Cell tower: the damage to human health

Mobile phones have become part of daily life of modern man. And despite the fact that many have heard about the harm that carries this type of connection, nobody hastens to refuse such communications. A bit to protect yourself and your family is possible if to reduce the use of mobile phones as the health risks of cell towers rather noticeable. This is especially reflected in the younger generation and people with chronic diseases.

The danger of radiation from towers

Absolutely all of the exogenous factors that have an effect on the human body, leading to certain consequences, and the radiation from cell towers is not the exception to the rule. Towers emit electromagnetic signals for communication between subscribers that use mobile communications. Such radiation is conventionally considered harmless to humans, but the tower of mobile communication next to an apartment building still carries the harmful effects on health.

Based on the conducted research we can say that the phone towers installed in residential areas, lead to a number of pathologies of various internal organs.

Any cell towers installed near residential houses pose a health risk, but the intensity of harmful actions are directly dependent on the signal that the tower plays.

The prevalence of the pulse for different distances depends on several factors, among which are these:

  • What load lies with the design and is there a similar transmitting towers nearby.
  • Special equipment used by the mobile operator when building the tower, as well as the equipment used to obtain the signal callers of the communication.
  • Density of about mobile phone towers. The greater the density, the harder the signal is received, therefore, with the installation of towers has the significance of not only the territory, but the buildings that are nearby.

The harm from the tower is directly proportional to the radiation of the installed antennas, and thus the intensity of its work. This physical quantity is dependent on the applied load on the source signals. If you say in simple language, the more people will use the services of the specific radiation antenna support, the more intense it will play a harmful impulses.

With heavy use of mobile towers, which is located in the vicinity of residential buildings, the health of the people living there firmly deteriorates.

Physical characteristics radiation

The negative impact of cell towers on human health has been proved, but at the same time, the debate continues around base stations for mobile communications. Builders in one voice insists that such towers are not harmful to human health, because they are built in accordance with the rules and regulations. On the basis of legislation, the impact of the towers should not exceed the maximum allowable levels. But scientists have a different opinion and advise people to be wary of radiation of this type, especially if antenna support is next to a residential building.

Mobile operators argue that the harm of communication towers to humans indirect and, therefore, appreciable damage to health causes. They attribute this to the fact that the signals emitted by the mobile tower connection, generated at the highest point of the metal and apply to a decent height from the ground. To the ground comes a fraction of the radiation, but it is almost 1000 times less than that which is at the top. But do not forget about physical laws. According to one view, the energy dissipation is directly proportional to the square of the distance. Therefore, the greater the distance to the residential facility, the greater the negative impact will be exerted on all living organisms. This is even taking into account the fact that the down comes to much less radiation than there is in the air.

The harm of mobile communication antennas, which are installed on the roofs of high-rise buildings, is also quite palpable. Although these steel structures reproduce much less radiation than a tower, but their size is also reduced proportionally. What is the distance between point where signal is generated, and a room with people decreases. Usually radiation in such areas greatly exceeds the allowable 10 µw/cm, which are considered relatively safe for human health. This radiation is added, which reproduce other devices in every home with a TV, a microwave, radio and other.

From the point of view of biology, the dangerous influence of electromagnetic radiation may be the cause of many diseases.

What diseases can cause cell towers

Mobile communication towers is undoubtedly harmful, especially if they are installed close to houses, without observing the distances of the sanitary zone. The effects depend only on how much harmful radiation have on the human body. It is worth considering that the closer people live to the source of such radiation, the more energy is absorbed by the body, which then leads to such dangerous consequences:

  • Oppressed functions of the Central nervous system. This manifests itself in persistent headaches, apathy, weakness, atypicalsleepiness and irritability.
  • Increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, which ultimately leads to heart attack or stroke.
  • Hormonal changes that causes of diseases of the urogenital area. With the constant effect of radiation from mobile communication towers men develop impotence, they lose the ability to conceive, while women have hampered the process of carrying a child.
  • The development of various chronic diseases. For example, people who suffer allergic reactions that can start asthma.
  • Infringement of functions of all organs, due to changes of homeostasis in the body.

You need to remember that the impact of cell towers on health are dependent on genetic predispositions of the person and the existence of chronic diseases. Thus, a strong and hardy people are in the zone of least risk.

Pregnant and nursing women should beware of the harmful radiation from the towers of mobile communication. The developing fetus in the womb is very susceptible both to endogenous and exogenous factors. Radiation can lead to various abnormalities in the unborn child, and in serious cases it is possible to interrupt pregnancy at early stages or fading of the fruit. In women during lactation radiation can cause changes in the composition of breast milk, which will affect the nervous and digestive systems of the baby.

How to protect yourself from the negative effects of communication towers

There are several methods that reduce the harmful effects of cell towers or neutralize it at all:

  • Certain construction materials to reduce the radiation. So, glass is able to reduce this figure by almost 3 times, and concrete 30 times. That is, the person who is inside the house, almost protected.
  • To reduce the negative effect will help and frequent cleaning of the premises. Moisture partially reduce the negative energy that has accumulated in the house.
  • It is necessary to use mobile phones, especially children and adolescents.

Every house has a mobile phone, and in some families, about a dozen of them. And although people heard about the dangers of mobile communication, to abandon her, no hurry. The danger to human health represent cell phone towers that are located close to residential houses. When choosing an apartment or private home should consider this fact.