The harm of microwave ovens on human health: experts

Harmful microwave and how it affects the food – surely you have repeatedly asked this question. Did you know that food cooked in microwave ovens retains more vitamins and minerals than food cooked in conventional manner? Thus, during the laboratory research the vegetables retained about 85% of vitamin C when cooking in a microwave oven, whereas in cooked vegetables is no more than 30% of vitamin. Of course, the harm from a microwave oven is, but what is it manifested? Microwave harmful to human health – will discuss in this article.

How it all began

The harm and benefit of a microwave oven be debated scientists for decades. In order to understand how to work a microwave, let us see how and where it was invented. The microwave was invented in Germany during the Second world war. Device for quick cooking and warming was designed in order to optimize the performance of the army so that the cooking took less time as possible.

Over time, the Nazis had revealed that microwave ovens affect health is not the best way, and they had to abandon its use. In 1943, research on the device of a microwave oven fell into the hands of the Americans and the Russians. The Americans have classified the materials, and Russian scientists in several research institutions of the Urals, and in Radiotechnologies Institute in Belarus has carefully studied the strange invention. In particular, scientists have devoted their works to the influence of microwave ovens on human health.

Studies by Russian scientists ended that the Soviet Union passed a law prohibiting the use of a furnace of this kind because they represent a biohazard. Also, the Soviet Union issued an alert that was sent out to all major countries, that the device performed similar to microwave ovens way threat not only to the health of living beings but to the environment as a whole.

Scientists did not stop there and has studied several thousand people, who worked with radar installations that also emits waves. Obtained during the study, the results were so serious that the Soviet Union was special restrictions on the number of milliwatts for 1 person. The myth or reality of harm from microwaves, we'll find out a little bit further.

The principle of operation

A microwave radiates energy. So, it emits electromagnetic radiation in sverhsoldata. These emissions are composed of both millimeter and centimeter radio waves, the length of which is equal to from 1 mm to 30 cm.

Microwaves for human exposure is similar to light waves and radio waves. Microwaves move at the speed of about 300 km/sec. So, if we talk about modern technology, microwaves are used not only for microwave ovens, but also for telephony, television and radiotransparent, and for Internet via satellite.

A microwave oven consists of some hazardous elements, chief of which is the magnetron, a device that converts electricity into microwave radiation that acts on the molecules food. Thus, the microwave literally "rush" for water molecules in the food and water begins to rotate so fast due to the friction generated heats up the food itself.

Friction between water molecules and other molecules in food breaks and deforms the food inside. In scientific language this process is called structural isometry. If to speak a simple language, that a microwave oven causes changes in food at the molecular levelthat was scientifically substantiated in a variety of laboratory tests.

Why is microwave harmful

You've probably heard about the impact of mobile phone on the human brain. As well as a microwave, it works on microcastle. So, what's so dangerous the microwave and is it harmful to warm up to write in it?

The information component of microwave ovens

The information component of science called torsion field. So, the main factor due to which the scientists came to the conclusion that microwave ovens are dangerous to human health, is the torsion component of radiation. According to experts from France, Russia and Switzerland because of this component, many people have a headache, there is insomnia, a tendency to irritability.

High temperature

In addition, do not forget that the microwave emits a super high frequency. Frequent and prolonged influence of these frequencies has a detrimental effect on those organs that lack blood vessels. So, if the body heats up, blood helps to reduce heat through what carries heat around the body and cools it. In some organs, e.g., in the lens, no vessel, and heat reduces the functioning of these parts of the body. For example, the lens darkens, and this process to pay it is impossible.

Impact on food

We already mentioned the fact that the structure of the food molecules change under the influence of microwave radiation. Atoms gain or lose electrons, thereby ionized, and it completely changes the structural composition of the food.

Microwave oven can easily be called "Creator" of a new food, since it completely destroys the food on a cellular level. Microwave ovencreates a so-called radiolytically compounds that contribute to the emergence of molecular decay. Yes, Yes, the same molecular rot that occurs because of high radiation.

Let's look at some examples of the effects of microwaves on food:

  • meat gets in your composition, several new carcinogens;
  • milk and cereal (e.g., oats), also saturated with carcinogens;
  • if you defrost in the microwave vegetables and fruits, be prepared for the fact that instead of useful items you will receive the glucosides and galactosides, namely, those particles, which contain carcinogenic elements.
  • When defrosting plants they decompose the glucosides, galactosides and nitrilosides;

Simple cow or even human milk microwave have a negative effect. So useful for baby amino acids is transformed into isomers which do irreparable harm to the nervous system and some organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Microwave creates new unknown compounds, i.e. the same effect as radiation.

Harmful than microwave oven for a person

It's time to disassemble the microwave harm to human health. Just imagine: all of your headaches, nervousness, decreased or increased blood pressure and even cancer can be the consequence of normal operation of the microwave! What else could cause this invention?

