Harm Teflon coating for human health

Almost every modern kitchen has cookware with Teflon coating. Make it convenient and quite economical. Food does not stick to the surface even without adding oil. Many people believe this dish is a godsend, because the taste of food cooked on it is natural. The appearance in use such utensils will significantly reduce the time needed for cooking. But is it harmless this cover and is there any harm Teflon coating?

What is Teflon

Teflon is a complex chemical compound that resembles plastic. This material is considered the most flexible and slippery, it is widespread in many areas of industrial production. This substance can be found in clothing, paper products, plastic packaging products, as well as furniture and many other items that are used daily. The special distribution received Teflon in the production of tableware.

Harmful, substances released from Teflon when heated, tend to accumulate in humans and animals.

Dignity ware

Teflon cookware has many advantages over other types of kitchen utensils, which is why it is so loved by many Housewives:

  1. Durability – this material does not react with alkalis and acids, so it is a long time, but only if not broken the coating.
  2. The possibility of cooking without butter – dishes with high-quality non-stick coating allows you to cook with virtually no added fat.
  3. Easy care – cleaning pans that have a Teflon coating, doesn't require effort. This coating is resistant to cleaning detergents and wash in the dishwasher.
  4. Versatility – cookware with Teflon coating resists pathogenic microorganisms and various enzymes. It is well withstand high and low temperatures. Plasticity gives an opportunity to use this material in conjunction with carbon fibers, coke and glass. This allows to significantly increase the strength, but it does not reduces useful qualities.

The unique qualities of the Teflon made it simply indispensable in many industries. It is used in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and also in the production of medical instruments.

How dangerous bears Teflon cookware

Many doctors are sounding the alarm over the widespread dissemination of nonstick coated cookware. Clearly, the Teflon coating is harmful to health, especially if the protective layer is defective or deformed.

The danger of the use of such cooking utensils is due to the fact that at high temperatures the chemicals that contains Teflon, collapse and form toxic compounds. These toxins go into the air and into the lungs of humans and Pets, which ultimately may lead to health troubles. Prolonged exposure to these toxic substances can cause flu-like symptoms, so this condition doctors called Teflon flu.

Manufacturers of Teflon cookware in one voice say that for the selection of toxic compounds of the pans should be heated to the limit temperature. However, independent testing has shown that Teflon pan should stand on low heat for up to 5 minutes to in the air began to depart dangerous toxins.

Well-known is the fact that toxic substances that are emitted during the heating of Teflon pans can kill pet birds, Canaries and parrots. They have the most sensitive lungs than humans.

Perfluorinated compounds, including Teflon, are gradually deposited in the human body and have harmful effects on health. These compounds are quite resistant to decomposition and excretion from the body, therefore, a single impact may cause contamination of the human body for many years. Many experts attribute the accumulation of perfluorinated compounds with an increased risk of development of oncological diseases and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Teflon-coated pan is heated to a temperature of 400 °C for only 7-8 minutes. But it is worth remembering that domestic birds may die if the Teflon reheat to 165 °C.

What diseases can cause the Teflon

The toxic substances that emit Teflon cookware when heated, penetrate into human lungs and trigger the development of many dangerous diseases. So, every day cooking in cookware with non-stick layer of risk to earn that kind of ailments:

  • overweight;
  • cancer thyroid disease;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • the deterioration of the immune system;
  • infertility;
  • cancer of the prostate and other reproductive organs;
  • leukemia.

The people that work in industries for the manufacture of Teflon products, significantly increase the organs – the liver, spleen and brain.

Acid PFOA, which emit harmful polymer, particularly affecting young children. In the experiments on animals revealed that from a pregnant woman to the fetus can move the entire harmful toxin from the body, which leads to congenitaldeformities.

How to protect yourself and your family

Not always people are aware of the dangers of Teflon and refuse to use it. And to remove from use all things with hazardous polymer is simply impossible. Because it contains not only the dishes, but on the sole of the iron, in the chips, light bulbs, medical instruments, and some clothes. To protect yourself from the harmful effects of is the power of everyone, it is important to know some features of the polymer:

  • It is not recommended to eat products which are Packed in Teflon containers. We must remember that such utensils should not warm up in the microwave, as the toxic substances quickly penetrate into the food, and then in the human body.
  • Possibly Teflon cookware changed to cast iron and enameled utensils as well as stainless steel and ceramics.
  • Buying things for the home and clothes, it is necessary to look at the composition of the products contain Teflon, they don't have to.
  • Do not buy cosmetics, which is composed of fluoro, perfluoro or PTFE. All these symbols say about the content of harmful polymer.

