Ozonated water: benefit or harm for human body

The popularity of the method of ozonization of water is growing every day. This is one of the most effective ways of purification and decontamination of drinking fluid. Ozone is a powerful oxidant, so this cleaning option has both positive and negative aspects of use. However, those who choose this method do not always possess the information, what benefit or harm of the ozonated water.

What is ozone

Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen. Under normal natural conditions is a blue gas that has no odor and does not represent any particular danger to human health. In large quantities it is harmful to inhale, but to clean them water the wave is advisable. It is converted to oxygen and this chemical element is gradually oxidizes the authorities: on the one hand, he gradually brings the aging, but the activity is impossible without it.

The use of ozonation

What is the use of ozonization of water? Positive qualities in this process, purification of drinking a lot of fluids, among them are the following:

  • the ozone sterilizes the water, thus completely freeing it from all the harmful germs and bacteria;
  • the decontamination process occurs in just a few seconds, so the ozonator can be installed directly on the faucet to make running water is cleansed immediately;
  • in water ozone transformirovalsya in oxygen and saturated them with mineral fluid, especially useful, it can be used in conjunction with the ionizer;
  • ozonation is not only a means of purification from harmful impurities, it eliminates unpleasant odors and off-flavors from the pipeline of life-giving water;
  • pathogenic microorganisms that are dangerous for life are also removed by this method of sterilization;
  • blue gas purifies the water from bacteria and, with it, retains all its beneficial properties and constituents trace elements, additionally enriching it with oxygen.

Contraindications to the use of the ozonated water does not exist: people of all ages can safely use water purified by this method. The benefits of decontaminated blue water gas seen for people suffering from:

  • allergies and bronchial asthma;
  • diabetes;
  • anemia or reduced hemoglobin on the verge of its manifestation;
  • chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas and gall bladder;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • the feeling of constant weakness and sleepiness.

In addition, ozonated water can be taken during the recovery period after surgery and hyperacidity. Life-giving water, sterilized in this way, not accepted medical requirements as its counterpart from the mineral springs. Nevertheless, it is believed that prolonged use of such water improves metabolic processes, saturates the tissues with oxygen and relieve the body of accumulated toxins.

Harm and disadvantages of water purification by ozone

Any process of handling vital fluids has its drawbacks. Any significant damage to speak of, but some of the nuances and safety precautions you need to know:

  1. Ozone is different short-term effect, so that the water purified in this way, long retains useful properties. It should be consumed in the first hours after sterilization ozonizer.
  2. Doctors do not recommend to use the missed through the filter the liquid immediately. Ozonated water is better to drink half an hour after the disinfection, to the blue gas is completely converted into oxygen.
  3. Room, running the ozonator must be well ventilatedbecause ozone is a dangerous gas, and prolonged contact with it possible problems with the respiratory system.

Despite the fact that by ozone water gets rid of pathogenic bacteria, phenolic compounds it is not released. In addition, if the pipeline fluid is too contaminated, it must go through several cleaning cycles – the only way it will become drinkable.

The process of ozonation at home

It is obvious that the benefits from the use of purified water is a blue gas, is much more substantial than the harm. The method of ozonation is another drawback: to organize a home sterilization will require an ozonator, but it is a costly device.

The process of ozonization of water requires special monitoring, since the carbon filters must be changed periodically, and the device can't work more than half an hour in a row. To clean ten liters of fluid from heavy metals and harmful microorganisms will need about 20 minutes of operation of the ozonator. For processing it is better to prefer glass containers – plastic and metal to use for this purpose is inappropriate. The device is equipped with multiple nozzles that allows you to clean not only water, but also household items and clothing. On the surface accumulates a lot of bacteria, so these functions are very useful.

Operation of the ozonizer is fully automated and requires no manual intervention and adjustment. If the inside comes into contact with water, the device can fail, so large volumes of water at a time to clear is not recommended.

Safety first, because, like it or not, ozone is a gas that is so poisonous, so the room where the ozonation is carried out, should be goodto clear my head.

The device should be kept away from children, and as for bathing in purified water before and after the operation of the device bathroom must be well ventilated. Infants in the ozonated fluid bathing is not recommended.

The benefits and harms of ozone treatment of water are the main factors that you should pay attention when choosing this method of purification. Among the disadvantages are the impossibility of blue eyes to cleanse fluids from phenolic impurities, the high cost of the device and danger to the health of the improper use of an ozonator. The positive qualities of ozone – the complete disinfection of water without breaking its structure, enriching the body with oxygen, speed, and ease of cleaning.

Should you choose this method of sterilization of potable liquid for ourselves, everyone decides individually. One thing is certain: ozonation is a successful alternative method of cleansing water quickly found its niche in this area.