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Protection from electromagnetic radiation: shielding materials

To imagine modern life without electric appliances or gadgets can't. And because they are a source of electromagnetic radiation. Permanent residence under their influence a negative impact on health and wellbeing. The first falls under the influence of the nervous system. People have seen the irritability, chronic fatigue, reduced sleep quality, worsening memory and attention. Then there are disorders of the immune and endocrine systems, the reproductive sphere. Therefore, an important protection against electromagnetic radiation in the apartment, office, manufacturing.

How to protect yourself from radiation at home

There are certain rules that will protect the person in the radiation that comes from appliances and office equipment.

General rules when operating equipment:

  1. The observance of safe distance from the radiation source. The greater the intensity is, the farther must be the emitter. A distance safe for an adult is dangerous for the baby.
  2. The maximum exposure. If a person cannot completely exclude the influence of the electromagnetic field, need at least short-term to stop its impact. Don't have to be working the microwave or the oven while cooking to move away to a safe distance.
  3. Disconnect from the network. If there is no need to work devices need to be powered off. No need to post in the socket charger, home appliances, laptop running in sleep mode.
  4. Security sleep. It is not recommended to put a mobile phone next to my pillow, to use an electric blanket throughout the night.

Shielding as protection from radiation

Protection from electromagnetic fields and radiation should be universal. A powerful wave oscillations can be transmitted through walls.

Regular intense radiation leads to adult hypertension in children to cancer (especially blood), markedly reduces the protective power of a small body.

To create a completely safe space in the apartment is impossible. But it is possible to apply such methods of protection that will minimize the impact of electromagnetic waves.

Screening is the blocking of radiation in a certain spatial area. Types of waves and their neutralization with shielding:

  • EHF (extremely high frequency) – affect memory, heart function.
  • SHF (super high frequency) to break the rhythm of the brain, cardiovascular system, effect on the psyche.
  • UHF (ultra high frequency) – provoke the development of cancer, are able to penetrate deep into the tissue and disrupt internal organs.
  • The x – rays strike the meninges, destroy cells.

An electromagnetic wave falling on the screen interacts with him. Part of the radiation is reflected from its surface, it is partially absorbed. Once inside, repeatedly reflected from the walls of the screen loses a lot of energy and eventually weakens, looses its validity.

To protect yourself at home by using shielding materials. They are practical, available for use. Using them, you can preserve the health of the whole family.

The types of shielding materials

The choice of material is determined by its purpose. He must meet the requirements that will ensure the effectiveness of the protection against electromagnetic fields in a predetermined wavelength range.

Shielding mesh

Screen grid – type of construction material for installation in walls, electrostatic screen. It is made from stainless steel, copper, brass and mounted in the screed, putty, plaster.


  • are Converter to radiation of any range;
  • light in weight;
  • ensure the smooth passage of air, light;
  • the simplicity of production.

The grid can be used as a floor covering, which protects against electromagnetic radiation. You can hide it under the linoleum, laminate, carpet. When the temperature drops does not change its properties. The shielding mesh is used to protect the Windows. For this special sew curtains. This is especially true in the summer when the Windows are constantly open. The material is safe for all ages hypoallergenic, so it can be used in the nursery.

Screens based on a scattering medium is composed of a microstructure of the scattering objects. They are used in systems of liquid crystal displays.

The shielding fabric is designed for clothing with protection against radiation, bedding, curtains. It is made of cotton (40%), polyester (30%), stainless steel (30%). The cloth can be washed on gentle cycle and ironed with a minimum heating of the iron. Do not bleach and dry.

Foil for shielding – comes in the form of a tape. It's waterproof, stable at low and high temperatures, exposure to direct sunlight. It is used to prevent danger of radiation from mobile phone and computer, printer, plasma TV, copier, transformer, electric guitar.

Conductive adhesive means for protection against magnetic radiation. Is based on resin and filled with metal particles (iron, Nickel, cobalt). Verydurable, resistant to aggressive environments, high humidity.

Protective paint is designed to protect walls, floors and ceilings. They are suitable for different surfaces – plaster, concrete, brick, stone. Applied by conventional paint rollers. Paint resistant to corrosion, regardless of the humidity and service life.

Shielding clothes, individual means of protection (hats, shirts, leggings). It protects against waves of different ranges. Clothing is of high quality, aesthetic, comfortable to wear and care for. Fabrics, which are made of products that contain metal (copper, silver).

The main methods of protection and health monitoring in the home included the containment of the radiation source, being at a safe distance, the use of reflecting and absorbing screens, the use of personal protective equipment. The screens protect the walls, openings, floors and other elements that fall under the influence of electromagnetic waves.