If man can determine the harmful Teflon or not, you should observe safety when using utensils with non-stick coating.

How to use Teflon utensils

If the owner can't part with his beloved Teflon frying pan and prefer to cook only in it, then you need to follow a set of rules to minimize harmful effects on health:

  • During cooking do not use any metal objects. Stir the dish a special wooden spatula.
  • After cooking food immediately poured into an enamel, glass or stainless steel dishes. Stay food next to the Teflon should be minimal.
  • Foods that require long cooking, is to cook in cast iron pans.
  • High-quality pans with Teflon coating is equipped with a special indicator on the bottom. Put in the pan products is the moment when the indicator changes color.
  • Possible the fire should be minimal, if food is cooked in a frying pan with non-stick coating.

If on the dishes detected the slightest defect is a crack, scratch or stone chip, it does not hesitate to throw. Deformed objects, which are composed of Teflon, is very harmful for health.

Some particularly frugal Housewives used pans with non-stick coating years, even if the surface is scratched a long time. This is done in order to save that little longer to buy a new pan. But we must not forget that the harm of such kitchen utensils is very large and of such doubtful economy will bring more spending on health. It is forbidden to cook on a damaged pot, especially if the family has children. The child's body most exposed to harmful polymer.

So whether or not to use Teflon

There is no doubt that age of advanced technology and innovative solutions have made life of people very comfortable. People use the latest developments, which is very easy daily life. But all the positive aspects of these innovations can quickly fade into the background of the terrible consequences. Loved by many Housewives Teflon cookware can lead to serious diseases, cause the death of Pets and provoke the development of malignant tumors.

Not always surrounded by only the useful and harmless items. Following common sense, it is desirable for some time to move away from Teflon cookware or use it with extreme precaution. At least some of the time, yet there is no evidence that this kitchen utensil does not pose a risk to humans.

Analogs of Teflon cookware

While some Housewives are arguing how harmful Teflon coating on the pans, others prefer to enjoy the dishes and prefer analogues. The shops provide a large assortment of kitchen utensils, so non-stick cookware can be easily replaced on the safety of which is proven by years.

Cast iron pans

It's not worth risking their health and the health of children, using the utensils of dubious quality with a polymer coating. All these functions are perfectly perform a cast-iron skillet, which not only does no harm, and even improve human health.

One can often hear the opinions of the hosts, for such dishes is very hard to take care of. But in fact, special care she needs. Enough after cooking to wash it under running water, then dry and smear a thin layer of any fat.

In a well-heated cast-iron pan the food not stick, and over time, this property is only getting better, as the fat gradually forms carbon, which serves as a natural non-stick coating.

Cast iron is a very durable material. Panels of this metal can serve for decades without any defects. Buying high-quality cookware made of cast iron saves finances because of shelf life it has, it does not require periodic replacement.

Due to the fact that the walls of the cast iron pans are thick, the heat is distributedthroughout the area more evenly. This affects the taste in a pot products. They are evenly roasted, with a nice and Golden brown. These pans are allowed to use for cooking in the oven.

When cooking in a cast iron pan products enriched with iron particles, which then enters the human body. Cast-iron frying pan can be a good prevention of anemia.

Pans with ceramic coating

Similar dishes appeared on the market relatively recently, but already won popularity among Housewives. Ceramic coating is a good alternative to Teflon. Ceramics refers to environmentally friendly materials and when heated it does not emit toxic substances. The food in these pans does not stick even with strong heating.

From cookware with ceramic coating, there is one significant disadvantage – it is short-lived. Deformation of brittle coating is faster than Teflon. Whatever the quality was not such facilities, approximately 130 cooking it will have to scrap it. Although it does not emit toxic toxins during the deformation, but to use it anymore. Food can be pieces of ceramics, which not only spoil the dish, but also can lead to health problems.

How to choose a Teflon pan

If you really really want to get just a non-stick pan, you should follow certain selection rules:

  1. No need to chase too cheap goods. Often inexpensive fakes of unknown manufacturers, where the coatings are used any materials, including epoxy.
  2. Buy a Teflon pan is better in a major shopping center. It must give a guarantee and manual.
  3. Before buying the product you need to carefully inspect for even the slightest deformation. The coating can be damaged during transportation.
  4. The high-quality dishes should be a temperature indicatoron the fakes of this items are usually not.

After buying the pan is just buy a few wooden spatulas for stirring food. And it happens that at hand is a wooden set and hostess interfere with food, metal spoon, thus deforming the coating.

A large part of the host heard about the dangers of Teflon cookware, but at the same time, to abandon it in a hurry. They are attracted by the ease of care of this kitchenware and also ease of use. Should cook in these pans or not – it must address each independently.