Harmful induction cooktop for human health

Induction bar or plate will impress any hostess who has ever tried to cook on one of these. Such panels are characterized by rapid heating, easy control power and small inertia. In addition, the undoubted advantage of such plates is that they automatically shut down if they remove the pot or pan. Such technique saves energy and is not a source of gas and an open fire. Lately more and more often hear about the dangers of induction cooktops for your health, but you need to understand is there any harm from it actually.

The General description of induction cookers

About the induction cooker is a dream of many Housewives. Such technique looks modern and fits in any kitchen interior. They can prepare very easily and quickly, due to the unique properties of these devices.

The principle of operation of such surfaces is enclosed in the heating of the cookware special vortex flows. These induction threads recreated the powerful electromagnetic field of high frequency, which in some cases reaches 100 kHz. Induction method for decades is used in the metallurgical industry. On the same principle based work and slabs for domestic use.

A feature of induction cookers is that the cooking need to use special utensils. Only the bottom of the cookware is equipped with special elements, which can absorb the magnetic field that is formed when you turn the tiles. The cookware needs to be ferromagnetic expressed quality only, in this case, the induction cooktop will work most effectively.

The uniqueness of induction cooktops is that they give useful energy by nearly 90%. If you compare similar appliance with a gas or electric oven, it is possible to detect a significant difference. The efficiency of the appliance only reaches 70% and the gas hardly reaches 50%.

Induction cookers help to save not only electricity, but also the time spent on cooking.

What harm are the responsibility of the induction

Since the invention of the first induction stoves more than 20 years, but now they can be found in every house. This is because many Housewives do not want to equip the kitchen this innovative technique, fearing that the electromagnetic field appear to be a health hazard.

Scientists conducted an in-depth study of the principles of slabs of this type, and concluded that the harm from such devices is not more than from classical gas stoves. The arguments in favor of the safety of induction cooktops are:

  • Induction stoves produce minimal electromagnetic field that no adverse effects to the human body carries.
  • Home furnace can absorb the produced energy.
  • The radiated magnetic field is directed locally and confined to the bottom of the dish.

In the course of the studies conducted control measurements of electromagnetic radiation at different distances from the cooking surface. So, it was revealed that only at a distance of 30 cm from the stove the number of the magnetic field was zero.

A huge disadvantage of these plates is that when they are buying once is worth buying and entire cookware required for cooking. New utensils should be exclusively of metal, have a ferromagnetic bottom, the diameter of which should be fully suitable for the diameter of the plates.

With caution you should use the induction tiles people, which in the heart is a pacemaker. Electromagnetic radiation can severely degrade the performance of these devices, which will lead to the deterioration of human health, which is dependent on the normal operation of medical devices.


An induction cooktop is an economical, practical and very durable fit for cooking, which has a number of inherent intellectual abilities. When cooking food on a stove time needed is much less and harm to health is absolutely no. The benefits of induction cooktops are:

  • Significantly saves energy. Food starts getting ready immediately after switching on the plate, and the surface switches off automatically after the pan was removed from the hotplate.
  • Security. The hob recognizes the utensils from metal. If the burner put the dishes made of porcelain or plastic, the plate is not heated. To burn his fingers on this plate is unreal. Heats only the bottom of the dish. While the panel remains lukewarm.
  • Comfort. Even after prolonged use of the plate, the temperature in the kitchen remains unchanged.
  • Practicality. Induction surface is very easily cleaned of contaminants. This is because food particles, in contact with the burners, do not burn. In many cases it is sufficient to wipe it with a damp cloth, and only in the case if the contamination is strong, you can use the special gel.

In addition, induction cookers have many interesting features. This control of the degree of heating plate, the timer function and booster mode whentwo working burners power moves.

A good hob is not cheap, for it to work well it needs an experienced master.

How to choose the right stove

To purchase a new cooktop, brought only joy, you should know certain selection rules:

  • A good induction cooktop has several power modes. Ideally, they should be up to 20.
  • Well, if in the furnace of an intensive heating mode.
  • The plate should be mode of the temperature control and the ability to move power between the two burners.
  • The panel should quickly cool and not to be dangerous for family members.
  • The model of the oven is selected according to the kitchen interior. There should not be any sharp corners.
  • It is necessary to determine where it will be the stove and in accordance with that pick up its size.

Recently been invented induction furnace with a spherical burners. Such surface acts analogous to a living fire, for cooking requires a special cast iron boiler.

The induction hob is forbidden to put next to any metal objects.

Based on all of the data on induction cooktops, we can conclude that they do not pose a risk to human health. Such devices should be used with caution only to those people who have a pacemaker. You need to remember that a safe distance from the person to the plate should not be less than 30 cm it is necessary to use special utensils.