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What is the carcinogens, the effects of carcinogens in the human body

Carcinogens are certain factors that under the action of which in humans increases the likelihood of malignancy. The speed of development of pathological process depends on the health of people, the duration of the impact of organic and inorganic substances, or ionizing radiation. Carcinogens in small amount contained in foods and household products, they are part of certain pharmacological drugs. To fully protect yourself and loved ones from compounds that trigger the development of cancer, will not work. But to reduce the number of carcinogens in the environment, and minimize the consequences of contact with them is possible.

Classification of carcinogens

In the list of carcinogens includes several thousand substances of chemical and organic origin. Scientists have been unable to collect them in one classification due to the lack of a unifying characteristic. Carcinogens systematized in the following way:

  • the degree of action on the human body: clearly carcinogenic, weakly carcinogenic, carcinogenic;
  • at the risk of developing cancer: compounds that are derived at certain stages of technological processes with high, medium and low probability of formation of cancerous tumors, and substances whose carcinogenic properties questioned;
  • on the possibility of forming multiple tumors: under the action of chemical compounds the malignancy develops in a particular organ or in different parts of the human body;
  • at the time of formation of the tumor: carcinogens-premise, remotely-selective, systemic action;
  • origin: carcinogenic substances that are formed in the human body or penetrating into it from the surrounding space/

Classification of chemicals is also carried out in nature, caused by the pathological process. One type of carcinogen changes the genetic structure of the cell, others do not affect the organism at the genetic level, encourage the growth of the tumor in other ways. Compounds that affect DNA are particularly dangerous and disturbed the natural death of cells, they begin to divide uncontrollably. If this pathological process affecting healthy tissue, the person subsequently diagnosed with a benign tumor. But when dividing the defective, damaged cells, the probability of occurrence of a malignant tumor.

Types of carcinogens

Carcinogen – is not only chemical compounds which produce various industries. They are found in food, plants, produce viruses and bacteria. Prolonged exposure to hazardous substances leads to the formation of tumors not only in humans but also in animals.

The carcinogens are part of the natural substances, which when used correctly are very good for health. But it is necessary to exceed the recommended doctor dose or duration of treatment, as once creates a favorable environment for the division of cancer cells. Such compounds refers to all the famous birch tar, widely used in folk medicine.

To be familiar with the types of carcinogens, you should understand how dangerous these compounds. In the first place need to pay attention to food additives, drugs, insecticides, and accelerators of growth of plants. That is, something without which it is difficult to imagine the life of modern man.

Natural carcinogens

This term combines the factors and hazardous substances, which are always in the environment. Their appearance in no way influenced. The main cause of most diagnosed cases of skin cancer, solar radiation, or ultraviolet radiation. Doctors are not tired to warn about the dangers of tanning. In an effort to get a beautiful chocolate skin tone, women and men spend a lot of time on the beach or in the Solarium. Under the influence of sunlight in all layers of the epidermis can start the pathological process of cell division from a changed genetic structure.

From sun lovers the chance of developing cancer is higher in 5-6 times. Especially careful should be people with fair skin living in Northern latitudes.

The most dangerous for the human body joints is radon. It is an inert gas contained in the earth's crust and building materials. The risk of developing cancer is higher in people who live on the first floors of high-rise buildings. Significant radon concentrations noted by experts in the houses located in rural areas. In such buildings there is a cellar or cellar, which indicates there is no protection of inert gas. Radon is also:

  • in tap water, which comes from artesian wells located on land with high radon concentrations;
  • natural gas burned for space heating or cooking.

If the house or apartment poor sealing and lack of ventilation, the concentration of radon in the environment high. This situation is typical for the Northern latitudes, where heating season lasts most of the year.

Carcinogenic effects on the human body have:

  • the hormones produced by the glands of internalsecretion: prolactin and estrogens;
  • tyrosine, tryptophan, bile acids, which are in the form of metabolites;
  • polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons contained in the lignite and bituminous coal or formed during the burning of forests.

To biological compounds whose Carcinogenicity is still being investigated, and experts attribute some viruses. They cause the development of severe liver diseases – hepatitis B and C.

The bacterium Helicobacter pylori may not directly influence the formation of cancerous tumors. But it is able to trigger gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, erosive and chronic gastritis. Doctors attributed these diseases to the precancerous.

Human carcinogens

The emergence of this kind of dangerous substances in the environment was the result of human action. This category included the following carcinogenic factors:

  • compounds included in the fumes and exhaust gas, and contained in domestic or industrial soot;
  • polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons released by burning oil, coal, and waste;
  • products that remain after processing of wood or oil;
  • formaldehyde resin that contains a smog of big cities.

