Ozonator air: harm or benefit for human body

Of ozone air generator – a drug, which produces ozone by changing the oxygen molecule O2 to O3. A three-part oxygen called ozone due to its special flavor and freshness of the rain (ozone in Greek means "smelling"). Its properties are quite rich, and the study of this substance began with the nineteenth century. For the period of these studies became known very interesting details, hotly debated properties of the ozonator, which were used as a sanitizer premises.

Ozone in nature

All known the sweet smell of air, which is felt in front of a strong thunderstorm, when the compounds of the ozone flows strong wind partially lowered into the lower layers of the atmosphere.

In the woods by the river, near the waterfall, after the rain all I feel a pleasant freshness, the source of which is ozone. He appears in the air during lightning discharge as a source of energy, forming a reaction with oxygen. Ozone also appears under the action of the other ultraviolet rays, which react with air, e.g., under the action of the sun.

The unique properties of ozone. While in the upper atmosphere and in the stratosphere, it protects the air from excessive amounts of ultraviolet rays and cosmic radiation, harmful to human health and plant life.

Ozone has high oxidative ability and many reactions emit oxygen free radicals – this allows ozone enriched air to possess disinfecting properties. But that's why he harmful: the high oxidizing ability of this element makes ozone a highly toxic and dangerous for the body. So if a person inhales high concentrations of ozone, the first thing irritated his respiratory system. Then, long-term effects on the body, is a qualitative change of trace elements in the composition of human blood and primarily of cholesterol.

Under the influence of ozone formed insoluble forms of cholesterol that lead to atherosclerosis. Inhalation of ozone gas also leads to the fact that subjected to prolonged exposure to high concentrations of males – both human and animals lose their ability to reproduce the adverse effects of ozone on gametes. All this leads to infertility.

In the nature of dangerous doses of ozone for human health is not concentrated, the amount even on the rainy day does not exceed the permissible norm. In contrast, natural ozone enriched air with oxygen, increasing its percentage, cleans it from harmful elements. This gas is harmless and extremely beneficial to the body in its natural concentration.

But how dangerous is ozone? Because of its artificial uncontrolled extraction in Russia ozone has the first, the highest category of risk among harmful substances. According to the law, the ozone concentration must not exceed the established norm of its content in the air to 0.16 mg/m3. The human sense of smell is able to hear the ozone in very small concentrations, ranging from 0.01 mg/m3.
Having a powerful bacteriostatic, anti-fungal and protivoplesnevye effect ozone has been applied artificially, and development of drugs that produce ozone, embarked on the stream.

Artificial ozone

Open wonderful properties of ozone and its production by artificial means in the nineteenth century was directed by scientists primarily for water purification. And today the whole of Europe purifies your tap water with the help of ozone generators. Over time its scope expanded, so became known as the new areas where the ozone can benefit. So, in the First world war ozone was used in the role of antiseptics in septic wounds, various infections and even tuberculosis.

For the artificial production of ozone use ozone generators, which generate it using an electric discharge. It can be obtained from air or from pure oxygen. The extraction of ozone from oxygen is used not only in medicine but also in cosmetology.

Properties of artificial ozone will be used as the oxidizing reagent, it whitens the paper and sterilized medical tools used in the laboratory to produce a wide range of substances. Ozone purified oil is used as sanitizer, water, air, food, household items, clothing, and so on. In medicine also used the ozonization of solutions, which are then applied in medical practice as injections and externally.

The widespread use of household ozone generators is a comfortable solution in the fight in areas with fungus, mold and other microorganisms, and processing clothing and household items. In contrast to the chlorination treatment of the environment by using ozone does not produce toxins, but the dangers of ozone is such that even insignificant excess of the maximum concentration of this substance is extremely dangerous to health and may lead to premature death. Therefore, when processing rooms after viral and bacterial infections and other purposes in the use of ozone generators should carefully observe safety precautions.

If natural ozone is formed by the action of sunlight on air and oxygen in it, the artificial devices often operate on electrical discharge, which occurs ina confined space. Depending on the primary purpose of the device is medical, industrial and domestic ozonator. The purpose of each of them we consider in detail.

The application of medical ozone

The authors of ozone therapy believe that most modern diseases are formed due to the lack in the cells of oxygen, which is the cause of weakened immunity. They found a way to enrich their timely food.

In order to survive, healthy cells need oxygen in sufficient quantity that feeds them and ensures the existence. With the wrong lifestyle, when there is no or blocks the normal supply of oxygen to the tissues and cells – when the sedentary lifestyle, wrong diet, bad environment – develop anaerobic infection. Anaerobes are those bacteria and viruses that develop in conditions of lack of oxygen and can only exist in cells and tissues that are not saturated with sufficient oxygen. Thus, once in a favorable environment, bacteria begin to actively proliferate, which leads to quickly developing lesions. In cells at this time irreversible processes – they mutate and die.

According to Nobel prize winner Dr. Warburg, cancer can be associated with such a violation of cellular respiration, which is the fermentation of sugar caused by anaerobic processes.

According to some researchers, the use of ozone therapy promotes healing of wounds, even very complex – including after anaerobic infections, as well as the struggle against cancer.

Ozone therapy physiotherapy ozone using special medical devices – ozone generators. The devices are used as disinfectants. They are used topically, intravenously, intramuscularly. When injected beneath the skin or in the joints it is used in pure form, but as the gas ozone is extremely toxic, while other types of contact with blood it mixed into FireStore.

Medical ozone generators use exclusively concentrated oxygen, producing ozone for therapeutic purposes. Specific healing property of ozone is its bactericidal action that acts on the virus all herpes, hepatitis, AIDS.

