The harm view and the radiation from the TV for a man

Television is one of the inventions of man, which is in almost every home. 50 years ago, such appliances were considered a luxury item, and can not afford to buy a TV could only people with good incomes. Now you will surprise nobody with presence in the house of such a technique, moreover, in some families, all the rooms have such a device. Harm to human health has been proved, but only few people remembers about the dangers of watching a soap Opera or the news.

The danger comes from the TV

A couple of decades ago it was thought that the danger is only the radiation from the TV. But now the technique has improved and advanced TV chip, the radiation is almost absent. But then what is the harm of TV for a person?

According to doctors, people who spend in front of TV to 2 hours a day, less subject to diseases of the heart and blood vessels, compared to those who spend watching films and broadcasts more than 4 hours daily.

Prolonged TV viewing increases the risk of hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and musculoskeletal system. If a person spends a lot of time watching your favorite shows and movies, then a year later it is possible to notice a significant decrease in vision.

Ophthalmologists argue that irreparable harm from watching TV to apply vision. It appears as follows:

  • If a person looks at the screen, his eyes focused only at one point. This eventually leads to deformation of the eye lens. This part of the optic body may lose the ability to change, due to permanent static loads.
  • The screen is constantly flickering, which also negatively affects the organs of vision. The pupil does not have time to adapt to the frequent changes of images, causing a severe strain eyes.
  • On TV each color is supplied in several different shades. Thanks to this greatly complicated the work of the organs of vision and the result is chronic strain eyes. As a result, the vision can fall sharply.

Long watching television causes disorders of the musculoskeletal apparatus. The person moves a little, due to which the muscles and joints atrophy.

TV has a huge impact on human health. Due to the long viewing impaired vision, impaired muscle tone and posture deteriorates. In the presence of comorbidities may develop low back pain. Joints become sedentary, people often notice a crackle in the legs and arms at the slightest movement.

You need to remember that as a result of long watching movies can make arthritis!


For both adults and children television is a danger in terms of weight gain. Almost all men love something to chew on while watching a movie and this is not always vegetables or fruits. Most often, your choice man stops harmful and quite high-calorie food. It can be crackers, chips, burgers and other sandwiches. In addition, often under a movie drinking tea and coffee with pastries. Given the fact that the person sits for several hours and absolutely does not waste energy is immense eating food harmful. This leads to deposition of body fat, which in the end lead to excess weight.

A sedentary lifestyle not only leads to an unattractive appearance of fat folds, but also to exacerbate different disease. If the person moves a little and walks in the fresh air, his immune system is compromised and it becomes susceptible to various diseases.

Especially harmful to eat in front of the TV late in the evening, shortly before bedtime, or at night when the stomach is resting.

Mental changes

Regular viewing of news broadcasts and movies, people become overly nervous and irritable. This is due to the fact that the news and the films are literally full with scenes of violence and various criminal showdowns. The channels are full of information both useful and not completely necessary, over time, a person has a dependence on specific gear.

The blue screen effect on the psyche of not only adults but also children. Many parents kids babies include cartoons, in the end, a soulless screen becomes not only a nanny but also a tutor. According to studies, the majority of preschool children spends in front of screens more than 4 hours a day. The most terrible is that parents are quite happy and the children are under the influence of uncontrolled information flow.

It seems such an innocuous pastime, like watching a favorite cartoon can lead to serious consequences. The child often looks too close and long time TV, which eventually leads to such consequences:

  • vision drops, eyes get tired quickly;
  • developing a nervous TIC, the kid involuntarily blinking eyes;
  • spoils posture;
  • the mind is disturbed.

During rapid growth in children is generally not desirable to spend watching cartoons and films for more than an hour a day. If the baby sits more then the skeleton can be formed incorrectly, which will lead to the development of various pathologies.

If the TV is the old model, the childcan suffer from unwanted exposure that will occur over time. Such children often suffer from respiratory disease, suffer from migraines and have problems with the endocrine system. The result of regular exposure, can become more severe pathology, such as diseases of the blood.

In recent years, computers and televisions are almost forced out of the lives of modern children noisy active games, crafts and reading books. The child prefers to watch the cartoon, instead of sitting in the narrow family circle.

The impact on young children

Many families now have modern LCD screens. But, despite the fact that radiation from LCD TV models no, they are still potentially dangerous for adults and children.

If the adult population somehow appreciates what I suggest to view the different channels, the children absorb like a sponge, all information indiscriminately. That is uncontrolled information often has an impact on the development and Outlook of the child. As a result, many children suffer from speech problems and suffer nervous disorders.

Teenagers at the movies, and gears form a certain pattern of behavior. Very often this model is far from ideal, as the screen is dominated by scenes of violence. Because of this it may be too aggressive adolescents and special cruelty.

In the room of newborn babies to put the TV is not desirable. Although these crumbs do not yet understand the meaning of what shows a blue screen, they can be sensitive to harsh sounds. And if the TV is old model, then the child will be subjected to continuous irradiation.

The mistake of many parents is that they turn on the TV at the time as a kid doing homework. This prevents the student to focus, he becomes nervous and distracted.

How to reduce the harm

To minimize the harm to health from the blue screen, you should observe some simple rules:

  • Safe distance from the TV to the eyes is considered to be about 2 meters. The larger the screen, the farther you need to sit when watching movies.
  • To watch movies and shows impossible in the dark, and too bright lighting.

It is impossible to have direct sunlight falling on the screen, and the window is better to cover with curtains.

  • You can't eat while watching TV. This leads to overfilling of the stomach.
  • Too long to watch movies. Every half hour you need to take a break and ventilate the room.
  • During the breaks you need to stretch your muscles. It's enough to do some simple gymnastic exercises.

In addition, to minimize the adverse impact by replacing your old equipment on new LCD models.

Time watching television should be minimal. Better to walk in the fresh air, or exercise.

TV – this benefit of civilization, which allows a person to always stay updated on all events. This miracle of technology and is for entertainment purposes only, thanks to this device you can view your favorite movies, educational programs and concerts. But we must not forget that for a long time to sit in front of a blue screen is not necessary, as it will lead to various health disorders.