A device for measuring electromagnetic radiation and fields

Objects emitting negative waves, are practically everywhere around us. These malicious waves propagate from high voltage power lines, household appliances, electrical industry, all kinds of towers for television and radio. AMY is a different kind of waves such as:

  • ionizing;
  • non-ionizing.

Scientists are still debating on the subject – is there a safe radioactive radiation. The vast majority of energy such as x-rays, ultraviolet, radio waves, essentially, are not tangible, they cannot be felt or touched. In order to detect these radiations, you need a special device for measuring electromagnetic radiation. Despite the fact that touch ehmv impossible, the influence of electromagnetic waves on the human body dangerous.

What is AMY

Formed in close proximity to electrical current force fields are electromagnetic radiation. Their impact extends to all around. The force of impact of waves directly driven by their frequency and length. Be it the simplest light or gamma rays – all of this radiation electromagnetic radiation with varying degrees of harm. The most effective method for the detection of hazardous zones remains the measurement of AMY and to measure the electromagnetic radiation is recommended in a residential installation.

What is the root cause of radiation

All we remain dependent on our environment. At the parameters exceeding the permissible limits of radiation, requires the use of all necessary measures to protect the life and health of people. The main sources of pollution:

  • radio and cellular communication;
  • any source of electricity;
  • Transmission lines;
  • x-ray machines, etc.

Measure electromagnetic radiation in the apartment by yourself is not easy. To determine the true picture of the state of the environment and identify what type of wave prevails, is only possible when using high-frequency equipment. All possible advertised homemade dosimeters and detectors are not supportive, since in most cases their testimony is inaccurate. Here is required accurate measurement of electromagnetic radiation, for example, such as PZ-31.

The big danger for humans and all life in General has a cumulative electromagnetic background, not just a single wave. Until the change of DNA, later developing into the mutation, and, as a result of cancer.

Methods for detecting and measuring the AMY

Home meters, "Chinese origin" do not have accurate data. Such measurements are best left to professionals, what are the laboratory licensed and certificate. These labs have an Arsenal of expensive and high-frequency devices for measuring electromagnetic fields and radiation, which ensures a quality examination and issue of conclusions, evaluation of results.

For each individual case methods and measurement methods are selected depending on the frequency of the waves and concentration of energy flow, the intensity of the field, guided by this exceptionally Sanmina, which stipulates all the conditions to the measurements. All readings are recorded on a scale. The scale of electromagnetic radiation depends on the spectral indices. The wavelength can range from 103 meters (radio frequency) to several centimeters (x-ray). Electromagnetic radiation is measured in GHz (gigahertz), and the wavelength, respectively in Mm (megametre). For the integrated measurement of radiation is necessary to take into account two main components:

  • electric;
  • magnetic.

Examination can be carried out in residential and nonresidential premises, in a facility that uses a variety of machines and common office areas. Certified equipment will reduce the time to perform measurements, to assess the status of jobs. This is called workplace assessment.

On the basis of sanitary-epidemiological norms performance of the device should not exceed allowable standards, and reflect no more than 50-300 GHz. For exceeding this figure by law or surcharge in cash, or labor time should be reduced in proportion to increased dose of radiation.

Instruments for examination

Next, consider a measuring instrument, often used by environmental services (laboratories) during the examination.

The most popular, as well as more accurate measurement devices on a large scale are considered as PZ-31, and broadband measuring electromagnetic field strength PZ-41.

PP-31 – simer degrees of electromagnetic radiation, created with the aim of measuring RMS parameters of intensity of electric and magnetic component of EMFs (electromagnetic fields), in the order of the permanent generation, frequency, amplitude, pulse modulation, in addition to determine the concentration of the energy flow while performing the check EMF levels (electromagnetic fields) in accordance with the standards of GOST and SanPiN.

Device PZ-31 is able to provide:

  • readings averaged measurement results of current values of concentration of energy flow and intensity of EMFs within the last 6min.;
  • the selection of limit measurement results of current values of concentration of the flow of energy EMFs during the last 6 min.;
  • the preservation of the memory of the processor with the alternative of launching into a PC type PC average, the limit values of EMF intensity increment averaging 6 min., fixed for three and a half days of work (1-832 average and marginal 1-832);
  • the measurement location of the exposure;
  • sound informing the user when the limit values.

The main technical characteristics of this simetra are such indicators as:

  • frequency range in relation to the electric component of EMF (ranges from 0.03 to 300 MHz);
  • frequency range in relation to the magnetic component of EMF (ranges from 0.01 to 30 MHz);
  • for the concentration of energy flow from 300 to 40 000 MHz.

The measuring range is equal to:

  • in relation to the electric component from 2 to 600 V/m;
  • in relation to the magnetic component of from 0.5 to 16 A/m;
  • to flow concentration from 0, 265 to 100 000 µw/cm2.

I would like to highlight the main advantages of this device are: the duration of work more than 60 h. Very simple to operate, lightweight, compact.

Consider also the apparatus for measuring non-ionizing radiation PP-41. this apparatus is more suitable for measurements of radiation workplaces. It is more accurate in determining the results of non-ionizing radiation. It has wide coverage of all frequencies, whether it is long-wave or microwave radiation, in order to determine any degree AMY. Designed for inspection of workplaces for compliance with state standards for safety for humans. Allows to conduct the most accurate measurement of radioactivity or other appliance.

Fully from the effects of malicious AMY to protect a person is not able. However, it is possible to identify zones with the most malicious of zones, which allows at least partially fenced from the harmful effects. Precautions:

  • try not to place the instrument in the area, which will allow less to be under the influence of harmful waves;
  • more to be outdoors, away from all electric;
  • often taking a shower or bath that helps to reduce the static background of the body, since we also produced your energy background;
  • periodically change the entire home technique, as at the end of the guarantee period the details of any technology are beginning to allocate more of radiation.

Having attended to their health and the influence of AMY, one wonders – how to measure EMR and how to protect yourself from it. It is known that to measure electromagnetic radiation using special laboratory or independently, the choice is yours. Importantly, the results reflect the actual state of AMY.