E422 - glycerol harm in food products

Glycerin is a colorless, sweet and very viscous liquid, which dissolves quickly in water. This chemical element is produced by hydrolysis of animal and vegetable fat. The glycerol is allowed to use in the food industry, this food additive has labeled Е422. Add a component in food products to give them thickness. People who are worried about their health often wonder what e422 harm and whether this harm at all.

The scope of

Highly purified glycerin has found application in many areas of production. It is used in the production of certain pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food products. Main areas of application of glycerol it is possible to allocate:

  • Dietary Supplement е422 common in the production of confectionery products. It can be soft, chocolate bars, jelly candies, marshmallows and fizzy drinks.
  • Add glycerin detergents, Soaps, shampoo, and moisturizing gel.
  • Used in the production of different medicines and even used during certain surgical procedures.
  • It is an indispensable substance in the production of paper and cardboard.
  • Add glycerin to thicken some types of glue.
  • In the production of bakery products and baking. Thanks to this food Supplement products for a long time does not get stale.
  • In the production of many alcoholic beverages. This nutritional Supplement gives the alcohol a pleasant taste and aroma.
  • Used as a laxative.
  • Glycerol is widely used in Cryobiology.

Glycerol is readily soluble other substances, due to this property, the products are smooth and lush. Very often, the glycerol can be detected in the composition of delicious cakes and pastries.

In General, glycerin is harmless, it can be dangerous only for people who suffer from serious diseases of the kidneys, heart and blood vessels. But in this case, the small amount he bears no harm.

Dietary Supplement

Food glycerin is vsokoochischennogo substance that is used in the food industry under the label Е422. With this dietary supplements are able to perform the following technological functions:

  • To retain moisture in bakery and pastry products. Supplement Е422 mixed with agar syrup, it prevents the hardening of marshmallow, marmalade and other similar products. Distilled glycerol is added and the dough for baking to give the finished product magnificent.
  • With this chemical markedly facilitated by the introduction of different ingredients in volkogonova mixture. This property is simply indispensable in the preparation of various pills.
  • Glycerin is an emulsifier and thickener in various type bars of bounty and cocoa formulations. With the addition Е422 cocoa mass more evenly fills the mold.
  • Add Е422 in different plant raw materials – tea, coffee and ginger. It is necessary for the homogeneity of the product and protect it from the bundle.
  • Glycerin treated dried fruits. In this case, a dietary Supplement used to create on the surface of production of the protective film. This film protects the product from drying out and destruction of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Glycerol can act as a filler in homemade cheese and chewing gum.

Applied food Supplement Е422 for the production of various alcoholic beverages. Distilled glycerin improves the taste and gives them a special softness.

Unscrupulous manufacturers can add purified glycerol in low-grade vodka. In this case it acquires a pleasant taste, and on cooling a slight viscosity that is inherent in elite varieties of vodka.

Harmful glycerin

Glycerin in food products is not a toxic substance, it is not carcinogenic, mutagenic and other negative effects on the human body. This Supplement is a special waste product of the body and is not dangerous for people.

In the digestive organs glycerin is formed during the breakdown of fats that come with food, and then again absorbed and converted into fat. Small quantities of glycerin are useful for human health, it has a positive impact on shell and the walls of all internal organs.

Products, which have a glycerol, can be consumed by all population groups, including young children, nursing and pregnant women and Allergy sufferers. But despite the safety of food additives Е422, to abuse such products should not be.

Purified glycerin helps to reduce the pressure, this property is especially important in diseases characterized by increased intracranial pressure.

Glycerol is used in cosmetics, it is added to various detergents. Popular glycerin soap, which according to the manufacturers should moisturize the skin. However, in some cases, the glycerol, on the contrary, leads to severe dryness of the skin.

Dietary Supplement Е422 has a pronounced laxative effect. Therefore, the abuse of food with high content of glycerin can be diarrhea.


Glycerol is a very hygroscopic substance, which is ablepulling water from any fabrics. People who suffer severe pathologies of kidney, heart and blood vessels, it is advisable not to consume products with the addition of Е422. In addition, it is worth considering that excessive consumption of glycerol can lead to dehydration.

Interesting facts

The fact that glycerol often is in food, has little surprises. This substance has no negative impact on the body, getting it in small doses.

  • Supplement Е422 is considered the safest of all supplements. This substance is included in all fat. The greatest quantity is contained in blood.
  • Once in the human body, glycerol is converted very quickly into fat.
  • The side effects from the consumption of food additives Е422 do not exist. This additive is permitted in many countries and permissible daily dose is not specified.
  • Glycerin promotes the elimination of fluids from the body, so foods with е422 need to limit the people who have kidney disease.
  • Glycerol helps the cough, but it is mixed with lemon juice and honey.

Buying glycerin in the pharmacy network, you need to pay attention to its composition. If there is iron or chloride, then this product is designed exclusively for outdoor use.

Composed of many products, you can see a dietary Supplement Е422. This additive is glycerin and is harmless in small doses. Caution should be taken to the glycerol are people who have serious kidney, blood vessels and heart.