Coca-Cola: harmful to the human body

As soon as the summer heat, on the television returns famous is Coca-Cola. The kind of refreshing drink in the sweaty glass causes the desire to enjoy the taste of it. Of course, fans of the famous soda a lot, but they often don't care whether harmful Coca-Cola, and what the consequences might be, from its constant use.

What are the ingredients in Cola is harmful

For more than a century, as the world saw the first bottle of Coca-Cola, and despite this, nobody really knows what is the true composition of this drink. The company is keeping this information under lock and supposedly after the publication ingredients, it will no longer be considered a monopoly. Even if not to take into account the secret technology, the components of which are known to the public as indicated on the bottle, and cause decent damage to health.

  1. In the bottle of Coca-Cola contains the daily permitted dose of sugar. With a long time of making use sweetener – aspartame. This amount of sugar causes sharp insulin spike in the blood, which can lead to dysfunction of the pancreas and obesity.
  2. At the end of the XVIII century from the acids in the composition of coke was only lemon, but today the situation has changed. The manufacturer uses for the production of phosphoric acid. This component can cause the body significant damage, because in large quantities it leaches out calcium. Because of this, the kidneys form crystals of salt, which soon may turn into stones.
  3. Another quite useful ingredient is phenylalanine is an amino acid that contains the sugar substitute aspartame. It slows the production of serotonin, and this leads to depression, nervousness, and frequent mood swings.
  4. Needless to mention that the composition of coke has caffeine? Compared to the above components, it is still not that much damage. It has a stimulating effect and speeds up metabolism.

Many people think that the drink is still coke. In fact, this life-threatening poison in the composition of Coca-Cola, of course not. And how, then this name? The first 17 years of Cola in its composition was indeed cocaine.

It was originally sold in pharmacies as a pain remedy for migraines, and no one suspected that in a pleasant tasting soda is a drug. However, in 1903, the structure had to change, as this component is already considered as harmful for human health substance. At the moment, in the composition of the drink contains only the purified extract of the Coca leaf. The second part of the name comes from the Kola nut extract which is also found in sweet soda.

How does Coca-Cola on the body

Food drink sweet carbonated drinks are very harmful, according to doctors. This can lead to obstruction of the outflow of bile, diseases of the pancreas and liver. When chilled Coca-Cola enters simultaneously with food, the following occurs:

  • this amount of sugar taken into the body, the digestive tract cannot perceive and, logically, should be nausea and vomiting, but the phosphoric acid which inhibits these reactions;
  • the release of insulin in the blood from entering such a quantity of sugar with food immediately leads to the replenishment of fat reserves;
  • phosphoric acid and caffeine speeding the metabolism and quickly moves the food from the stomach into the intestine in undigested form, which starts the fermentation process.

Thus, food is not processed and the person very quickly again feel the hunger. Nutrients are absorbed in minimal dose, as the digestive process is accelerated significantly. Thirst assuaged for a while too, as the caffeine quickly removes fluid from the body, so you want to drink another bottle, and this is a direct path to obesity.

What may be ill fan of Cola

The media strongly warn against the consumption of Coca-Cola, as was discovered interesting facts when using it for other purposes.

As an experiment, drink tried to wash the rust and limescale and who would have thought, but it worked out! In addition, it was discovered that Cola is a wonderful stain remover and dishwashing detergent. After receiving this shocking information, many see it in person.

Scary to think how bad Cola is for the body, if it cleans the most stubborn stains from surfaces and clothing. If you seriously get involved in this drink, you can deal with such ailments:

  • cholecysto chronic-pancreatitis;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • rapid weight gain, which gradually leads to obesity;
  • ulcer of stomach and duodenum;
  • the increase of acidity and, as a consequence, gastritis;
  • bone fragility and destruction of the teeth;
  • depression and nervousness;
  • the risk of occurrence of cancer, are usually suffering from liver, pancreas and lungs.

Apart from the above mentioned harmful influences, Coca-Cola is credited with the development of sexual dysfunction in men and fertility in women. This is truth, because if the representative of either gender suffering from obesity, reducedfertility and sexual function is inhibited due to hormonal imbalance, which is caused by metabolic disorders.

The conclusion: Coca-Cola is not just useless – it is very harmful. Before you buy a glass, it is better to think about the consequences and prefer pure water or juice. The amount of harmful ingredients in the stake is through the roof, so if you drink it, only occasionally.