But the desired effect is achieved only at very high ozone concentration, which for humans can be dangerous or even significantly hurt – oxidative capacity of this gas cause the body irreparable harm and super-strong bactericidal effect can lead to a fatal outcome. Therefore, the concentration and methods of this practice are formulated only by experienced specialists.

The use of industrial ozone generators

Being in nature is the second power after the fluorine oxidizing agent, ozone gas is used not only in medicine but also in industry.

The ability of this device to decontaminate widely used to clean the air from bacteria, keep clean equipment and facilities. This ozonator is different from the household only for its size and power. Depending on square footage and level of disinfection should be applied to particular models of ozone generators.

The ozonator is used to remove the odor and enrich the air with oxygen. It allows to decontaminate warehouses for food products and the products themselves as kills mold and bacteria. It's a good alternative to chlorine, which is poisonous and unusable in many sectors of the food industry. Besides contact wet cleaning much more laborious and expensive than the installation of an ozonator.

The use of an ozonator promotes the best preservation of food products and increase their shelf life due to the disinfecting effect and the destruction of organisms that cause decay and spoilage. Treatment with ozone in such cases gives the effect of conservation on berries, fruits, vegetables.

Another important feature of ozone is its ability to destroy odors. The result of treatment with this drug is always used as the deodorizing effect of the room with the smell of fresh air, as after a rain.

High sensitivity to ozone of various rodents enables cost-effective way to drive them out of a treated room. Having caught the smell of ozone, they quickly flee from the zone of destruction, and those that don't run, you die.

Ozone is used for the treatment of refrigerators: decontaminate and also eliminate them from odors. When processing the ozonator refrigerator for about an hour disinfection is achieved not only the main camera, but also pallets, grids, hooks and other items. This allows you to avoid frequent thawing and without wet mechanical disinfection of unsafe chlorine, which is released during application of toxic compounds. The products contained in the chambers can also be subjected to disinfection, for example, meat products will increase your shelf life after this treatment and improve their quality.

To increase the shelf life of products is also used ozonated water obtained by exposure of ozone to water with a certain power and frequency.

The use of household ozonator

In terms maloprivlekatelen, unventilated rooms where people live, and inrooms with air conditioning and heating there is a problem of oxygen deficiency. In these cases, the aid comes to an ozone generator, which is able to enrich the air with oxygen when used correctly. The ozone generators for the home are gaining popularity, especially when it comes to the problem of pandemic influenza. The fact that this device can greatly simplify the lives of ordinary people in the conditions of bad ecology and frequent viral infections.

The ozonator kills viruses and disinfects household objects, if regularly treated with ozone, then air will be clean and harmless. In addition, the room will gain a nice fresh scent. Ozonizer clean water, food, solve with it the problems of pollution of the walls of the mold. Odors from tobacco, shoes, towels, curtains and other household items contaminated by human activities, are also eliminated with the help of this magic device.

The ozonation can be anything and everything – it depends on the imagination, ingenuity and the desire to obtain useful results. Ozonated water can clean wounds so they heal faster, to enrich medical ointments, creams and other means of skin care that they have gained increased healing and regenerative properties. If you select the ozonator with the increased capacity, it is possible to achieve higher concentrations of ozone, which will help to kill bacteria and other microorganisms most quickly and thoroughly. This is most important if the house is a sick man – so prevention will eliminate the infection and accelerate the recovery, because clean air is an important medicine. Also ozone during the disinfection of the premises does not emit carcinogenic substances, which distinguishes it from other, more common methods of disinfection. Hence, ozone is transformed into oxygen molecule, carbon monoxide and other components of clean air.

Ozonation of water

When water ozonation disinfection of its composition and neutralisation of many harmful elements like oil, pesticides, herbicides, detergents, carcinogens. Heavy metals after ozonation settle to the bottom and is sufficient to drain the water without this sediment to completely get rid of unwanted components. The natural useful composition is not disturbed, but on the contrary, is enriched with oxygen. This treatment is much more effective filters that allow many molecules, and other methods of purification.

Being a strong oxidant, ozone kills all microorganisms contained in water without affecting the pH of the water and mineral content. The only thing you need to do after ozonation is to wait some time to allow ozone to break down into safe compounds. After at least half an hour, better an hour, carefully pour the ozonated water into a clean container, leaving the bottom layer of water with the sediment.

The residue also remains on the walls of the container, which was the ozonation. Eye precipitation may be subtle, but it is better not to use in food. After all the manipulations the ozonated water can be consumed in its raw form – it becomes useful for the organism. It is completely absent of organic matter, which are responsible for any water damage, so the period of storage of such water increases.

Unlike industrial ozonator household ozone generator does not generate too high ozone doses, which makes it relatively safe. However, even at concentrations up to 5% in air gas ozone can have undesirable effects and should be careful in its use.


Ozone in high concentrations is extremely dangerous for the body and harmless assistant in the fight for a healthy lifestyle turns into a killer. Can't breathe ozone at a time when the ozonator is working and should be thoroughly observe safety measures: to get out of a treated room, and ventilate it after treatment. The oxidising power of ozone, along with additional benefits, brings with it enormous harm: together with pathogenic bacteria and viruses it can destroy useful microorganisms and also cause harm to the skin and mucous.

The ingress of high concentrations of ozone into the lungs can cause serious illness. So will the ozonator to its owner harm or benefit – is wholly dependent on the method of operating a balanced and cautious approach. You need to ventilate the room after ozonation, and only then proceed to its operation.

The ozone breaks down quickly, turning into oxygen and saturating them with room. Therefore, subject to the necessary security measures harm to the body can be completely avoided. To do this, after ozonation and ventilation should be smell in the room – if the fresh scent is not strong enough and does not exceed a concentration higher than in natural conditions in the mountain forest in the morning or after a strong storm, then there is nothing to fear and you can enjoy clean and fresh air.