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In recent years among the population of the large spread of led light bulbs. Suppliers of these products assure customers that the lamp is economical, durable and Shine much brighter than incandescent bulbs. Like, it seems that such products are quite useful, since progress is taking place even at the state level. It is no secret that in many public institutions massively change the old lighting innovative fixtures. Despite the hype, some people think, and there are no translations to human health and if so, what does this mean.

Advantages of led lamps

Today led light bulb is the most economical source of illumination, which has several special advantages over incandescent and fluorescent lamps. The main advantages we can highlight these points:

  • In the lamp, there is absolutely no fragile items – glass flasks.
  • The device lit up instantly.
  • Missing thread filament, which are considered the weak link in fluorescent lighting.
  • Continuous development of the industry and ability to use these devices for many purposes, as the size of the LEDs is minimal.
  • Low power consumption allows you to operate such lamps, even from batteries.

And the main advantage is that these lighting devices do not contain in the design of harmful substances, such as fluorescent lamps. LEDs do not need to hand over for recycling, as they have no mercury, but they do not harm health is the second question.

Fluorescent lamps pose a danger to the environment, since the inside of the tubes contains mercury. After burnout, these lamps definitely pass for disposal. Led light bulbs in this regard is absolutely safe.

General characteristics of the LEDs

Led light bulbs are made from environmentally friendly materials – high quality plastic material and metal. Devices for high power used aluminium alloy. The main difference between led lighting from fluorescent lamps is that the bulbs no gas.

However, the LEDs still cannot be considered a complete lighting device, in the standard network voltage is 220 watts, while the led requires only a few volts. In addition, even with a small increase relative to the nominal value, the current flows through the device grows many times over. Due to this feature for the inclusion of such a lighting device in the standard network need to install a special driver.

Each bulb is composed of groups of LEDs which are connected in series. A special driver ensures that the voltage in the chain that the current passing through it, becomes nominal. In addition, the AC voltage is aligned and becomes permanent.

Many people all these transformations may seem strange and pointless, because the led and so is able to pass electricity in one direction. There's a logical explanation, if the led will work directly from the network, the supplied light is pulsed, with a frequency of 50 Hz.

The industry manufactures led bulbs with different heat glow. Because of this people can pick up such a light that it is most enjoyable.

Where there are ripples of light

Any appliances that operate from a standard network pulse, but each is special. Unpleasant ripple is smoothed by a bulb, as the filament in the bulb has a thermal inertia. At the same time the fluorescent lamp is not pulsing, and it affects the eyes. To get rid of it, if you power the lamp from a different phase or to shift the phase between them using a special capacitor.

Experts identify a number of lighting devices that have minimal ripple, these include:

  • fluorescent light bulbs with semiconductors;
  • a small fluorescent lamp;
  • led light bulb.

But much rejoice in the fact that the housing is twisted such lamps, it is not necessary. Tenants are not immune from harmful surges. Led light bulb is the most expensive production among all the Thrifty lighting. And here we have the laws of the market. We all know that consumers often purchase those goods, which lower the price. But the loss of manufacturers definitely will not work.

To reduce the cost of led bulbs, manufacturers reduce the electronic components in the drive circuit. Smoothes the ripple electrolytic capacitor, which filters the rectified voltage. If the driver reduces the capacity of this capacitor decreases. Some manufacturers install the drivers for the low quality, which are easily damaged. A particularly unscrupulous companies might not put the driver.

To determine that the led light no driver, the eye is impossible. This can only be done with special devices, which, by the way, is not even in all SES.

Buying bulbs, you should not strive too cheap devices. In this case, the proverb – avaricious man pays twice Verna asnever.

The harmful effect of pulsations on health

Not all people know about the dangers of led lamps for vision, and poor quality appliances really are the eyes and lead to such conditions:

  1. Severe eye fatigue.
  2. Infringement develops in the retina of the eye.
  3. Gradually decreasing visual acuity.

Although people do not notice the ripples, but the authorities are clearly responding to them and trying to convert the resulting image so that it is evenly lit and without pulsation. However, the eyes can not long withstand such loads, and after a short time people notice that vision steadfastly reduced, the eyes begin to hurt.

A particular danger of permanent surge pose to children and adolescents. This is because the organs of vision they are in the formative stages.

What medicine has to say

Negative effects of led lamps on the retina is already fully proven. The most harmful effect of blue LEDs, although other color temperature is far from them left. Sanitary norms and rules do not include the led lamp in the list of lighting equipment that is approved for use in kindergartens and schools.

But despite an unofficial ban, is not fully understood, the LEDs are already visible in many kindergartens and schools. Doctors are sounding the alarm and saying that the sight of pupils has been steadily deteriorating, but in fairness it is worth noting that this is likely the fault is not the lamp. In recent years there has been dramatic technological progress, and children of all ages spend a lot of time for computer equipment and smartphones.

How to choose a good led light bulb

How can an ordinary buyer to choose high-quality sources of lighting in your home, because the familiar incandescent bulbs we can already find in all stores. The more people watching the ads on television, are increasingly seeking to acquire such new-fangled invention, as the led bulb.

So as not to harm their health and the health of your children, you need to buy lighting equipment to take into account such recommendations of experts:

  • It is not necessary to go for the cheap bulbs of questionable quality, because the lighting fixtures are equipped with high quality drivers, by definition, can not be cheap.
  • Before buying you need to read carefully all the information on the packaging. It is advisable to buy products of famous manufacturers.
  • For homes it is best to buy bulbs that match the light temperature of 2700K – 3000K.
  • Selecting led bulbs, do not just buy a big batch, it is better to buy a few pieces and test. If in a week or two of discomfort for eyes is not, then you can stay on the products of this manufacturer.
  • Do not want to use led bulb to illuminate areas for students.

On the shelves of hardware stores you can find a lot of different lamps, but the most popular today are LEDs. These devices are economical, durable and environmental safe. But in order not to harm the health, need to buy products of trusted manufacturers.