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How dangerous x-rays for a child, the effects of x-ray irradiation

X – ray- one of methods of diagnostics, allowing to determine the pathology of internal organs or bone machine. Despite all the harm that can cause x-ray radiation immature body of a small child, do not always have the ability to opt out of radiation. And before you sign the fateful rejection of the study, you should understand how dangerous x-rays for children and how to minimize negative consequences.

What are x-rays and harmful for the child

X-rays – a stream of uncharged photons, propagating with the speed of light. These rays move in a straight line, and because of its strength in the state to enlighten any living creature. But there is this radiation and other features uncharacteristic of conventional light beam. In addition to the perceptive abilities, x-ray radiation is absorbed unevenly, and the degree of absorption will depend on the density of the object through which they pass. In our case, the tissue of the body. Best of all, it is absorbed by bone tissue, releasing the photographs of these places white spots. The lower the density the easier the x-ray beam to pass through it and the darker the area will look like in the picture.

To the exact conclusion, dangerous or not to do x-rays to children, scientists never came. The thing is that in theory the radiation dose during the studies is very small, why may not cause serious harm. But in practice x-ray can cause mutations of cells, triggering the development of genetic diseases and causing the growth of tumors. Therefore, x-rays for children are shown only in those cases where alternative diagnostic methods may not give accurate results.

The main indications for carrying out radiological examinations in children is pneumonia, acute bronchitis, joint dysplasia, trauma bone apparatus.

X-rays for children: when a radiation is especially dangerous

Fears of the possible harm that will be caused to a growing organism that causes most parents to abandon this method of research. In most cases, doctors agree with this decision, and propose to replace the radiation magnetic resonance ultrasound diagnosis or safe.

The child's body is highly sensitive to radiation, so it is difficult to speak about especially dangerous cases. Estimation of damage occurs individually for each patient. It is particularly dangerous to conduct the research in such cases:

  • Irradiation of radiation rays be the most sensitive organs including bone marrow, spleen and sex glands. Even minimal doses of radiation can trigger changes in cellular structures.
  • Repeated sessions of x-ray irradiation for a short period of time. Without good reason multiple radiographic studies are not assigned. But with extensive damage to arm a complete diagnosis and selection of treatment tactics, you may need to repeat the procedure.
  • Developmental pathology of the internal organs, their hypertrophy or underdevelopment. In this situation, it is hard to assess how it will behave in the cells of an organ under the influence of radiation, even at low radiation sensitivity.

In addition, do not forget that due to the physiological structure of the child's body internal organs are located very close to each other. This enhances the radiative forcing even with all the security measures.

X-ray: possible consequences and complications

Sometimes the account of the susceptibility of the child to radiation, the equipment used and compliance with all safety regulations cannot protect against the risks of complications. Consider the most likely consequences:

  1. Damage to the skin. Visual injury like a deep sunburn. But under the blisters disappear more substantial changes that penetrate deep into the dermis. The resulting ulcers are extremely difficult to treat, and there is a high probability that the child will need skin grafts.
  2. Irradiation in utero the baby can trigger the development of pathologies at a genetic level. The penetration of x-ray beams through the shell increase the risk of birth of babies with down syndrome, congenital diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease , and the like.
  3. The changes in the blood, provoking the development of leukemia or premature aging.

The development of a complication in the first place due to the body that was irradiated. The penetration of x-ray beams in the groin area increases the risk of infertility development. Pictures of the skull can lead to structural changes in the cerebral cortex or to disorders of the visual apparatus.

To predict the consequences for a child after x-rays impossible. But if there is sufficient evidence to abandon the research is not worth it. More often it is the failure poses a great threat to the life of the child than the possible complications.

X-ray radiation: how to reduce the risk

Follow some rules, you can significantly reduce the harm of x-ray radiation on the body. Be sure to listen tothe advice of experts:

  • Consider the testimony and do not drive the child to the Cabinet x-ray just for prevention. Annual preventive examinations are conducted in children under the age of 15, when susceptibility to radiation waves decreases.
  • Trust only a professional doctors and clinics. Modern equipment to work with minimum radiation doses. In urban hospitals, which are on balance of the state, such apparatus, unfortunately, often do not.
  • Insist on the use of protective aprons. During the study, the exposure needs to be one particular on. All other parts of the body should be hidden from the penetration of the radiation.
  • Immediately after the procedure, leave the office. Because, despite all the protection, it is a place with high radiation background.

According to numerous studies, after the number of received x-ray radiation on the equipment of the middle class equal to the level of irradiation over a week exploring the city with normal background radiation. And if we talk about the dangers of x-rays for children as a method of study, any treatment has its side effects. And this situation is no exception.