Solarium: the benefits and harms for women and men

A beautiful bronze tan is the dream of every girl. In the summer it is enough to bask under the sun, in the colder months, it is necessary to resort to the Solarium. This procedure creates around itself a lot of rumors and controversy. The benefits and dangers of Solarium before the end of many incomprehensible. So before you visit the salons offering similar services, you need to understand the features of such a procedure.

Based on what principle of operation of a Solarium

A Solarium is called a specialized unit where you have installed the lamp. They produce radiation similar to the sun. Getting on the skin, the active rays stimulate the production of melanocytes. Thanks to them, the skin changes its color.

There are two main types of tanning:

  1. Horizontal. In them, the lamp placed horizontally. Man sunbathes lying on his back. The effect of this apparatus is achieved faster, but you have to come into contact with the machines.
  2. Vertical. Equipped with vertically spaced lamps. Sunbathing have standing, so you can relax fully will not work.

Radiation in such devices metered, which eliminates the possibility of scalding. Air conditioning system creates a pleasant breeze cooling the skin.

There are varieties of tanning beds for use at home. Sets up to 24 lamps. To obtain an attractive tan to use such devices will have longer than professional equipment.

Useful properties

These sessions are beneficial to the body. Among the positive aspects of this procedure include:

  1. Tan is smooth and attractive. To achieve the same effect by soaking up the sun, it's hard.
  2. A few sessions in anticipation of the summer, will help to prepare your skin for the season. It will be easier to tolerate sunlight.
  3. Visits to such sessions helps to strengthen the immune system, as exposure to ultraviolet light stimulates the production of vitamins in the body.
  4. Irradiation leads to production of vitamin D, which has beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system.
  5. The Solarium enhances the mood as it leads to the production of endorphins. Girl lying in the tanning bed, can imagine that she was basking in the sun on the beach.
  6. The Solarium is recommended not only for women but also for men, as it helps to fight many skin diseases, e.g. acne or psoriasis.
  7. Beauticians suggest to apply such procedures to combat emerges on the hands and feet of capillary pattern, as the rays have a beneficial influence on vascular condition.

Often, people wonder what is more harmful the sun or Solarium. A definite answer to this question is no. But unlike solar radiation tanning metered and subject to the rules of use of equipment does not cause burns.

What Solarium is dangerous for health

The Solarium has some negative qualities. Among them are:

  1. Such procedures can be addictive, which resembles alcohol dependence. Experts even introduced a special term tanorexia. This condition is characterized by nervousness and the sudden change in mood in the absence of another portion of radiation. This effect is often seen in people under the age of 30 years.
  2. Regular visits to tanning triggers premature aging of the skin. High dosages of ultraviolet light affect the production of collagen and elastin in the epidermis. Can appear early wrinkles and symptoms of allergic reactions.
  3. Frequent sessions provoke the appearance of age spots on the skin. The risk is greatly increased for those women who are taking hormonal drugs, diuretics or antibiotics.
  4. The abuse of fake tan can cause the development of melanoma – a malignant tumor. The risk group includes people under the age of 30 years.
  5. If you frequently visit a Solarium, can worsen the skin disease. After the first procedures the problem disappear, but after a while there could be a relapse. In this re-skin rashes are difficult to treat.

Your answer to the question of whether harmful Solarium for women, gives who. According to research scientists, these effects can damage the DNA of cells. Therefore, the procedures are best to give. This is especially true of persons under 18 years of age.

Who are not allowed to use the Solarium

Sometimes the Solarium can cause irreparable harm. Contraindications the main contraindications to this procedure include:

  • Pregnancy and period of lactation Breasts.
  • There are serious abnormalities of the heart and vascular system.
  • Transferred recently operation.
  • Claustrophobic.
  • The age of 15.
  • Too light skin tone.
  • The presence of body tattoos.
  • Mastitis or other diseases of the mammary glands.
  • The predisposition to the manifestation of allergic reactions.
  • The presence of the body of a large number of moles or pigment spots.
  • Exacerbation of any chronic disease.

In addition, specialists do not recommend to carry out the procedure during menstruation or medication. If you have recently had a peel or hair removal, tanning alsoit is better to refrain.

Banned to the sun, if you tan in the sun. This increased the burden on the skin will provoke a negative reaction.

How to minimize the risk

To make use of the Solarium is completely safe, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Choose only trusted salons that have quality products. It should work only with highly qualified specialists who will be able to advise you on all matters.
  2. Before starting the course of these sessions, check with your doctor. Make sure you have no contraindications.
  3. If you don't want to refuse procedures, treatments should be performed no more than once per seven days. The duration of one procedure should not be more than 5 minutes. Such exposure will not bring harm to health.
  4. Before visiting the Solarium is prohibited to bathe in the bath or sauna.
  5. Check that the selected equipment was attended by a panic button. So you can call the salon worker in the event of a dangerous situation.

These tips will allow you to tan safely. Despite this, the Solarium is still not the safest procedure, so it is better to refuse.

The basic rules of safe tanning

To the sun was not the cause of health problems developed the rules of Solarium without harm to health. You cannot ignore them. Consider the following guidelines:

  1. Before going to the salon, pick the right products for tanning and after. If before a session to protect your skin the same means, the possible emergence of a negative reaction. Choose creams or lotions for tanning, not tanning in the sun.
  2. For a couple of hours before the session, take a shower and thoroughly wash the skin with soap and water. After that, it is not recommended to use any cosmetics and perfume. The only exception is sun cream.
  3. While tanning you should be a protective cap and special stickers for the nipples. Ask in advance whether such equipment salon. Otherwise it must be purchased independently.
  4. Before entering into the booth to remove all jewelry. Remove contact lenses, if any. Be sure to remove the makeup.
  5. If you chose the horizontal model of the Solarium, check that the salon workers handled the equipment with a special compound.
  6. The cure very negative impact on the eyes. Therefore, before entering the Cabinet be sure to wear special protective glasses. On the lips apply a coat of protective balm.
  7. Sit in the sunroom and try to relax. Salon worker should set the timer for the required time.
  8. After the procedure advised to drink a Cup of herbal tea, which contains vitamins and minerals. Take a cool shower. After that lubricate the skin with moisturizing lotion or after-sun cream.
  9. The following session can be carried out not earlier than three days after the first visit. If during this time you notice a negative reaction of the skin, then a visit to the Solarium should cancel.
  10. The best option would be 2 courses of sun per year. Each of them should include 10 procedures.

If you adhere to these recommendations, the threat at first glance, the Solarium will benefit for your skin. You will get an attractive tan without fearing for their health.

How much can you sunbathe

The number of treatments depends on skin characteristics. There are the following options:

  • Dark skin, hair and eyes dark. People with these characteristics very rarely get burns, so Pets up to 12 sessions lasting up to half an hour.
  • Light skin, dark nipples, brown hair or dark blonde. In such a situation, the first session should not be longer than 15 minutes. If a negative reaction does not appear, then the treatment duration can be increased to half an hour.
  • The skin and nipples, bright, brown hair or light brown, eyes blue, green or grey. Such people often burn because the skin reacts to ultraviolet light. Sunbathing is allowed at most once in three days. The session duration no more than 15 minutes. A year can not conduct more than two courses of 10 sessions.
  • Skin too light, hair brown, eyes green, nipple light, a lot of freckles. When a girl tanning in a Solarium is impossible. Purchased the tan will quickly go. In this repeatedly increases the likelihood of burns.

Proper tanning will not neseet serious injury. But before you begin procedures, you should consult with a specialist.