Can I drink expired yogurt and than it is fraught

Yogurt is one of the most useful dairy products, which is prescribed in some diseases of the digestive organs, and also in the process of recovery after poisoning. Kefir is considered the most useful in the first day after manufacture, then gradually the number of good bacteria in the drink decreases, and the end of shelf life use of this product is almost there. To the question, but can I drink expired yogurt, would be the answer is no. In such products, begin to multiply pathogenic microorganisms and fungi. Information about can I eat expired cheese you can also read us.

Product use

Kefir is a naturally fermented milk product, pasteurization takes place. It contains a lot of healthy microorganisms that help improve digestion. That's why doctors often recommend to consume this products people after diseases, as well as young children. But it is worth remembering that the benefit carries only fresh dairy product.

The product is available in different fat and even fat-free. Due to this, it can be used while respecting the different diets aimed at normalization of weight.

If drink stood only a couple of hours at room temperature, it will bring more harm than good.

What happens if you drink expired products

If a person accidentally drank expired yogurt, it may be indigestion or nothing will not. Sometimes after consuming delay you are experiencing these unpleasant effects:

  • bloating;
  • diarrhea;
  • flatulence.

But these symptoms most often arise in the case of fermented milk product for a long time kept warm and in the clear. If expired yogurt for a few days, but it was stored in the refrigerator, it taste and color will not differ from the fresh product.

Widespread rumors that the longer you've been kefir drink, the more useful it becomes. It is nothing like speculation.

Can expired yogurt poisoning

If the yogurt is outstanding for more than a week, people could get food poisoning, which will bring a lot of unpleasant moments. The main symptoms of this disease are:

  • nausea and repeated vomiting;
  • loose stools, which occurs many times a day;
  • weakness;
  • the temperature usually rises to 38 degrees.

When after drinking expired yogurt drink, a deterioration of health, it is necessary as a first aid to take any adsorbents. It can be POLYSORB, enterosgel or activated carbon. A person needs to drink a lot, so toxic substances are quickly deduced from an organism.

If the victim's condition worsens with each minute, an urgent need to call the ambulance.

What you can do with the delay

To expired dairy product did not cause harm, it is possible to prepare some of the dishes that undergo heat treatment. But for this purpose it is permissible to use only yogurt that expired not more than a week, otherwise milk product it is better to pour. Milk product can be prepared:

  • pancakes;
  • vegetable and fruit pies;
  • fried and baked cakes;
  • crumpets;
  • cupcakes.

After baking or frying the dough with overdue kefir drink health risks is not. Under the influence of high temperature all pathogens are killed.

How to avoid poisoning

To avoid digestive upset after consuming dairy products, you need to observe some simple rules:

  1. Kefir can be bought only in specialized points of sales, where there are fridges.
  2. Before putting packaging of dairy drinks in the basket, you need to look at the expiration date.
  3. Small children can only give one yogurt, which is made to baby milk kitchen, or the products, which is a mark that it is intended for children.
  4. To buy dairy products, it is desirable only from reputable manufacturers.
  5. Keep an open bottle of fermented milk drinks not more than three days.

Yogurt is a useful one product for both adults and children. But the benefits of this product only if it's fresh. Drinking an expired drink can lead to indigestion or severe food poisoning yogurt, so if the fridge is accidentally turned sour delay, it is better to cook delicious pancakes.