Harm to the infrared heater to human health

Chilly fall, or frosty winter so want to keep warm coming home. But it is not always the utilities provide adequate Central heating. In this case, come to the aid of heaters, the selection of which in the home appliance stores is large. You can buy a fan heater, an oil battery, a heater or infrared heater. The latest heaters are great because not dissipate the heat and produce localized heating of a particular object. However, many people are worried whether there is harm to the infrared heater on the health of humans and animals.

General characteristics of the infrared heater

A large part of the ongoing works heaters not too profitable. They contribute to the heating of the surrounding air, and he, in turn, transfers heat to people, animals and objects around. Infrared battery works quite differently. The principle of operation is based on natural phenomena, where everything is practical and appropriate. So, the sun's rays warm up the surrounding objects, which then contribute to the heating of the air and all the warm-blooded.

Infrared heater consists of a special emitter and reflector. The emitter is a source of infrared rays, and the reflector forwards it in the desired direction. This heater warms up the walls and interior, and they warm the air.

Types of infrared heaters

In the shops you can see several types of infrared heaters:

  1. Outdoor.
  2. Wall.
  3. Ceiling.

Each of them is good in its own way. Which of these varieties to choose depends on the location of the device. In the house where there are children, wall-mounted devices are mounted only at a height out of reach of children. Installation below the level to which you can get the kid, is dangerous not only for health, but for life. In homes and apartments with low ceilings it is not necessary to mount a ceiling type infrared, it can cause overheating of furniture and appliances that you have in the house. Also, do not need to install a ceiling type heaters in the bedrooms and children's rooms, the permanent head overheating will lead to bad consequences.

The best option are the outdoor infrared heaters. The location of such devices can quickly change, so excessive heating of the interior and the people is almost impossible.

What is the use of infrared heater

Unlike other heaters, which in a large assortment in the home appliance stores and is home to the sun has many important advantages:

  • allows locally to heat certain objects;
  • does not burn oxygen;
  • does not dry the air;
  • when working no noise;
  • allows you to quickly adjust the direction and area of radiation;
  • helps keep heat in the room even after disconnecting;
  • at work there is no Convention of air masses, and hence movement of dust particles;
  • the infrared rays, once per person, improve circulation and normalize metabolism, and boost your mood.

The human body also radiates heat long-wave range, so people are in need of periodic nourishment, according to heat. When feeding long-wave heat for a long time does not occur, there are failures in the organs, impaired General health and a strong weakness.

People subconsciously love to sit near the fireplace, a campfire or just in the sun. At this time, the organism is sated with useful heat.

Emerging from the infrared heating, heat is almost not absorbed by the natural environment, because it consists of electromagnetic waves. The air for this type of waves are completely transparent. Such devices can provide comfort and warmth in a corner of the apartment, a country house, in the gazebo or while relaxing in nature.

What harm can cause infrared heaters

Harmful infrared heaters can also occur when wrong operation or the wrong selection of the device for a particular purpose. All such heaters operate in the temperature range from 300 to 800 °C and the length of the reflected waves depends only on the temperature of the heater. Long infrared waves are not dangerous for anyone, on the contrary, they enhance the immune system. Such waves radiate from the heater, which exposed the regime to 400 °C, when the device is not illuminated. If the temperature of the work exhibited above, the waves are shifted.

Infrared heaters are becoming very harmful to human health, if the maximum outgoing from the radiation is short wave.

You have to remember that all heating part of the UFO heater emit many different frequencies, but the intensity dependent only on temperature. The human body is itself an emitter and absorber of long waves that are absorbed in the upper layers of the skin. At the same time, most short-wave can penetrate into subcutaneous layer at a depth of 4 cm, what are the harmful effects? Like the flames of a huge bonfire, they instantly heat up one side of the object, not affecting the other. The result of this there areunpleasant consequences:

  • skin get too dry, and at long exposure may be extensive burns;
  • high heat has a detrimental effect on the photochemical cell of the organism. Under strong intensity of the waves are violated of the cell membrane and begins the atypical structure of protein molecules, often leading to changes in their characteristics. A similar phenomenon can be observed when boiling sour milk, when the protein under the influence of temperature is minimized;
  • if long-term irradiated with short wavelength organs of vision, it will lead to the destruction of the network structure of the retina and lens, which eventually cause cataracts.

Knowing the benefits and harm that can bring the infrared heater is with great responsible attitude to the selection and purchase of such device. Do not buy cheap devices of unknown manufacturers. They are not only not helpful, but can cause serious health problems for the entire family.

Harmful or not the infrared heater, the spores go a long time. Before you buy you need to weigh well all the advantages and disadvantages of the device, so its operation brought only pleasure and not cause unpleasant moments.

How to choose a good infrared heater

In stores you can see the heaters with different types of heating particles:

  1. Halogen – this device two drawbacks. Very bright light is unpleasant to the eyes. The heater is a source of short waves, which are bad for the human body.
  2. Carbon – in addition to thermal heating, it gives part of its energy in the form of a reddish glow, which is not very pleasing to the eye. This feature of the device can lead to negative reactions in patients with asthma or allergies.
  3. Ceramic forms of light, works only in the medium-wave and long-wave ranges.

All heating devices heating element is protected by thermal insulation, this prevents the melting of the housing. Optimal insulation material recognized by the basalt, without any impurities. When heated any supplements can produce toxins, leading to poisoning.

Film infrared heaters

Very popular among the population use film infrared heaters. They consist of a thin work items that are decorated with a thin film. Such devices are suitable for heating floor, walls and ceiling. The maximum temperature is about 50 °C. Due to the low temperature heat waves that are emitted by a device, almost identical with the wave range of the person. They are easily absorbed by the human body and warms it from the inside almost. Film heaters have many advantages:

  1. Do not reduce the oxygen content indoors and do not desiccate the air.
  2. Well heat a large area and keep warm. Without conceding quartz heaters.
  3. When working are negative ions that positively affect the body.
  4. Heater will blend into any interior. Many manufacturers decorate their beautiful landscapes.

Whether it is harmful infrared heaters and what does it depend? Many manufacturers claim that the devices are completely safe for humans and the environment, if properly choose and install.

How to prevent the harmful effects of IR radiation

To minimize the detrimental effect on humans, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules when choosing and installing:

  • It is better to place the device higher, or in the farthest corner of the room. It is not desirable to send him to a place where there are people. In this case, the room warms up, and harmful radiation will not.
  • It is not recommended to install heaters in the children's rooms and bedrooms , or where there is always a crowd of people. If the device is badly needed, no need to send him in the direction of people.
  • No need to buy a very powerful heater. Need to have his power was enough to heat the walls, floor and ceiling, and they will provide heat.
  • Well inspect the infrared heater, which has attracted. Ask about the advantages and disadvantages from a consultant, ask about the reliability of the manufacturer. To get a second opinion, you can see the forums on the Internet.
  • Choosing infrared heater, no need to chase the very cheap copies. Often cheapness speaks about the bad quality when the device is manufactured of bad materials. When heated can release toxins, causing poisoning.

Infrared heater is a great alternative to Central heating. With proper maintenance, it is not harmful to man, and even promotes better health. This device will easily warm the whole family in the most severe frosts.