Can I eat expired cheese and what you can do with him

Many Housewives like to buy products in store, especially if on the nose the holidays. When the refrigerator is gradually starting to empty, in a secluded area detected by the bundle or the other of cheese, which has expired. And here the question arises, can I eat expired cheese or is it better to refuse such a risky step. And when talking about feeding it cheese kids even is not conducted, the adults sometimes eat a product brand without worrying that it may be poisoning.

Some disorders may cause the product expired

For anybody not a secret that in the whole dairy products well breed pathogenic microorganisms. And it does not matter at what temperature they kept the product. Of course, at room temperature cottage cheese products disappears quickly, regardless of the expiration date, but in the cold, long storage it also tends to deteriorate.

If people dared to eat expired cottage cheese, he can have such bad health:

  • rotavirus infection;
  • salmonellosis – if the product was originally of poor quality;
  • dysentery;
  • indigestion.

If you eat expired cheese, the least that can happen is uncontrollable vomiting and severe diarrhea. But it's not so little, considering the day, and sometimes several days will be lost and people will not actually come out of the toilet.

You need to consider that the cheese, which was placed in the freezer immediately after purchase, it can be considered usable even after the expiration date, since at low temperatures the growth of microbes suspended. But for security purposes before the use of such a product is preferably thermally processed.

Store in a freezer is recommended to clean the curd, which then will be used to prepare different dishes.

What to do with the delay

If the hostess found in the fridge late payment, immediately the question arises, what to do with it? Immediately is to say that a good housewife is unlikely to throw even a product, because there are many recipes for which overdue the cheese is perfect. With expired cottage cheese of different fat content, it is possible to make such tasty dishes that will appeal to both adults and children:

  • cheesecakes;
  • cupcakes;
  • cheesecake;
  • lazy varenyky;
  • dumplings with cottage cheese;
  • donuts;
  • cheesecake.

After heat treatment expired cheese it is possible to eat, but only if the shelf life has expired recently. If dairy products for about a month, then it definitely can't be eaten, even after baking or cooking.

To the maximum curd is warmed when frying pancakes, the pan sure cover.

In any case, expired cheese is not

Make some of the delay only if the product is not changed their color and sour smell. Cheese or sweet curd mass cannot be used even for cooking if:

  • the product has changed color;
  • the cheese became sticky to the touch;
  • for the curd found in places with the mold;
  • the smell ceased to be dairy and there was a light scent of mold.

With such products it is not recommended to do anything, they better send in the trash to avoid serious problems with health.

If the child is younger will eat expired cottage cheese, it can be a severe form of poisoning.

What bacteria cause poisoning

Poisoning occurs due to pathogenic microorganisms, which are in abundance in there are expired products. The severity of intoxication generally depends on the variety of germs. Most often poisoning fermented milk product cause these types of pathogens:

  • Staphylococcus aureus – this bacterium can get into the cheese at the stage of preparation. The peculiarity of this disease is muscle weakness, with normal temperature;
  • Shigella is the causative agent of dysentery. This pathogen can get into the cheese if it is cooked from low-quality raw materials. In this type of poisoning is observed flatulence, low blood pressure and severe diarrhea;
  • Salmonella gets into production, if the violation of cooking technology. This microbe does not affect the taste of the final product. The first signs of poisoning are visible a few hours after eating infected food. The symptoms were high fever and vomiting.

If cheese and curd stale in the fridge for long, they can be used for the preparation of cheese dishes. Otherwise it is better not to risk it and send milk product in the trash.