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Harmful are electronic cigarettes without nicotine on human health

Harmful are electronic cigarettes without nicotine to health? Vaping is becoming every day more and more popular. Smoking, or rather, soaring, electronic cigarettes – it is fashionable and prestigious among young people. The majority of those who smokes electronic beznikotinovye cigarettes, confident in the security of his classes. But doctors from around the world say about the danger of such habits, some of them believe that vaping is not much safer than normal cigarettes. In this article, we have tried to figure out if vaping without nicotine health can I smoke electronic cigarettes pregnant women and children.

The dangers of vaping

Electronic cigarettes have become popular only the last 6-8 years. Adherents of a healthy way of life immediately fell in love with them. To produce huge tubers of steam and not to cause the harm to the body is the dream of many.

To date in the world not registered a single case of development of any pathological process caused by Smoking electronic cigarettes based liquid beznikotinovye. But doctors attributed this fact not with the safety of vaping, and with a short period of time using it. Should go 15-20 years to appreciate the dangers of e-cigarette without nicotine. Agree that regular cigarettes do not cause diseases immediately after the first puff. Lung cancer and vascular disease often develop after 20-30 years of active Smoking.

In our time to soar e-cigarettes in all public places, where there are no prohibitions and restrictions. Vapers quietly hover in shops, cinemas, public transport, and they are not afraid of the comments of strangers.

Vaping without nicotine is unsafe for our body. Chemicals that are included in the fragrant muck for bathing, can become a cause of pulmonary diseases. Especially harmful are fake evaporators and fluid Smoking area. Their composition can be carcinogens – substances capable of causing malignant disease (carcinoma, sarcoma).

The main harm from electronic vaporizers is that they can serve as the beginning of Smoking. People previously not a smoker, can become a bather and then go quietly to myself on regular cigarettes. That is why a wipe for children and adolescents should be prohibited.

Vaping adolescents

The harm of electronic cigarettes without nicotine for teenagers is to form their habits something to smoke. Parents that allow their children to use the vaporizer liquid without nicotine often do not think that their child may begin to smoke cigarettes and cause great harm to yourself.

Now in public places, you can often find teenagers with electronic cigarettes. And they easily acquire, for such purchase do not need to reach the age of eighteen.

Vaping and pregnancy

How dangerous is electronic cigarette no nicotine pregnant? According to doctors, Smoking cigarettes or vaporizers without nicotine prohibited during the period of carrying a child.

The electronic cigarette is still not fully studied by scientists. And all possible complications and their negative impact on the fetus is unknown.

Gynecologists think that Smoking electronic cigarettes can cause premature miscarriage, and malformations of the baby. The chemicals included in the liquid to Smoking can have a teratogenic effect on the child and affect its growth and development, laying of various organs and systems.

What is included in the composition of liquids for Smoking

Liquid for vaping, not nicotine, are different from each other composition and different flavors. It is believed that what the company is producing such filling, popular and famous, the safer it liquid for Smoking.

According to official data, liquid for electronic cigarettes, not nicotine, has several components in its composition:

  • Glycerin is a substance widely used in food and cosmetic industry. In the liquid for evaporation is added to increase its density.
  • Propylene glycol – this ingredient is officially registered and permitted flavoring agent. In the liquid for electronic cigarettes it serves as a solvent other components. Propylene glycol also helps to retain moisture.
  • Conventional purified water.
  • Different flavors (perfumes). The range of liquids for steaming a variety of. In the market you can find fruit, chocolate, mint, caramel, vanilla, hazelnut filling, and many others. However, not always such fragrances safe for the human body.

Is it possible using vaping to quit Smoking

Heavy smokers after the appearance in the sale of electronic cigarettes decided to try to quit Smoking with their help. To do this, they bought a mixture containing in its composition of nicotine, and gradually reduce its concentration.

It should be noted that this method of getting rid of addiction have been effective. People was easy to leave the habit of Smoking cigarettes, their electronic counterparts are not much different. But, according to statistics, about 50%people soon returned to the pernicious habit.

Some psychologists believe that the effective and final separation from the pernicious habit a person needs only a sincere desire to do it. If it is not success should not wait. Replacing the conventional electronic cigarette, the person subconsciously is not ready yet to leave the habit of Smoking, and even getting rid of the nicotine addiction could be back in the future to cigarettes.

Vaping is considered safer and less harmful alternative to Smoking. But neither the doctor you don't begin to talk about the benefits of electronic cigarettes. If you smoke regular cigarettes, vaping is more favorable occupation for you. But don't start Smoking e cigarette Smoking, because this habit can develop into regular cigarette addiction.