Lethal dose of sugar in the blood for a person

Any substance that can cause intoxication and even death. And it doesn't have to be drugs, toxic substances or poisonous plants. Severe poisoning with fatal outcome may be due to excessive consumption of conventional foods – sugar, salt, water, sausage or coffee. Lethal dose of sugar for humans is about 2 pounds, but with fewer sweet ingredient can begin the irreversible processes in the human body. The risks posed by sugar and how much of it is possible without consequences to use in the day, we need to fix this.

What's the harm of sugar

Not all people know that harmful sugar. This product will not harm health, if consumed in moderation and without fanaticism. Poisoning sugar in the medical practice is quite rare, and poisoning is often not a pure substance but a range of carbonated drinks and confectionery. The amount of sugar in terms of pure substance in the beverage is 3-4 tablespoons in a glass of soda. This is a large volume, so the man who constantly drinks coke, Fanta or other pop, is bound to face various diseases. Overdose of sugar can lead to malfunction of some organs and systems manifested these conditions:

  • Damage to the liver cells, thereby developing jaundice.
  • A malfunction of the pancreas that can lead to acute pancreatitis or diabetes mellitus.
  • A malfunction of the Central nervous system, symptoms of which are persistent depression.
  • Damage tooth enamel and gingivitis.

Strong excess dosages of sugar in patients with different forms of diabetes can lead to retinal detachment and visual impairment and to diseases of the kidneys, heart and nervous system.

Lethal dose of sugar in the blood is 28 grams per 1 kg of body weight of a person in terms of pure substance. This means that a person weighing 70 kg needs to eat about 2 kg of pure sugar.

Sugar can also be poisonous

Regular sugar is a poison in that case, if its consumption is excessive. Poisoning can be caused not only sweet stuff but also harmful microorganisms that can perfectly reproduce in confectionery. Treat yourself to a sweet cake with an airy cream, you can face the infection.

Symptoms of poisoning by sugar of very specific, they are easy to identify:

  • noticeable increased excitability, which later gives way to aggression;
  • there is pain in the stomach;
  • may be nausea and vomiting;
  • man tormented by thirst, but the urine is impaired.

If after a heavy poisoning sweet man and still is alive, he has exhausted the pancreas, which develops over time diabetes.

The body activates all the resources to digest the shock of sweets, due to this disrupted the stomach and intestines.

Sugar and children

Many parents are not even aware that the candies that children eat in unlimited quantities, pose a serious danger to their health. If we analyze the holidays that are celebrated with lots of sweets on the table, you notice that the children after the abuse of sweets become unmanageable. This leads to the fact that children simply cannot be put to sleep or forced to do something, they have a strong hysterical.

If parents limit the consumption of sweets by a child in everyday life, then you need to limit it and public holidays. If the baby, who ate correctly overfeed sweet products, it dramatically increases the level of glucose in the blood. The result is excessive release of blood insulin and the child after 20-30 minutes, begins to experience severe hunger.

The pancreas in children is pretty weak on that with regular excess sweets quickly fails. We must remember that in recent years has increased the number of cases of diabetes in children.

During the holidays, adults and children greatly overeat, and considerable role is played by sugar-containing foods. This leads to persistent disorders of the digestive system.

It must be remembered that even sugar can cause poisoning and death if it eats too much. If the person is without measure consumes sugary foods, the result can be quite sad, even to stick anything in no time.