For the human body is extremely dangerous ionizing radiation. Even in small doses, this factor causes cancer in humans, radiation sickness is the cause of a radiation burn. Depending on their type rays penetrate the various layers of the epidermis and provoke changes at the cellular level. Sources of ionizing radiation can enter the body with food or by inhalation. Deadly to humans gamma rays, which can protect only a thick layer of concrete or cement.

Foods that cause cancer

Many people when shopping, carefully read labels, trying to assess the carcinogenic effect of the products. But the producers carefully hidden food additives that can cause cancer. Incomprehensible capital letters with numeric designations remain a mystery for the average buyer. So encoded compounds that increase the shelf life of food, improve its appearance and taste. The buyer, of course, realize that natural milk cannot be stored for months. But to find a replacement on the shelves of supermarkets is quite problematic – supplements has in all milk or dairy products.

A significant amount of nitrosamines included in sausage products and meat products. It is the nitrites give them a delicious pink color, provide long-term storage. These chemical compounds are the direct effects on the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract can provoke the formation of cancer.

It should be borne in mind that, despite the unproven Carcinogenicity to humans, some food additives have caused malignant tumors in animals. It is widely known and frequently used saccharin and cyclamate. When you buy should pay attention to the content of these sweeteners in the yogurt and curds.

Even healthy foods become carcinogenic if they fry in large quantity of any vegetable oil. In a crispy crunchy crust found toxic compounds:

  • acrylamide;
  • metabolites of fatty acids;
  • various aldehydes;
  • benzopyrene.

The effects of carcinogens in the human body stronger, longer was the product in oil. This applies not only to regular fried potatoes. Toxic compounds are present:

  • the pies and doughnuts;
  • in potato chips;
  • meat roasted on coal.

Some eateries flouted the regulations established by law and not change the oil before cooking the next batch of products. In such pasties and pies the concentration of carcinogens is so high that can cause serious injury.

Coffee, without which many people can not imagine their life, contains substance acrylamide. Experts could not confirm the probability of the formation of tumors by drinking coffee. But the presence in its composition of of the carcinogen acrylamide does not allow to refute this possibility. Therefore, you should limit the number of cups of coffee to 4-5 a day.

Carcinogens in food are not only as food additives, they can eventually be formed. Especially dangerous for human aflatoxin. It is produced by molds, spores of which can be found in cereals, bran, nuts and flour. Products with aflatoxin easily identified by their unusual bitter taste. Carcinogen is not destroyed during heat treatment and in high doses often causes the death of animals. In humans, aflatoxin can trigger a malignant tumor of the liver.

The most dangerous carcinogens

In the environment numerous compounds that have a negative impact on the human body. But the special danger is posed by the substances with which one is confronted in everyday life and at work. Here is a list of carcinogens:

  • Asbestos. Fibrous mineral from the groupsilicate is often used in the construction work. If the asbestos used in the construction of residential premises, the air can be the thinnest fibres. This carcinogen after penetration into the body causes formation of malignant tumors of the lung, larynx and stomach.
  • The vinyl chloride. Contains many varieties of plastic that are used in medicine. It is made from commodities. Tumors of lung and liver quite often diagnosed among workers of such enterprises.
  • Benzene. Connection for continuous contact causes the formation of leukemia.
  • Arsenic, Nickel, chromium, cadmium. Derivatives of these compounds contained in the exhaust gases. Carcinogens contribute to cancer of the prostate and bladder.

Interesting fact: if the potatoes stored in the garage, it absorbs carcinogens from the exhaust. In the medical literature describes cases diagnosis of rectal cancer due to the ingestion of pieces of newspaper as toilet paper.

How to get rid of carcinogens

Withdraw carcinogens from the body will help regular food. They will connect hazardous compounds through chemical reactions or just absorb them on its surface. Such products include:

  • cabbage, carrots, beets and fresh juices from these vegetables;
  • cereal porridge: buckwheat, oats, rice;
  • green tea, dairy products;
  • compote of dried fruits.

You should include cereals and vegetables in your daily diet. They are not only able to output the carcinogens, but are a great preventive measure against the formation of malignant tumors. To clear the gastrointestinal track from it accumulated on the mucous membrane of carcinogens with the help of absorbents and enterosorbents (activated charcoal, POLYSORB, smectite, Lactofiltrum). Course taking these pharmaceutical drugs will significantly reduce the negative impact of hazardous substances on the human body.