Oat oil: the benefits and harms, how to make

In the current era of synthetic cosmetic products it is important to give the body a chance to get enough healing composition of natural products. The beneficial properties of oats has long been known to mankind, and, increasingly, oat oil is used in cosmetics and for taking internally for the purpose of improvement. It is used for skin care of face and body and also promotes healthy function of the digestive system. However, each method has its contraindications: the benefits and harms of oat oil is a subject of constant debate.

Oat oil has a pleasant structure and a unique flavor. It is used not only in cosmetics but also in medicine and cooking. In addition, it is often added in the daily diet by nutritionists. Get the product by extraction of oat and bean meal.

The composition of oat oil

The rich composition of oat oils brings the body's tangible benefits. This vitamins, minerals and acids necessary for life. Main components:

  1. Valuable polyunsaturated acids omega-3. This component helps strengthen the nervous, immune and circulatory systems. The use of fatty acids in the fact that they slow down the process of skin aging in adults and help to develop the growing body.
  2. Linoleic and oleic acid. These ingredients help the blood and improve brain function. The nervous system also can not do without the income of these substances.
  3. Vitamins and minerals. Sodium, iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, copper, and vitamins b, C, D, and tocopherol, all of these substances entering the composition of the oil and are involved in many metabolic processes.

Is the number of useful components can not doubt the benefits of oat oil. However, in what cases and under what ailments it will have a positive effect?

What is taken oat oil

To use the oat oil is useful in therapeutic purposes and for prevention. The biggest benefit due to the high concentration of various nutrients contained in unrefined oil first cold pressed. It is taken internally and externally, pursuing the following objectives:

  • to improve the cardiovascular system;
  • to stimulate the flow of bile and elimination of bile stasis;
  • reduced functionality of the kidneys and liver oat oil effectively activates their work;
  • to get rid of constipation, fecal stones in the intestine and organize the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • to improve brain function, concentration and memory, the development of logic and thinking;
  • to preserve the freshness of the skin and health of hair and nails, as well as to increase visual acuity.

If every six months to take a course of reception of oat oil, its effects will not take long and will be felt already after a week of use of the funds.

Adverse reactions

Excessive use of any product, even the most useful, leading to unwanted reactions on the part of the body, and oat oil is no exception. First, after a couple days of taking this means the person will be clear if he's got individual reactions to this tool. Among the unexpected effects can be: frequent diarrhea, allergies and poisoning.

The product cannot be heated and overtempered, as such paths there is a risk of a pure carcinogen that is able not just to harm and cause severe intoxication.


Vegetable oil can cause frequent loose stools at high sensitivity of the digestive system, as they give a slight laxative effect. With such a symptom, intake of oat oil have to stop. Through time you can try again to start the course, however, if high sensitivity is better to try other ways of cleaning the body, as there is a risk not to gain nutrients, but rather to lose them and hurt yourself, undermining microflora.

Allergic reactions

Another contraindication for use is Allergy. To avoid this reaction, it is necessary to listen to opinion of doctors who are not recommended to take oat oil more than three weeks. The fact that long-term daily intake of this means the body accumulate there phytonutrients that contribute to the development of allergic reactions. As these components are in oil in large quantity, the person may experience a sharp deterioration of General condition, accompanied by dizziness, weakness, nausea and vomiting, and the appearance of a skin rash.

Harm oat oil in this case to prevent easy enough to take it properly and according to the scheme, avoiding the initiative. An important aspect is the freshness of the product.

When you purchase a sealed bottle should study carefully the dates and timing, in order not to harm yourself poor quality or expired drugs. It is best to choose high-quality products, relying on the opinions or advice of a nutritionist.

Some prefer to cook their oatmeal oil, but how to do it, to get the maximum benefit and eliminate harm?

Oat oil homemade

Of course, preparation of oat oil need special equipment, allowing to overcome the seeds. Unlikelyif anyone has this setup on the kitchen counter. However, you can do without it, cook the identical product.

  1. For cooking you will need 200 g of seeds of oats and 200 ml high-quality olive oil.
  2. Seeds are carefully ground in a mortar and placed in dark glass containers, and then poured oil.
  3. The bottle should be tightly resealed and shake well to fat as it should envelop the seeds, and leave in a dark place for two weeks of infusion.
  4. After the allotted time infusion should drain.

What is obtained by these simple manipulations, you can not call oat oil – an oil infusion of a more appropriate name. However, the oats have time to give Giroud valuable substances, so the use of the resulting product are provided.

The rules of correct reception

How to take the oil to get the benefit and not hurt yourself? Enough to drink just 20 ml per day. The dose can be divided into three doses and drink oat oil before eating, and you can drink it in the morning and evening. You can just add it to salads and other dishes, which is also very useful. If the chair is irregular, the remedy should be taken on an empty stomach, but not more than 10 ml.

Dry skin is in need of food, and then oat oil is a faithful assistant. It can be mix with cream and use the resulting tool during severe frosts. In addition, it is an excellent tool for the treatment of joint pain, it is enough to spread them to the problem area and its well wrap. If soap or dishwashing detergent is too drying or irritating the skin, can be applied onto the back side of the hands and leave to soak – in a few hours, the skin condition will be restored.

Oat oil – a storehouse of useful substances and vitamins. A sound approach to the reception of this useful tool will retain the beauty and health for years to come. But continuous daily supplementation can not only give benefits but also to harm the body.