folk remedy recommended to use in combination with rose water.
  5. Pomegranate powder enhances the growth of hair, makes them smooth and silky. In addition, it is a proven tool forthe prevention and treatment of dandruff.

Masks and shampoos pomegranate is not recommended to use blondes and owners of light blonde hair from a mild toning effect.

How to make pomegranate powder

Before to prepare the crust, you should choose the right fruit. Grenades should be of medium size, with smooth skin the same color. The product is white and dry spots on the skin don't fit – it's too long lies, and its use will be questionable.

So, wash and dry it with a towel pomegranate, carefully use a knife to separate the berries from the rind. What to do with the berries, and then sort out and now we are interested in the outer shell.

  1. With the rind is needed to cut the white layer and put aside. We also dry, but separately, to our garnet powder less bitter and had a pleasant taste.
  2. Lay the skin on a cloth and dry in the sun for 7-10 days, stirring constantly for even drying. Be sure to cover the crusts with a gauze cloth, so they began to breed insects.
  3. Dry skin blend in any convenient way. This can be a coffee grinder, meat grinder or mortar.
  4. Store pomegranate powder in a dry and cool place, protected from sunlight. For storage use a glass container or paper bag.

White bitter pith can be dried and then used during treatment of flu and colds, adding to the tea.

Recipes of traditional medicine

There are many recipes for pomegranate peels. They can brew tea, make a tincture or just to drink, stir the powder in water. Method of using pomegranate will depend on treatment goals.

Versatile pomegranate tea

Tea made from pomegranate peels – one of the most simple recipes. This drink can be used to normalize the digestive system, strengthen immunity, and just as a preventive measure.

In the original version tea must work together to mix dried ginger, mint and loose leaf tea. It all pour boiling water and boil for a minute. Ready to drink strain, add lemon and honey to taste. But if such manipulations no time, brew the tea as usual, adding pomegranate peel and other spices to taste.

Pomegranate decoction for the treatment of digestive disorders in adults

Diarrhea is one of the most unpleasant symptoms of disorders of the digestive tract. Peel and garnet, possessing great astringent properties, help to solve the issue.

Treatment bowel pomegranate peels can be performed using the broth. To cook the dried peel of the pomegranate, pour water (half a liter) and put on a slow fire. It is desirable to use a powder, but in principle you can use any version of grinding. After boiling, immediately remove and continue to boil for 10 minutes. Ready broth should infuse for two hours, wrapped the pot in a blanket or overflow of the contents into a thermos.

To make a decoction from goiter and other disorders of the intestines need three times a day before meals. Single dose of 50-100 ml.

Treatment of diarrhea pomegranate in children

As adults, grenades for kids is widely used for the treatment of diarrhea. The main difference between the age of the recipe for cooking children's infusion, it is recommended to use a cover of fresh pomegranate. The rind is the minimum heat treatment without boiling.

Remove the crust with one quarter of the fruit, pour a glass of boiling water and leave under the lid for 40 minutes. The dosage depends on the age of the child:

  • 5 ml 3 times daily children under one year of age;
  • 5 ml 4-5 times a day age from 1 year to 7 years;
  • 10-15 ml 3 times a day for children older than 7 years.

Treatment of diseases of the oral cavity

For the preparation of anti-inflammatory pomegranate decoction is necessary 20 g of dry powder, pour a glass of water, bring to a boil, boil for 5-7 minutes and infuse for an hour. To the infusion of pomegranate peels is not cooled ahead of time, after boiling, is recommended to pour it into the thermos. Ready means strain and use to rinse up to 5 times a day. Course duration the treatment lasts up to 7 days.

De-worming recipe

If you do not trust pharmaceutical drugs, but believe in the treatment of garnet from parasites, you can try the following remedy. 50 g pomegranate powder pour two cups of water and leave for 6 hours Then bring the liquid to a boil, reduce the heat, leave to cook for a while. When the amount of liquid is reduced by half, remove from heat and let cool. Ready broth strain and drink the morning on an empty stomach, dividing the entire volume in an hour. The use of de-worming broth is recommended to be combined with the laxatives.

Contraindications to treatment pomegranate

Before brewing the pomegranate peels and to start treatment, assess the safety of this funds for your body. For children treatment valid only on the recommendation of the attending physician and in strict compliance with the dosage.

Main contraindications:

  • frequent constipation;
  • the inflammation of hemorrhoids;
  • the hepatitis b virus;
  • kidney disease;
  • allergic reactions in anamnesis.

Not to changethe dosage at your own discretion! Excessive consumption of alkaloids can cause vomiting, impaired vision and seizures.

Now you know that the pomegranate peel is not a waste, and an important "secret" of traditional medicine. Use recipes for health!