Yogurt poisoning: symptoms, treatment, consequences

Yogurt is a tasty treat that is loved by people of all ages. This milk products are not just tasty and nutritious, it is also very useful. In this product is lactic acid bacteria, which improve digestion and restore the normal microflora of the digestive tract. But about the benefits it is possible to speak only if the product is fresh. The consumption of delay or low quality products can be a health disorder. You must know the symptoms of poisoning yoghurt, in order to provide first aid.

In some cases, possible poisoning

Poisoning yoghurt maybe in a few cases that can be identified as:

  • Expired products that were stored in the refrigerator.
  • Fresh yogurt, which has long stood at room temperature.
  • Poor quality product that was made with violation of technology.

In any of these cases can be food poisoning. In addition, you may develop more serious illness of an infectious nature, which have a negative impact on the body.

Must comply with the conditions of storage of any dairy products.

What pathogens cause poisoning

The cause of poisoning are various pathogenic microorganisms and toxic products of their vital activity. In dairy products well such bacilli multiply:

  • streptococci;
  • staphylococci;
  • Escherichia coli;
  • Shigella;
  • the rotavirus.

In addition, in yogurt multiply pathogenic moldy fungi, which can also lead to serious diseases. All these microorganisms are not only in the human digestive system, but also on the cardiovascular and nervous system. A consequence of eating expired or contaminated products are serious illness, the treatment of which takes a lot of time and effort.

What kind of yogurt can not eat

It is not recommended to eat yogurt that meets the following paragraphs:

  • With uncharacteristic smell is usually very unpleasant.
  • With heterogeneous consistency.
  • With patches of mould.
  • With swollen or deformed packaging.
  • Completed implementation period.
  • The product that long time standing in the heat.

If you drink or eat such products, the health problems will be provided 100%. So do not skimp on the yogurt spent the money and force him to eat, better jar immediately sent to the trash.

Not only yogurt industrial production can lead to poisoning. Home products may also be dangerous failure to comply with technology.

Symptoms of poisoning yoghurt

If you eat expired yogurt, the first signs of poisoning often manifest in the first hours after the consumption of the product. Occasionally, this time period extends over several days.

When injected into the stomach to poor nutrition, the body tries to get rid of such a product, which is manifested by vomiting and diarrhea. Can rise high temperature, while pathogenic microorganisms are killed, a large amount of toxic substances.

Occasionally the ailment begins with mild discomfort in the abdomen. But most often, food poisoning begins very acute symptoms. Symptoms of poisoning with poor-quality yogurt looks like this:

  • there is nausea and profuse vomiting;
  • starts disorder of the intestine, the stools watery and abundant foam;
  • feels a sharp cramping pain in the abdomen, which is slightly reduced after using the toilet;
  • temperature can increase, sometimes a mark on the thermometer comes up to 39.5. Food poisoning rarely occurs without hyperthermia;
  • symptoms of acute intoxication – headache, pain in muscles and weakness;
  • noticeable dehydration. The person feels dry mouth and constant thirst that cannot be quenched.

If the child drank expired yogurt, the situation may be more dire. In this case, against the background of increased body temperature may have convulsions, which speaks of the defeat of the Central nervous system. In underweight young children can be food poisoning a severe form in which toddlers lose consciousness or become delirious.

Younger children can be fed only yogurt infant food or products for which there is a mark "For baby food".

Diagnosis for poisoning the milk products usually install is easy enough to listen to patient's complaints and determine the clinical manifestations of the disease. In most cases the causative agent remains uncertain because few people with food poisoning running to the hospital.

If people went to the hospital, he passes a number of tests to identify the causative agent. This bacterial analysis of fecal and vomit, as well as a complete blood count.

First aid for poisoning

Priority for food poisoning is the removal of tainted product from the body. It is necessary to hold suchevents:

  1. To wash out the stomach, this drink about a liter of water, and then artificially induce vomiting.
  2. Take the sorbents in a dosage which corresponds to the age.

Worse case, when the poisoning occurs in a small child. In this case, to do a gastric lavage at home can not, the body is cleansed naturally with vomit and loose stool. The primary task of parents is falling baby the fractional portions of water or tea.

If the victim's condition worsens with each minute, you should call a doctor. In this case, the necessary hospitalization in infectious Department.

Treatment of poisoning

In the treatment of food poisoning the most important is the role of dietary nutrition. Besides this, some days you need to take the adsorbents, it is better to give preference to enterosgelyu who has almost no side effects and contraindications. It is very important to drink a lot to replenish lost fluid and useful minerals.

To take antibiotics, antimicrobial, Antidiarrhoeal and anti-emetic is possible only on the recommendation of a doctor.

In the treatment you can use traditional recipes – congee with raisins, a decoction of wild cherry or starch jelly. All these products are restorative and promote rapid recovery.

What can you make out of expired yogurt

You can use expired yogurt for preparation of different pastries, but only if its shelf life is not too long passed. Under high temperature, pathogenic microflora in the product dies and has no harmful effects on the body. Knead on yogurt dough only in the following cases:

  • If the delay is not more than a week and the product was stored in a cool place.
  • If milk products did not change color and smell.
  • If the consistency remains the same.

Yogurt, which has expired, you can bake delicious muffins, fruit cake or muffins. To eat product, which changed color and texture, not even after prolonged heat treatment. I think the article is about how you can use expired cheese, you will also be interested.