  • Problems with vision. We have found that the microwave oven emits a hot wave that adversely affect those organs that lack blood vessels. Thus, the radiation affects the lens of the eye: it becomes cloudy, and a person develops a cataract. Accordingly, microwave radiation has influence on human extremely negative.
  • Nervous disorders, insomnia, irritability.
  • Hair loss, deterioration of nails and other "hardships" associated with the loss of the natural beauty of the body. All of these problems – the consequences of radiation.
  • Appendicitis, gastritis, ulcers and other problems with the gastrointestinal tract only due to the fact that we eat food, the structure of which simply do not exist in natural, non-radioactive nature.
  • Problems with reproductive function due to radiation exposure.
  • Food with a modified structure increases the risk of formation of cancer cells.

Of course, the damage microwave depends entirely on how often you eat food cooked in it, how often you are with her in the process. According to scientists, people began to notice the negative impact of this technique only after 12-15 years after daily use. Thus, it is possible to use a microwave without harm up to 10 years. Accordingly, the harm to the microwave for a person, who is now 20, will appear only when it will be 32-35.

We present a few examples to demonstrate the dangers of microwave ovens.

Radiation and hemoglobin

A few years ago, there has been extensive research showing that people who prefer to eat vegetables and fruits that have passed the initial processing in the microwave, have a slightly different composition of blood, than those who do not have a home microwave.

So, first of all, microwave radiation affects the hemoglobin in the blood: the experimental group it was significantly lower than those of people who prefer microwave not to do business. Also, microwave radiation can raise cholesterol that can result in plaques and blood clots.

Proteins and microwave radiation

We all know that proteins are the basis of life. Without protein, there was nothing in the world. As we have seen, the microwaves are changing the atoms, including the atoms and amino acids, which are literally embedded in the use of food proteins. Thus, the microwaves are indirectly affected by every protein that is in our body.

The weakening of the body

Genetics in its development has reached a sufficiently high level. To give substance to penetrate easier through the cell membrane, its pre-irradiated wave radiation. The membrane weakens and in some cases even broken, and we need a substance safely penetrates into the cell. Just imagine that all the cells in your body weaken due to microwave radiation. So, they are easier to let viruses and bacteria, and other microorganisms that cause many unpleasant diseases.

How to check microwave for radiation

There are several ways that will help you determine how much damage you cause to your body using microwave oven. Of course, the effectiveness of some methods is in doubt, however, you can use several ways consistently for reasons of clarity:

  1. For the first method you will need two standard mobile phone. One of them put it inside the microwave, with the second call to the first phone. If it rings, it means that microwave well lets waves both inside and outside, i.e. the risk of harm from this device is quite high.
  2. Take a glass of cold water. Put the power in the region of 700-800 watts and warm water for 2 minutes. The idea is that the water needs to boil. If ithappened, all right: the microwave does not pass out radiation and it is possible to be around during its operation. If the water is not sufficiently warmed up, to boil, this means that the waves are pulled out, thereby harming the standing people.
  3. Turn off the lights in the kitchen. Turn on an empty microwave and bring to her the fluorescent lamp. If it is on fire, your microwave radiates too much waves.
  4. If the door of the microwave becomes very hot during its operation, it may indicate that the waves flow out.

The most effective way to check whether there is leakage radiation, is to check with a detector of microwave waves. You need to microwave a glass of cold water and turn it on. Carefully drive around the perimeter of the device the detector pay special attention to the corners. So, if there is no leak, the arrow of the detector will not move with the green mark. If the radiation is there and it is strong enough to extend beyond the microwave oven, the arrow of the detector will go into its red half. This method is the most accurate, but most difficult to implement.

Use the microwave correctly

What to do if you are used to the microwave oven and can't imagine life without her? There are a few rules in which you can, if not be able to fully negate the damage you microwave, but reduce it to an acceptable minimum.

Scientists officially confirmed that low dose radiation is safe for humans. Harm to human health will be minimal if the radiation from a microwave oven does not exceed 5 milliwatts 2-3 cm from its anterior wall. Of course, as soon as you are removed from the microwave oven, the radiation should subside.

In no case do not open the door of a running microwave: so, you release the radiation out and exposed once again. Carefully study the user manual before first time to use this device, and never violate his integrity for no apparent reason.

In addition to the above rules, I suggest you stick to the following guidelines:

  1. You should not place the device close to a place where you used to eat or spending a lot of time preparing food. It is best to put the microwave oven where you don't appear unnecessarily.
  2. In no case do not put in the oven metal dishes. Even the paint, which contains elements of metal can harm the magnetron, and the microwave oven will not operate correctly, radiating more and large harmful to human body waves.
  3. Do not use the oven for cooking. The main function of a microwave oven should be heating food and defrosting food.
  4. If your body is implanted stimulators (e.g., pacemaker), then you should refrain from using this device.
  5. Keep the microwave clean.

So, if you follow all the above rules, you greatly lower the risk of negative effect of microwave radiation on your body. Try to use this device only in extremely rare cases, and it is better to avoid the microwave at all. Even if it does not pass radiation to the outside, microwaves penetrate into your food, breaking its structure, which in turn can cause irreversible disease in your body.