The harm of headphones to the ear and the human brain

An increasing number of people today prefer to listen to music while walking, commuting or exercise. Moreover, this hobby has gripped not only the youth but also people of venerable age. In this regard, widely debated, the Bluetooth headphones. Most experts agree that listening to music in this way can have a detrimental effect on the human ear. Therefore, before using this accessory you should carefully review with its features.

Types of headphones

Harm headphones will largely be determined by their variety. In modern shops presents the following models:

  1. Ear. They are installed directly in the ear canal. On the edge have a rubber seal that allows you to firmly fix the device in the ear. It is believed that this accessory provides the highest quality sound. When this sound wave can cause strong impact on the eardrum, which adversely affects its condition. In this regard, experts believe that such models are most harmful to humans.
  2. Pills. One of the most common models. They are arranged so that almost all the sound wave gets to the ear canal. But unlike earbuds they allow the sound to bounce off of the walls of the passage, which mitigates the impact on the eardrum.
  3. Invoices. Fixed on the ear with a special plastic handle. With their help, you cannot create a full sound so the music turns out quite low. Because of this, it is necessary to increase the volume that can be damaging to your hearing.
  4. Monitoring. Are large pads which completely cover the ear. The sound enters in the ear canal, not directly, it is repeatedly reflected from the walls of the ear canal. It reduces the danger of listening to music. This kind is recognized by experts the least harmful.

Completely harmless headphone does not exist. All of them can have a negative impact on health. If you do without this accessory is not possible, it is better to give preference to monitoring models.

To minimize the damage from this listening, make the volume as small as possible. A long time to be in the headphones is also not recommended.

What is the danger of headphones

Harm headphones today officially confirmed by scientists around the world. All sorts of studies on this issue were held for over 10 years. As a result, scientists identified a number of issues that provokes listening to music with this accessory:

  1. The hearing impairment. It should be noted that a short listen to audio files on low volume does not lead to such consequences. Problems arise only at those who used to listen to music on volume over 100 dB. Thus there is the withering away of the cells of the basilar membrane, the person begins to lose some hearing.
  2. Proven to harm the headphones for the brain. They often cause headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears. Particularly acute is manifested in children. Those who frequently listens to loud music on headphones, often become irritable, nervous, tired quickly. Possible mental disorders, and decreased ability to concentrate.
  3. Some researcher say that listening to music with this accessory could trigger sharp jumps in blood pressure and increased tone of the veins of the head.

Use speakers only in the fact that they allow you to listen to music without disturbing others. We should not forget about their possible dangers.

Upon detection of hearing problems or other unpleasant symptoms, be sure to consult with your doctor. Both will be able to detect the problem and to avoid possible negative health effects.

Lose hearing when using headphones

Scientists have proved that listening to too loud music through headphones inevitably leads to hearing loss. Especially for models of ear. When installed in the ear canal it creates a certain pressure to which the human body does not have time to adapt. In the absence of an air gap in a sound wave has a strong negative impact on hearing.

If you listen to music for a few minutes, even at high volume won't hurt. The human body has internal protection from a short deafening sounds. But if the duration of such exposure will be great, then people will gradually lose hearing. In the first place, will worsen the perception of low frequencies. The person ceases to distinguish between the birds singing, hissing and whistling sounds. If time does not take action, the process of hearing loss will be irreversible and will lead to deafness.

How to minimize the damage

Completely abandon the use of headphones is optional. The earphones for hearing was not dangerous, you must follow a few simple guidelines:

  1. If you are at home, prefer to listen to music through the usual speaker system.
  2. Do not listen to music at too high volumes. Over time, the hearing maygetting used to a certain range of sound, would be tempted to crank up the volume. To do this, you should not. If the people around you hear the sound, then the volume is excessively large.
  3. Do not use headphones in very noisy places, such as in the subway. If in a public place you can't hear the music, don't add volume. Better try to go to a quieter place.
  4. Choose a safe overhead model. You can use them no longer than 4 hours a day. To use patterns liners can be no longer than 30 minutes a day.
  5. If you have a habit of listening to music at night, be careful not to fall asleep with headphones.
  6. Pay special attention to the quality of the accessory. Purchase only model trusted manufacturers. Before buying ask the seller availability of product documentation.

Ate not to break the rules on the safe use of headphones, the strong harm to health they will bring. When using this accessory on the street, try to lower the volume to hear what's happening around you. Remove your headphones when you cross the street or are in a place with large concentrations of people. In the event of a dangerous situation it will allow you to quickly react. And remember, the less time you spend listening to music through headphones, the longer it will have perfect hearing.