Harmful if warm floors for human health

From nature-loving people, so each owner tries to insulate your home. Someone is using the heater, someone warms the facade, and someone is satisfied with a warm floor. If all these methods of accumulation of heat inside the building are used together, the experience is that in winter the house will be cold, just do not have. The harm of electric heater are obvious – he dry the air in the room, but harmful if warm floor for your health? This should be addressed.

The pros of Underfloor heating

Before you start to understand what's so dangerous warm floor for the person, not to mention its advantages. Among them:

  • environmentally friendly. This type of heating has shown itself to be much better than an electric heater. The temperature of the medium is at such a level that the system does not affect the environment;
  • efficiency. This is probably the most economical heating system for our days;
  • quick warm-up room. The heater will first heat up and then dry up the air in the room, while the warm floor from the first minute you start to keep the room a comfortable temperature;
  • the heating elements are hidden from view. This allows you to implement any design idea, you do not need to install any bulky boilers and pipes;
  • durability and structural strength. With the use of quality materials and compliance with installation technology, the need for preventive maintenance will not occur for many years;
  • versatility. A heating system can be used both in residential and in office buildings.

A careful reading of the above information, it is easy to understand why floor heating is such a demand from the consumer. And yet, what is its negative impact on human health?

Fiction or real harm

The harm and benefit of a warm floor is something you should understand before installing it at home. What are the charges against the heating system are an invention, and what is really true?

This heating is attributed to the following negative characteristics:

  1. The release of toxic substances during heating of the floor covering. This assumption can be immediately refuted. Even if you lay on the floor linoleum or PVC tiles, any toxic substances into the air will not be released. To harm a man from evaporation from the surface of poor-quality materials, well you need to heat the floor. And unless someone walks in his house as on hot coals. Coolant temperature is 45C, and the floor is usually heated to 28C, and it is quite safe.
  2. The harm of electromagnetic radiation. Warm floors are not only of pipes, which cut into the heating system. The design of this heating system is of several types: heating mats, infrared thermo, electric cables. All of these options require connecting to the grid like any other home appliances that powered by electricity, such Underfloor heating emit electromagnetic waves. However, no matter what cable was used for floor construction, single-core or twisted pair, the intensity of the radiation will be negligible. However doctors do not recommend an increase in the level of electromagnetic radiation in your home. About the dangers of infrared warm floor think a lot of consumers. Actually this radiation is safe for humans.
  3. Furniture on a warm floor can not be set. But it is just quite the opposite. If you do not provide for the installation of the heating elements in zones with furniture, what to do when you want to update the room and make a permutation? Turns out that the sofas and wardrobes will move to the heated areas of the room, and you have to go on the cold floor. It is not rational. If you look at this question from the point of view that the temperature of the surface can affect the durability of the furniture, then this fear is just not worth it. Paul is not hot, and under the influence of 28C with furniture, nothing will happen.
  4. Walking on a warm floor is harmful. Why this fear should be true if the hottest days of summer all happy to go without shoes on the hot sand? Yes, and kids love to take off their shoes and run barefoot on the warm earth, because the adults themselves assert that it is useful.
  5. Warm floors dry the air in the room. Of course, if you place the heating elements too close to each other, then the room will be too hot, and there is the risk that the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose will be dry. Here remains nothing how to provide humidification of rooms, regularly using a humidifier. However, if the floor construction is thought out properly, it will not reduce the level of humidity in the apartment.
  6. Because of the warm floor in the room very dusty. The idea of this heating system is not to dilute the cold air warm and to radiate heat, i.e. it does not raise the air mass from the flooring. If a person allergic to house dust, then there remains nothing how often to clean, and there is not matter there is arranged in the house warm floors. Breathing dust is bad, however the wind picks up on the street the whole cloud of dust and a few people think about its harm.

The above accusations against the warm floor is mostly untrue. Of course, some of these issues come up, but it is always the result of improperinstallation of heating elements.

What is the negative impact of floor heating on human health

Now we should talk about more substantive issues that may arise during the operation of floor heating:

  1. Uncomfortable thermal conditions for sleep. This issue really is, as the height at which is located the sleeping place, the temperature reaches 23C. It's too hot and sleep under such conditions can not all. Somnology argue that the most comfortable temperature for sleep is 18-20C, so heating at night may need to disable, and it is economically disadvantageous. However, there is a solution: you need to set the thermostat and link it to the heating system. It is possible to easily adjust the temperature and set the most comfortable sleeping mode. In addition, the bedroom is better positioned heating elements with a large pitch.
  2. Underfloor heating is harmful to the health of people with cardiovascular diseases. It's true, because the person who suffers from varicose veins or swelling of the lower extremities is harmful to keep feet warm. In this case, again, you will need a thermostat that will allow you to choose the most appropriate mode.
  3. Most from a heating system suffering Housewives. This view has come because women, standing at a hot plate on a warm surface, you risk to make gynaecological disease and varicose veins. To avoid this outcome it is recommended to cover the floor parquet boards, and not an artificial material and, if possible, install the adjustable system.

You should pay attention to when the device warm floor:

  • the compliance process for the device of system of heating;
  • the arrangement of the heating elements with a large pitch in the bedrooms;
  • to provide the ability to set two different temperatures;
  • choose quality natural flooring such as a parquet Board, which will not crack and is safe for health.

About some incredible warm sex harm to human health, however. This modern heating system that allows to heat the room and save.