Than chips harmful to human health

Chips are sold everywhere, you can buy them at a roadside stall in a large supermarket or small local shop. Income from the sale of this product does not fall for many years, because it is believed to be satisfying, inexpensive and very convenient. Many people know of the benefits of such product, but few know about the harm chips and what kind of damage they are health. But know this is necessary primarily in order to preserve the health of their children and grandchildren. Children from an early age we need to explain that better to eat an Apple or a banana than an attractive bag of chips.

What made the product

Some buyers naively believe that the chips made from thin slices of natural potato and no danger to health, they are not. Indeed, after tasting thin and crispy the slices, you might think that this is a common vegetable pieces roasted in a special way. In fact, this opinion is deeply erroneous. These potato snacks sold in stores 10-15 years ago, and since then the food industry has stepped forward.

Modern chips are unhealthy and represent a unique culinary chemical substance consisting of ordinary wheat flour and modified soy product. Once in the liver, starch turns into glucose, which is gradually deposited, and causes a natural the obesity.

Many adolescents can not live without chips "lace", which are filled with variety of flavors. In this product, except soy starch contains flour modified potato, which has a negative effect on the weak body of a child.

What's the harm of the product

Regular consumption of chips leads to bad consequences. Despite the small weight of product in each bundle, crispy plates are characterized by high calorific value, which sooner or later leads to weight gain. Snacks together with soda or beer especially quickly lead to obesity.

Doctors conducted various medical studies and found that daily consumption of chips leads to such health problems:

  • often a heartburn;
  • can develop acute or chronic gastritis;
  • appear chronic disease of the gastrointestinal tract.

If the chips are used for a long period of time, the walls of blood vessels are formed plaques that prevent normal blood flow. In addition, they contain a large amount of carcinogens, which lead to the development of cancer. The overabundance of salt in the product may cause metabolic disorders in the body and addictive. Especially eating chips is dangerous for small children, pregnant women and people with excess weight.

Chips are the product that is fried in oil. But for making snacks often use low quality and unrefined fats, and even fried several portions in the same volume of oil. The chips burn well, because saturated fat, but do not forget that by eating the harmful fat is stored in the body.

What harmful substances are contained in a crispy records

The most harmful substances that are in the chips, are TRANS fatty acids. These substances are intoxicating effect on human body and cause a number of disorders:

  • Increases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease.
  • Disturbed metabolism. In women these substances accumulate in the mammary glands, and in men in the genital organs, it may cause cancer diseases of these organs.
  • With regular use a big risk to get infertility, diabetes, Alzheimer's or total blindness.
  • Steadfastly reduced immunity.

No less harmful is the and acrylamide, which is also in such products. This chemical compound causes failure of many organs and systems. Thanks to acrylamide develop such States:

  • insufficiency of the liver and kidneys;
  • disruption of the Central nervous system;
  • oncological diseases of different nature;
  • can be genetic mutation.

The harm of potato chips to children is obvious, so before you lead to the entreaties of the child and buy him a pack of crispy products, it is worth remembering two toxic substances that are in beautiful pack.

Poisoning chips

If you eat a lot of times snacks, but still not the best quality, you can get poisoned. Symptoms of poisoning chips look like this:

  • upset the digestion, which is manifested by nausea, vomiting and persistent diarrhea;
  • heaviness is felt in abdomen and bloating;
  • headache may slightly have a fever.

When severe misuse of this product can be the liver, which is manifested by yellowness of the skin and sclera.

As a first aid in case of poisoning snacks you can enjoy any adsorbent which is home. If the condition is severely disturbed, it is better to go to the hospital.

Do the benefits of chips

This product is definitely no good and can not be. Some people on the positive side can be attributed to the pleasure of eating tasty and crunchy fins. But it is unlikely that the momentary pleasure is worth a lot of health problems in the future. To reassure yourself that from a pack the other no harm is also not correct,harmful substances tend to accumulate in the body, which will manifest itself at the most inopportune moment.

What chips are very harmless

If you want to taste the chips, then do not have to run to the nearest store and buy a colorful package. The most harmless chips are homemade, which adults can easily cook with the children. To do this, cut potatoes into thin slices, dip in salted boiling water for a second to wash away the starch and spread on a cotton cloth or paper towel.

After that potato slices can be spread on a baking tray which laid with parchment paper, drizzle with a little vegetable oil and sprinkle with your favorite seasoning, then send it on for 15 minutes in the oven. To get a more similar equivalent slices of potato fried in deep fat and then sprinkled with spices.

When cooking homemade chips I use only organic potatoes and fresh vegetable oil, so the harm from this dish are almost there, it can be safely try.

While some people argue what are the chips – treat or poison, others clearly understand the danger of this product and not buy it. How would the producers may advertise their products and neither argued that it is delicious and healthy, you need to remember that this is just a publicity stunt and the use of chips is definitely not.