If Bluetooth is harmful to human health

On the streets there are often people who at first glance may seem strange. The fact is that they like talking to yourself, but if you look closely, you can see them behind the ear some semblance of a normal hearing aid. This is a headset that gives you the opportunity to talk on the phone without putting the phone to your ear. Many young people spend hours talking on the phone and listen to your favorite music, do not hesitate, harmful if Bluetooth for health. But the radiation from this headset is, and it may have an impact on the human body.

Bluetooth – what is it

Bluetooth is the original wireless technology that allows you to easily transfer calls, music and any images are of the same type and between different devices. This technology helps to maintain continuous communication between mobile phones, a phone and a computer, phone and tablet, or camera.

The headset is a special gadget designed for the use of some other device. The most common headsets to receive Bluetooth signal are:

  • special headphones in order to listen to music;
  • monolauric for talking on the phone;
  • earphone which is attached to the ear.

All of the headsets are equipped with a miniature built inside microphone.

If the classic headphones the sound goes through the cable directly from the source, then the Bluetooth headphones, it's totally different. Electrical signals are sent to a special radio transmitter where is converted to a classical radio waves, which adopts radio receiver wireless headphones. Signal transmission occurs when radiation in the range, which ranges from 2.4 to 2.8 GHz.

Radiation from Bluetooth headset is so small that can not cause harm to human health.

What is the convenience of a Bluetooth headset

The headset is pretty handy invention that allows the person to stay in touch regardless of the circumstances. The advantages of this fixture are:

  • People can simultaneously talk on the phone and do any business, sports or do physical work.
  • Via Bluetooth conveniently transfer any information that you have on your phone on your computer, tablet and Vice versa.
  • While driving the driver creates an emergency situation, because you do not need to throw the wheel and one hand to hold the phone.
  • People are not tied to the mobile phone, the apparatus can lie within a radius of 100 meters.
  • No need to translate the precious time to untangle the wiring in the headphones.

Especially useful is the device for business moms who have small children. With a headset you can easily answer calls while at the same time to engage the child.

Wireless connection not recommended for children because hearing them is not fully formed, which can lead to hearing loss.

So harmful if Bluetooth

Is there any harm bluetooth headset for human health? It is undoubtedly a useful invention, from which hardly anyone can refuse. Owners headphones can continue to talk on the phone and at the same time to drive a car or play sports. The headset allows you to not interrupt communication, even moving away from the mobile phone a few meters, or listening to music, walking in the Park.

The newest version of Bluetooth makes it possible to transmit different information from one device to another at a distance of about 100 meters. But then the question arises, and not harmful to human health headphones? Health workers claim that some damage there. With regular use of the headset can:

  • to bother frequent headaches;
  • to start trouble remembering;
  • to develop a strong nervousness and irritability;
  • to cause swelling in my ears.

This can be explained by the fact that a loud or quiet sound can lead to abnormal tension of the nervous system.

If you compare the power of a mobile phone and a simple Bluetooth headset, it can be seen that the cell phone is almost 800 times more powerful. This explains the fact that the phone connects with the tower across the miles, but the action of the headset is limited to only 100 meters. Prolonged use of a telephone health can be inflicted significant damage, but since the radiation headphones hundreds of times less, then they negate that danger.

It is worth considering that the constant use of the Bluetooth could lead to negative consequences in the future.

What can be the consequences

The harm of wireless headphones is obvious to carry this gadget. The human ear resembles the embryo, scientists have already proved that ear has a lot of biologically active points, the impact of which leads to the cure of certain diseases. If the ear is a miniature earbud, it is considered a source of a constant electromagnetic field, though weak. This radiation is present even in the moment when the headset is off.

Lasting effect on active points in the ears let a weak, but high-frequency radiation is not exactly going the man advantage. In addition, the headphones create pressure ondelicate membrane, but a complete absence of the air gap between the microphone and the tissue increases the sound level. Considering that young people likes to listen to loud music, you can imagine what is happening at the moment with the hearing. Sometimes there are cases that young people complain of hearing loss – this can be considered a consequence of using the headset.

The famous company apple is trying to minimize the damage of gadgets on human health, therefore, is constantly improving them.

How to reduce the harm bluetooth

Harm from the headset is quite small, since the incoming signal is of low power. But on specialized forums sometimes found information that is used for the connection frequency can disrupt Wi-Fi.

Any innovative technology after the development passes certain testing among potential users. Bluetooth technology has proven itself in the best way, therefore, every year added to the number of users. The main advantage of this invention is that at hand are not confused the transaction. This is for business people to be a main priority, as you can safely talk on the phone, not too looking up from other cases. But the safety of this gadget depends on the user.

To reduce the potential harm of wireless headphones, you need to follow these recommendations:

  1. For lengthy negotiations not to use wireless connection.
  2. Purchase only high-quality headset.
  3. Mobile phone during the wireless connection to put away.

Bluetooth, when used properly, completely safe for human health. With this technology you can easily share information, with your arms at this time remain free.