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How to understand that mushrooms are spoiled and cannot be eaten

How many different dishes can be cooked out of the mushrooms. It can be both everyday meals and festive. But since not all people like to go on a quiet hunt, mushroom products often purchased in the nearby store or market. Usually the choice stop at a beautiful little white mushrooms that beckon with their firmness and aroma. But not always is that only fresh products. Many careless sellers under the guise of fresh mushrooms sell a product is not fresh. How to understand that mushrooms deteriorated and no longer suitable for eating.

How to determine that mushrooms are spoiled

Mushrooms, which are grown in artificial conditions that are considered so harmless that they are allowed to eat even raw. But the main condition of eating raw mushrooms is their freshness. If the mushrooms are of questionable quality, it will not only benefit the body but can cause harm.

In a stale and old mushrooms produced toxic substances that lead to intoxication and malfunction of important organs and systems.

To determine the freshness of the mushrooms, you should pay special attention to such details:

  • Color – fresh mushrooms are white or slightly pinkish. To check for freshness you can and distinctive matte sheen. When the color of the mushrooms is dark and matte, no Shine, it indicates over ripeness or prolonged storage of the product.
  • Hat – young and newly-cut mushroom cap will be streamlined, velvety, smooth or slightly scaly. If the hat is yellow, brown or black spots, it speaks about deterioration of the product. Old mushrooms are known by a flat and large hat.
  • The film between the leg and hat – fresh and young fruit is whitish and dense. If the film is damaged, so the fungus were thwarted long time and it is desirable not to eat.
  • Plate under the bonnet – the young and the fresh mushrooms to the plate elastic and white-pinkish, the missing plate of mushrooms become dark and loose.
  • Cut the legs of spoiled mushrooms slice looks dark and dry.
  • The smell – stale mushrooms begin to exude a scent of dampness and rot.
  • The density of fruit – fresh mushrooms are always elastic and firm enough. Slippery mushrooms talking about the beginning of putrefaction.

Purchase champignon preferably in designated areas only. In stores you can always ask to provide the certificate of quality for the products, where among other things, the date of collection and delivery.

All the mushrooms, like a sponge absorbs radiation, salts of heavy metals and toxins. That is why it is so important that the mushrooms were grown in environmentally friendly conditions.

Can I eat expired mushrooms

Often in the shops and markets you can see discounted mushrooms that are already darkened. The sellers invite buyers to buy at a discounted price this product, saying that after the heat treatment such mushrooms will be indistinguishable from fresh produce. So is it possible to have expired mushrooms? The answer will be unambiguous, to eat such products, as you can get poisoning.

In-store mushrooms are often exceeding the content of chitin, phosphorus and different acids. The longer the product is stored, the more toxic you become all of these substances.

How to determine that mushrooms are spoiled in the fridge

Mushrooms can deteriorate with prolonged storage in the refrigerator. But here it is necessary to know exactly what signs indicate that a product needs to be sent to the trash. So, even after brief storage in the refrigerator mushrooms can slightly darken from the drop in temperature, but this does not mean that they should be thrown out.

Spoiled in the refrigerator, the product can be identified by a number of factors:

  • Mushrooms are unpleasantly slippery.
  • There is a distinct smell of rot or dampness.
  • On the surface of the cap appeared black spots.
  • The plate under the bonnet has lost elasticity and blackened.

To prepare slippery and blackened mushrooms is not recommended. In the old mushrooms in a large number of contain toxic substances, which even when heat treatment is not going away. After eating such products may be indigestion.

Mushrooms love both adults and children. But it is worth considering that this product belongs to the food, so in the child's diet it should be in limited quantities. In order not to get poisoned by mushrooms, you should only buy fresh, and young mushrooms.