If milk is bad for adults how much milk you can drink

Even 20 years ago no one even could not think that a debate about what milk is harmful. The Internet and media you can find a lot of arguments, speaking about both the benefits and harms of this product. And, speaking of negative health effects, many researchers focusing on adult consumers, arguing that milk they don't need. So is it harmful milk for adults, or it can be safe to drink for people of all ages? With this issue you need to understand in detail.

The overall composition

To make the picture complete, it is necessary first to consider the chemical composition of milk. In this product there are proteins, fats and carbohydrates, their number depends on the nutrition of cows, which give milk, and the manner of further processing. These factors are dependent on the contents of other component fatty and organic acids, sucrose, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals.

Milk contains potassium and calcium as well as magnesium, chlorine, sodium, phosphorus, and sulfur. There is in the product and important trace minerals – zinc, iron, copper, iodine, selenium, manganese and fluorine. The energy value of this product can vary significantly. Milk can be 40 to 70 kcal per 100 grams of product.

Now in stores is rare to find organic milk, all production is pre-processed.

What is the harm milk can carry adults

Harm of milk for adults appears if it's misused. But this applies not only to dairy products, and brand for all food products.

When people start drinking too much milk and thus mix it with other products, it is sooner or later leads to a number of different diseases. Though it is time for all to remember that this product is bad to combine with other foods, so eat it must be separate from everything. Before kids grow strong and healthy, because fed only natural milk from the cow, now in stores you can only find milk products or harmful a substitute of unknown origin.

Our ancestors used to call milk a food, not drink, and consumed it as a separate dish.

If a person loves to drink whole milk every day and use it as a drink to be taken with the medicine other products, then being overweight will not keep you waiting. A lot of people suffering from pathologies of the digestive system, and they are not even aware that can not tolerate lactose, which is abundant in cow's milk.

Almost all doctors in one voice are advised to eat more dairy products, claiming that is a constant source of calcium, which strengthens bones and teeth. But actually no data in defense of this argument does not. In contrast, in the US, a lot of people suffer from osteoporosis, and it is in the power of the more developed dairy industry, and such products regularly consume everything from small to large.

Even to one consequences of frequent consumption of milk include the following. Milk have a high glycemic index, which is slightly lower than that of white bread. After just one glass of this product, radically changing the composition of the blood. People who drink this beverage on a daily basis, the level of glucose in the blood fluctuates constantly, the weakness and visible fat.

In the course of the study, it was noted that the process of aging lovers of dairy products is accelerating.

Who are not recommended to drink a lot of milk

In a large amount of milk of any fat content can't drink for adults who have these diseases:

  • hypertension;
  • chronic diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • obesity of different degree;
  • diabetes.

Many people believe that milk brings only benefits. As arguments, give the example, that villagers always healthier and stronger city, but they consume a lot of dairy products. But do not forget that the village cows graze on natural pastures, they are not stuffed with antibiotics, food supplements and vaccinations. And the milk from the cow is unlikely to be restored or normalized, what we used to see in stores.

All this suggests that to drink the store milk only in limited quantities. But a natural product without processing and additives, you can and should drink only when it cannot be mixed with other food. Even the usual cereals with milk are an adult more harm than good.

Buying a home milk can only be proven in farms and from healthy cows. Don't forget that cows often suffer from diseases that can affect human health.

The benefits of milk

We can not say about the benefits of milk and dairy products in General. If the product is consumed properly, that is, not mixed with other foods, the use of it is quite large. Milk help to get rid of a number of diseases, it is prescribed for people in such cases:

  • In severe cough of different origin. Most often it is prescribed with Borjomi or soda, although there are recipes with honey.
  • When physical and nervous exhaustion. Milk is able to quickly restore power, that's why this productindicated in severe and hazardous conditions.
  • With vitamin deficiency. Dairy products contain a complex of vitamins and minerals, so you are able to restore the normal balance of these substances in the body.
  • When dysbiosis prescribe fermented milk products, as there are bifidobacteria.

In addition, dairy products are shown in bad blood, particularly with a lack of hemoglobin.

The milk is used for cosmetic purposes. It is prepared masks, creams and nutritional compositions for the hair.

Can I drink sour milk

Some people like to do yogurt. Containers with fresh milk and leave for souring at room temperature overnight. But not everyone can accurately answer the question of whether to drink so sour milk? The answer will be startling to many, drink this yogurt is not recommended. Arguments for this are several:

  1. Fermentation product can cause bacteria, so the consumption of such a product a person at risk to poisoning or serious infectious disease.
  2. Milk before souring not passed heat treatment, if it was harmful germs, people get sick.

If you want to prepare dairy products at home, it is necessary to take milk only in the checked farms from healthy cows and fermenting it with a special starter culturethat you can find in a drugstore. In the composition of such drugs is only beneficial bacteria.

Store-bought processed milk is bad sour, and often it is not sour at all, and becomes rancid. This is something to ponder.

Can I drink milk

This product is produced by evaporation of liquid milk, by which the product acquires a different form and composition. Shelf life of powdered milk a lot more than usual. The output of dry product is regulated by different Standards, that allows to obtain a powder for use in the daily diet.

When cooked in this milk is almost completely neytralizuya vitamins, but trace elements remain in almost its original volume. Powdered milk is shown in a number of diseases and conditions. It is included in the menu of a person after heavy operations, in some diseases of the stomach and intestines, as well as for normalization of sleep. Due to the high content of potassium and magnesium improved condition of the heart and walls of blood vessels.

To use powdered milk is not worth it if you are allergic to milk protein or lactose deficiency. In addition, be wary of eating such a product in violation of the functions of the gallbladder and pancreas.

In dry milk a lot of oxysterols, which have a negative impact on the blood vessels. If the dry product is consumed too frequently, can develop cancer.

Milk is definitely necessary not only for children but also for adults. However, this valuable product has brought only benefit, you must know the sense of proportion.